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Chicago is one of the most iconic and interesting cities in all of the United States. Not many cities can compare to its culture, art scene, theater, and more. Many say it as great as New York City but much cheaper. There are millions of people living in and around Chicago, as well as millions of tourists moving through this transportation and business hub.

Whether you’re a tourist or a local in Chicago, you’ve no doubt encountered plenty of wonderful businesses and services in the city. But like any other city in the US, there are businesses and services out there looking to rip people off.

If you’ve been ripped off or had a terrible consumer experience in Chicago, you need to file a complaint with us here at It’s free, easy, and your personal information will not be shared with the public. All you need to file a complaint for Chicago is:

1. Your first name and last name.
2. A working email address.
3. A nickname or alias (for those who wish their identity to remain private)

If you’ve got all that info – and who doesn’t – you’re ready to file a Chicago complaint with Complaints List and to put an end to businesses or services that treat people improperly.

How Complaints Work

Complaints List utilizes a website designed to bring traffic and eyes to your complaint. The layout and code of the site is designed to make finding your complaint and interacting with it easy for anyone browsing the web about the specific company or service described in your complaint.

Complaints on about Chicago attract the attention of thousands of people. Oftentimes, companies and businesses in Chicago will see your complaint and work to remedy the problem you’ve had. It’s good business for them to do so, especially if they aren’t intentionally trying to rip people off. Sometimes mistakes happen or a certain employee is a bad apple. Filing a complaint on Complaints List helps the truly good Chicago businesses and services improve how they treat customers.

As you can see, filing a complaint about your consumer experience in Chicago isn’t just about blowing off steam and frustration. Complaints on can go a long way toward making Chicago a better city for consumers and visitors. All it takes is your willingness and a few minutes of your time to submit a complaint. Just click on the green text button that says ‘File a Complaint’ and you’ll be done in no time.

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