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San Francisco is one of the great cities of California. Also known as the City by the Bay, Fog City, and San Fran, the city is home to over 4 million people in the metro area. San Francisco has a bustling tech sector, plenty of tourist attractions (like the Golden Gate Bridge), and is one of the best cities to get a real taste of American and California culture.

With that said, there are plenty of businesses in San Francisco that like to take advantage of the uninformed or tourists in the area. They rip off fellow businesses and consumers left and right just to make a profit. If you’ve been a victim of businesses like this you need to make your voice heard with All you need is the following information:

– Your first and last name.
– An email address to verify who you are.
– A nickname or alias in order to keep your information private (if you want to).

That’s it! That’s all of the information you need to file your San Francisco complaint. More importantly, using Complaints List is absolutely free and it gets your voice heard. If you think that using a complaint site is worthless, you’ve never worked with us here at We make every effort to ensure that our system works and your complaint is seen by fellow consumers.

How Complaints List Works with Your San Francisco Complaint

First of all, the entire design of is built around getting traffic to our complaints, including your San Francisco complaint. All of the copy and layout is put together in a way to help search engines find your complaint when people and businesses search for San Francisco complaints. We do all the heavy lifting when it comes to posting your complaint; you just have to fill in some information.

Your complaint will be added to a growing collection of complaints about San Francisco businesses and companies that are ripping off people and businesses. The best complaints that get the most views and results are the ones that are legitimate complaints with plenty of information. They are well-written and helpful for other consumers.

Possible Results from Your San Francisco Complaint

Most San Francisco businesses monitor their online reputation. A complaint on often shows up when companies search about their presence online. The best result for you as a consumer writing a San Francisco complaint is to be contacted by this company. Many times they offer to fix whatever problem you have, if they were an honest company and simply provided bad service.

For the less than honest businesses that really do survive by ripping people off, there is another result possible for filing your complaint with Complaints List. Your San Francisco complaint will be seen by hundreds and thousands of other consumers in the area. Your few minutes filing a complaint can save those consumers from the problems you’ve had to deal with. The complaints on our site can also gather enough attention that businesses like the BBB and local government leaders can take action against the truly bad San Francisco companies ripping people off all of the time.

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