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Norcross is a small city in Gwinnett County in the state of Georgia. However, residents and businesses there are able to take advantage of being a part of Atlanta’s greater metropolitan area. This means there are plenty of jobs and businesses nearby that sustain Norcross’ economy.

Regrettably, despite being near one of Georgia’s largest economic centers, there are plenty of businesses in Norcross and the surrounding area that exist solely to increase their profits. They care little about treating the consumer well and some go out of their way to treat them poorly!

What can a consumer in Norcross do in response to such treatment? One of the most effective responses they can take is to file a complaint here on If you’ve had a bad experience with one of these businesses you need to speak up and have your voice heard.

How to File Your Complaint About a Norcross Business

To get your complaint published and your story heard by consumers just like you, you have to complete the following steps:

1. Click on one of the links above that tells you to ‘File a Complaint.’ The blue or green
one will get you started.

2. From the list of categories, select the one that best suits your complaint.

3. Fill out the necessary info fields with your first/last name, an email address, and an alias (which will be used to keep your information private, if you wish).

4. Think of a good title for your complaint and then use as much space as you need in the body section to write your complaint.

5. Publish your complaint.

Filing a complaint against a Norcross business is fast, easy, and most importantly free. The only way to stand up against businesses like this in Norcross is to speak up. The more consumers that do it, the better the city will be in the long run. However, you want to make sure your complaint is a good one. Here are some suggestions for making the best complaint.

Suggestions to Consider When Writing Your Complaint

First of all, make sure you include all of the key details about your complaint. Write about when and where your situation occurred. Include names of people, products, and other customers who were involved. Make sure you are specific about the events or actions that led to being ripped off or lied to.

Secondly, don’t get distracted by other aspects of your story. Including details that are irrelevant or don’t help the reader won’t do your cause any good. Stay focused on exactly what you want to say and say it.

Finally, don’t treat your complaint as a way to vent about your frustration or anger. Sure, a little bit of that is ok, but remember that you are writing your complaint for the benefit of other consumers. Additionally, the business you write about may read your complaint and the more professional sounding it is, the more likely you might be offered a deal to have the complaint removed!

There’s no reason to not file your complaint right now. Follow the links and easy instructions to get started!

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