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Tampa, Florida is one of the most entertaining and fun cities in the state. When many people think of Florida they usually think of Miami, but Tampa, located on the western coast in an awesome bay at the very edge of the Gulf of Mexico has a lot to offer for sports fans, tourists, and beach lovers. Tampa is also a bustling economic hub for many industries. The population has been growing and so have the businesses. This means Tampa has been running into businesses that are ripping consumers off more and more.

If you’ve been wronged by a Tampa company or business, is the site to use to have your complaint heard. Filing a complaint with Complaints List is easy, quick, and effective. If you need to file your Tampa complaint with us (as you should!) the only information you need is the following:

  1. Your first and last name.
  2. An email address that works (we have to verify you’re a real person).
  3. A nickname or alias if you wish to keep your name private.

Those three little bits of info is all you need to get your complaint filed with us today. Then consumers around Tampa and the world can see what companies are out to hurt consumers. Filing a complaint with Complaints List works, and this is why.

How Your Tampa Complaint Works

  • is built in a way to help browsers find complaints about Tampa or any other subject or region on our site. The site is designed to help search engines and crawlers find important information and display those results to people searching the web for complaints and info about Tampa and other places.
  • Here at Complaints List we believe people who speak out should have a chance to be rewarded. Our complaints give companies looking to make amends or fix their mistakes channels to contact those who have had issues with their business or service. Here’s what could happen once the work is done.

Outcomes from Filing a Tampa Complaint

Filing your Tampa complaint and having it enter our database is how you start. Once it starts to get picked up and read by people and companies, often times the result is that the company will contact the person who wrote the complaint in an effort to remedy the problem. How our users respond and deal with the companies is up to them. We are simply the platform used to spread information and initiate contact.

Other times your complaint will add to a growing list of complaints about a company. This will not only hurt their business but can also provide clues for actions that the city or other organizations can take against companies.

You’ve got nothing to lose (except for a few minutes) by filing your complaint. It’s worth your time and effort; your story is worth hearing! File a complaint today by clicking the green ‘File a Complaint’ button now!

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