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Indianapolis, Indiana is the capital of that state and is the 13th largest city in the US. In fact, it’s growing faster than most areas in the US. This is the result of businesses growing and people looking for better jobs moving into urban areas. Indianapolis has been attracting workers for years and it looks to do so for many years in the future. That means many more businesses will be opening up shop in the area for Indianapolis residents to enjoy.

Unfortunately, there are businesses in Indianapolis that rip off customers on a daily basis. Consumers who have been ripped off often feel like there is nothing they can do about what happened to them. This is not true. With the power of the internet and a site like, consumers have a powerful voice to hold bad businesses in Indianapolis accountable for their actions.

Filing a complaint about an Indianapolis business is easy and it’s absolutely free. You’ve got nothing to lose and other consumers can benefit from your story so they don’t get ripped off either.

How to File an Indianapolis Complaint on Complaints List

In order to file your complaint, follow these steps:

1. Click on the green link above that says, ‘File a Consumer Complaint.’
2. Select the type of complaint that fits your story.
3. Fill out the information that we need to ensure your complaint is seen: your name, an email address, and an alias (if you wish your name to remain private)
4. Give your complaint a title and write the body below.
5. Submit your complaint!

Again, filing a complaint about an Indianapolis business that ripped you off is completely free. You don’t have to sign up for anything and we won’t email you unless you’ve been contacted by the business about which you filed your complaint. So if you’ve been wronged or treated poorly by a business in Indianapolis, file your complaint now!

Tips for Filing a Complaint on Complaints List

Here are a few tips to follow when filing your complaint.

1. Complaints that rely on lots of details usually do better than ones without details. Complaints that are detailed and full of information show consumers and businesses that your complaint is worth reading and worth taking seriously.

2. Stay focused with your complaint. Adding unnecessary info to your complaint doesn’t help your cause, nor will it help people who read your complaint. Stay on point and tell people what they need to know.

2. While writing your complaint, be sure to keep in mind you’re writing it to be read by other people and even the business itself. You don’t want to write as if you are venting and complaining. Keep things mature and informative and your complaint will go far!

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