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Irvine, California is one of the nicest cities in Southern California to live, work, and have fun in. Located in Orange County, over 200,000 people call Irvine home. Irvine is also the seventh richest city in the US, which means there are plenty of businesses and services in the city.

Many of these businesses are there to help consumers, but there are plenty that are out to make a quick buck and rip off their customers. It’s an unfortunately reality, but these businesses exist to take advantage of tourists, visitors, and residents in Irvine.

On, consumers just like you have the ability to speak up about disreputable Irvine businesses and services. That way, as consumers learn about a business’ poor practices, they can avoid them in the future. We believe our work is incredibly important for consumers in Irvine and around the country.

How to File an Irvine Complaint on Complaints List

Filing a complaint with us here at is important. People in Irvine need to know what businesses are out there trying to rip them off and your complaint is the first step in spreading the word. This is all you have to do to file your complaint:

1. Click on the green ‘File a Consumer Complaint’ link above.
2. Choose the category which best fits your complaint and the issues it addresses.
3. Fill out the information with you first and last name, email, and an alias if you wish your name to remain anonymous
4. Write a title and the body of your complaint.
5. Submit!

That’s all you have to do to get your complaint posted on one of the largest and most effective complaints sites on the web. Before you know it your Irvine complaint will be seen by hundreds if not thousands of people. What could happen when they see your complaints?

Possible Outcomes for Irvine Complaints

The best possible result from your complaint would be to hear from the business you are complaining about. Sometimes mistakes or lapses in good service happen for a business in Irvine. It’s simply the way business works. The good businesses check the internet to keep an eye on their reputation. If they see your complaint they may contact you to remedy the problem and have the complaint removed. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Another result could simply be the fact that many other Irvine consumers will see the complaint and take their business elsewhere. If there are enough complaints, it’s possible that an organization of the city of Irvine can step in and take corrective action against the business as well.

File Your Irvine Complaint Today

There’s no reason to stay silent. File your Irvine complaint today and you could have results in no time! At the very least you’ll be helping out other Irvine residents and visitors to avoid bad businesses.

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