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Have you been wronged by a company in California? If so, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of complaints in our databases against companies based in California. Though we’re working hard to help consumers fight back against bad companies, that number continues to steadily grow.

Though you may have had some time and money stolen from you, you’re not completely helpless – not if we have anything to say about it. Complaints List is a totally free service that allows victims like you to file complaints about companies in California – or any state, for that matter. Whether you were mistreated at a restaurant, scammed by a pyramid company, or the target of any other kind of consumer fraud, we want to hear about it.

What Happens When You File a California Complaint?

When we receive your complaint, it will be quickly reviewed and posted to Once posted to our site, other consumers in California and from around the world will be able to hear your story. We take this stage of the process very seriously. After all, what good does it do to file a complaint about a company in California if nobody ever reads it?

Our search engine optimization experts work tirelessly to ensure that your complaint – your voice – is heard by other consumers who need to get the message. Who needs to hear your complaint? Anyone who is looking for information about the company that wronged you!

Consider This…

Before you use the services of a company you’ve never heard of, what’s one of the first things that you do? If you’re like most Americans, you probably Google the company’s name. You might even throw in phrases like “complaints about [company]” or “good/bad [company] reputation.”

When other consumers – who haven’t shared your experiences – Google these kinds of phrases about the company you filed against, they’re likely to see your story. So, by filing a complaint about a company in California, you don’t just help yourself, you help a neighbor!

What’s In It For Me to File a California Complaint?

Good question. After all, Complaints List isn’t just for therapeutic venting. We mean business. So, here’s what’s in it for you:

1. You file a complaint about a company in California.

2. The company you complain about wants to have a clean online reputation.

3. The company sees the complaint and wants it removed. However, we’re on your side. Assuming the story is true, we aren’t taking it down.

4.The company may decide to get in touch with you to make things right. If the company can change your mind, you might want to remove the complaint and tell folks why!

Of course, this doesn’t happen with all complaints. However, it never hurts to try! And, at the very least, you might save someone else from making the same mistake you did. File a complaint with Complaints List today! In the meantime, check out these extra resources:

California Consumer Complaint Resources

State and Local Consumer Agencies in California
California Department of Consumer Affairs
Office of the Attorney General, California

California Cities

This page contains a list of companies in California that have complaints or reviews posted about them.

If want to complain about a company in California or post a review or report about a person or website in California click the "File a Complaint" link above.

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