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San Diego, California is one of the most enjoyable cities in the country in terms of weather and sun. Summer never gets too hot and winter never gets too cold. But weather isn’t the only thing that San Diego has going for it.

San Diego is home to a bustling economy thanks to tourism, military bases, international trade, and the ocean. The beaches of San Diego are sought after by people from all over the world; anyone visiting California has San Diego on their list of must-see cities.

With all of this activity going on, businesses in San Diego have a lot of opportunity to serve their customers. At the same time there are businesses and services in San Diego that simply exist to rip off their customers. At, we believe in every consumer’s right to have their voice heard on a platform that works. If you have complaints about businesses in San Diego, this is the place to tell your story and voice your opinion!

How to File a Complaint About a San Diego Business on Complaints List

Don’t sit back and feel helpless if you’ve been taken advantage of or treated poorly by a San Diego company. Filing a complaint is easy.

  • Click on the green ‘File a Complaint’ link in the top left of this site.
  • Choose the kind of complaint that will best describe your situation (company, website, email, person, phone call/text message).
  • Fill out your personal information. Don’t worry – identity info can be kept private with the use of an alias!
  • Title your complaint and use the body to explain everything that happened.

Once you do all of that you simply press submit and you’re finished! It’s as easy as that. Using Complaints List is easy but it’s impossible for us to guarantee results, but there are a few possible outcomes that could occur once you file your complaint.

Filing Your San Diego Complaint: Possible Outcomes

One of the most common results of filing your San Diego complaint is that the company sees your complaint thanks to all of the efforts the site design and staff take to get complaints seen. Companies and businesses monitor their internet reputation as they know consumers will search for information before putting money down for any product or service. When they find your complaint, often times they contact the original writer of the complaint. How you deal with the company is up to you. Complaints List is not involved!

Another possible outcome for your complaint is that it can be used by the public to avoid the company in the future. If there are multiple growing complaints about the same place, they can also be used by the city or other business associations to take action against the offending business and either fix them or close them.

So file today, there’s no reason to wait! It’s free!

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