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Santa Ana, California is located in one of the best areas in Southern area of the state: Orange County. In fact, it’s the second largest city in the county with over 325,000 people living there. While not situated right on the coast like many popular California cities, the city still attracts plenty of visitors every year.

Unfortunately, Santa Ana has its share of bad businesses, companies, and services. Consumers in the city need a place to share their complaints and information about where they should be taking their business. That place is Complaints List is designed with the consumer in mind and is the perfect place to file your Santa Ana complaints. If another consumer had posted their complaints about the business that ripped you off, you might not have ever had that situation happen to you.

Filing a Santa Ana Complaint Is Important

Thanks to the communication power of the internet, it’s easier than ever to take advantage of the complaints that consumers just like you file about Santa Ana businesses. Consumers are able to empower each other so that they make the best decisions with their time and their money. is designed to help facilitate this communication, and it’s important that all consumers share their complaints.

Sure there are plenty of “consumer” sites on the web that claim to be looking after the people, but in reality they are trying to make money off of private information, advertisements, and other techniques. Complaints List, however, is free to use, easy, quick, and we require a bare minimum of information. We don’t store any info either!

How to File Your Santa Ana Complaint

We mentioned that filing a complaint on was easy and quick. We meant it. Here are the steps you need to take to file your complaint:

1. Click on the ‘File a Complaint’ link above. It’s green!
2. Choose the type of complaint that you want to file.
3. Give your name, a working email address, and an alias (to keep your information private).
4. Title your complaint and write it out in the designated section.
5. Submit your complaint and it will publish automatically.

That’s all there is to filing your Santa Ana complaint on We’re the most dedicated consumer site on the net and constantly work to improve the site so that as many people as possible see your complaint.

Help out your fellow consumers in Santa Ana by filing a complaint today. The company may even contact you to settle your problem. Remember, your voice matters and gives it power!

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