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One of the most visited cities in Florida is Jacksonville. Jacksonville is located far in the north of Florida along the eastern seaboard. Tourists, Florida residents, and locals visit Jacksonville on a regular basis, as the city has much to offer to anyone looking for a fun time. The city is home to one of Florida’s NFL teams as well as home to a large entertainment and performing arts area. Despite all of this, there are still plenty of bad businesses looking to rip off consumers in Jacksonville.

If you’re a visitor or resident of Jacksonville that has had a troubling experience with a business in the area, you should file a complaint about what happened as soon as possible. is the location for filing complaints on bad businesses and it’s also one of the best resources on the web for helping other consumers find out about businesses that aren’t looking out for them.

Why Should You Use Complaints List to File Your Jacksonville Complaint?

Consumers have a lot of options on the internet to voice their complaints and their opinions. When it comes to local complaints, is one of the best places for consumers like you to come to. Want to know more? The following is a short list of reasons why is the best place for you to file your Jacksonville complaint.

Fast acting results. Many sites and organizations are good for complaints, but they can take a long time before anything worthwhile happens. Being fully online, means your complaint is reaching people and businesses immediately upon being posted. Everyone knows how powerful something that goes viral online can be! Businesses often go all out to help consumers solve their problems and get the complaints about them removed.

Free service, yes free.’s services are completely free to use. When you file your complaint, all of your information is safe from others and we don’t keep records either. We only have enough advertisements to cover the expenses of running the site!

Easy to use. One of the best reasons (besides being free) to use Complaints List is the fact that it is incredibly easy to use. Our site is designed with the consumer in mind and we’ve made it easier than ever to file a complaint ‒ and we’re always working to improve the user experience.

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As a consumer and a customer, you deserve to be heard. Don’t wait around any longer to file your complaint on It’s incredibly easy and you only need the following information:

1. First and last name.
2. An email address to verify you’re a real consumer.
3. An alias if you want to remain anonymous.

That’s all you need to file your complaint so there’s really no reason to not get started. Just click on the ‘File a Consumer Complaint’ button above and you’ll be finished before you know it!

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