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Known well for its civil rights history, Birmingham, Alabama is also the largest city in the state. With over 1.1 million people in the Birmingham metropolitan area, there are certainly plenty of businesses, companies, and services in operation. In fact, the metro area is home to a quarter of the entire population of Alabama! In addition to the consumers that live in and around the city, there are plenty of visitors and tourists that come through year-round.

However, there are businesses in Birmingham that are out to rip off consumers and make as much money as they can. If you’ve been ripped off by a business, company, or service in Birmingham, you need to speak up and have your voice heard. The best place to do that online is right here on Complaints List. Filing a complaint is fast and easy.

Results from Filing a Birmingham Complaint on

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to guarantee the outcome of every complaint you write and submit to Complaints List. However, we have seen frequent results that occur for many of our complaint authors in Birmingham and around the country. Here are three common results:

1. The Birmingham business you write your complaint about sees your complaint. In an effort to keep their reputation clean on the internet, many times these businesses contact the consumer-authors to reach a settlement for removing the complaint. How you negotiate is up to you – Complaints List does not get involved.

2. Other times, the business will never see your complaint (or they never cared about their reputation in the first place). No need to be discouraged, however, as your complaint will remain on the internet for anyone in Birmingham to see. That means consumers will be educated not to visit those establishments.

3. Lastly, your complaint can be used alongside other complaints. Local organizations or local government can take action against a bad business in Birmingham. By filing a complaint, you help to keep Birmingham safe and friendly for consumers.

How to File Your Birmingham Complaint

Filing a complaint is fast, free, easy, and doesn’t require you to sign up for anything. It only takes a handful of steps to go from beginning to end and have your complaint published online. Here they are:

– Click on the green link that says ‘File a Complaint’ or on the blue link that says ‘File a Birmingham Consumer Complaint’ above.
– Select the kind of complaint you want to file.
– Enter the required information (name, email address, and an alias to keep information anonymous).
– Write the title and body of your complaint.
– Publish!

Don’t Wait Any Longer

As a consumer in Birmingham, you have a right to be treated fairly and with respect. Don’t let a bad business win against you. File a complaint today and know that your story will be read by thousands of people in the area. Remember, is fast, easy, and completely free. File today!

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