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Last Updated On: July 26, 2017

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Business Name: YRC Worldwide Inc.
Corporate Address:
10990 Roe Ave
Overland Park, Kansas 66211 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 913-696-6100
Corp Email: webyrc@yrcfreight.com
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.28 out of 5
Based On: 19 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 31

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $11,387.00
Average Reported Losses: $599.32

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I purchased an air compressor from Home Depot and paid the extra money to have it delivered to my shop. YRC called to verify my phone number and delivery date, which was a Tuesday. YRC REQUIRED A SIGNATURE which required that I leave work for the afternoon to accept delivery.

However, YRC did not call nor deliver the freight on Tuesday. I had to call Home Depot who then called YRC, which took forever on hold…. YRC claimed that they gave me a WEDNESDAY delivery date. BS. I wrote it down and still have the information for a Tuesday delivery. They stated it was to be delivered on Wednesday.

I again took the afternoon off and waited for their delivery. The driver did call my cell phone twice, in quick succession. I missed the call as I was on another call. The driver left no message.

I actually saw the truck drive by my shop and continue on. No delivery, no other call of messages.

I was pissed. 2 days of waiting.

I own a construction company and have very little time to wait for deliveries (actually, I had no idea I had to sign for the delivery or I would never have agreed to it).

I was on the phone Thursday with Home Depot for more than an hour. YRC agreed to deliver the product again, but they were going to CHARGE ME FOR A REDELIVERY…

I told them that was unacceptable. They were going to drop it off at Home Depot, but still charge me. The only way I was not going to be charged was if I picked it up at their dock (and still have the original delivery charge).

Finally, Home Depot agreed to accept the charges, reverse my original charge and have it delivered to a local Home Depot where I have to arrange for a truck and hoist to pick up.
In conclusion, Home Depot truly tried to help. I was impressed with their customer service.

But, YRC Freight is absolutely no customer friendly and outright lied to me on delivery dates and even stated that it was state law that they had to have a signature on delivery. My background is an attorney and we have several hundred thousand dollars delivered to job sites a month. No signatures.

I have very little time to spend on issues like this. My time is expensive. I hope whoever reads this understands how pissed off I am at YRC Freight. Don’t use them.

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This is a horrible company. I had a appointment scheduled for delivery for Tuesday 7-10 am. At 1 pm still no delivery and no call. I had taken off of work the morning to sign for shipment. I talked to YRC who stated that the shipment was delayed due to a lift gate issue. At 5 pm still no delivery and no call. I again talked to them and now they state that the shipment was not going to be delivered today because it was loaded on the wrong truck. Seems like a lot of excuses. Now I have to… Read more »

The worst. I will tell my suppliers that I will not accepts shipments from this company. Arrogant snotty customer service. Actually denied that they were YRC when I called the numbers from their website. Same guy picked up form both numbers. Waited all day for a shipment today, after it was 30 minutes late I called them and got an excuse that their truck broke down and that they “were sorry” they didn’t call me”

Unbelievable! Their apathy for delayed deliveries is beyond unbelievable! Rude, apathetic customer service, or should I say disservice.

We contracted YRC to ship tradeshow goods to a convention center in Seattle. We are a technology company and shipped 2 4k TVs and 3 retina iMacs as well as our tradeshow exhibit. On the return shipment to Dallas, the driver reported that they were short our TVs and iMacs and informed us that they would be coming later…. 2 weeks later, we received nothing. I will spare you the drama it took to get them to acknowledge that they lost our shipment (It was a 3 month ordeal), but the long story short is that they limited their liability… Read more »
I had Yellow ship a go kart from PA. to DEN when I received the shipment it had been crushed by something falling on it . The driver just stated that’s a bummer like it happens all the time. When I got the item fixed it cost me $948.00 the value of the item was $1100.00 almost a complete loss. When I filled out the claim paperwork and submitted before and after pics and estimate bid for repairs , they sent me a check for $50 dollars and a invoice for more charges on the shipping. What a slap in… Read more »

Today febuary 21st 2017 on hwy 95 in bullhead city Az headed to ft mohave Az. Truck number 62801 was driving as if he was in a compact car weaving in and out of traffic speeding 10 mi over the limit and tailgaiting. When he couldnt get around someone he would ride their bumper. He did this to me so i slowed to the speed limit. Then he almost hit my front end as he changed lanes to turn left. This guy needs to slow down before he causes an accident.

I shipped my washer an dryer, along with my personal belongings. Washer and dryer can’t be used anymore because they rammed them with something wrapped them up to hide the damages, my couch is busted and can’t be used. TV got banged up and now has lines going through it and they want to tell me they are only liable for 10 cents a pound Of The freight, so because one of their dumb or multiple works that hid the damages. I still have to say for my washer dryer and couch that’s on my credit card and they off… Read more »
Amazingly poor service. I’ve used them three times now per an underwritten contract I cannot avoid. Twice they didn’t make it the day scheduled. A rude customer service rep told me I could only schedule between 1-3 pm for pickups. On the third pickup I they arrived at 11:30 and I was on schedule for 1 pm…..following their RULES! They scheduled my 2000 lb shipment for the next day. At 2 pm I called the local dispatch and was told he was on his way and would arrive before 3 pm. Nope. No one ever showed on day 2, which… Read more »
Reported Loss: over $5000 I was called Friday Jan-13 that a tarp that was being shipped by Portable Garage Depot was scheduled for delivery on Monday. The delivery location (our work site) is 3.5-hours from our shop. They asked what time can delivery be made – I explained between 7 am and 3 pm. I dispatched a crew and rental equipment to receive the tarp for erection on a very large garage struction for Tuesday, expecting delivery had been completed accordingly. The package was not delivered as of Tuesday. We waited until end of business day, and it still wasnt… Read more »
YRC Freight is by the far the worst shipping company that we’ve ever done business with. First of all, what we were quoted and what the cost ended up being was off by over 1600.00 dollars! Conveniently our sales rep, Kin Pasobillo has since neglected to return our calls or respond to our emails. Our freight was heavily damaged on delivery costing us 3588.00 dollars. We filed a claim and after waiting for over one month for a response, filed a complaint. The claims analyst, Brandy Tillotson then denied our claim claiming they never received the photos that we did… Read more »
YRC freight are liars. I personally do not recommend anyone to work with them. First i called for a quote, they told me, they don’t ship by air so i gave me the option by road, they quoted me for U.S $3,552.83. When next day i called to confirm, they told me i couldn’t because the quote given was wrong, they then jacked up the price to over U.S $9,000 (almost 3x the firt quote ). I called back and my quote at U.S $3552.83 was still on, i confirmed it and they emailed me their Bill of Lading. It… Read more »

First time this company has delivered to us. Delivery was quick & the driver brought the box into the house for us. He seemed very kind.
But… later in the day, it seems maybe he butt dialed our phone and he was talking to someone about his deliveries. He said that our home “Wreaked” of smell.
with a few more words added in. Enough said though. Not nice driver… not nice.
Sorry if it offended you! The comments offended me!!

This company ( YRC ) is by far the worst delivery service I ever experienced. They don’t deliver to your door and very nasty when you question them about your delivery. It’s bad enough when you have to pay a delivery company to deliver your shipment and then pay someone else to remove it from there truck. There policy completely says they only do curve delivery. Nasty folks up there, especially when you trying to get better understanding how they operate. Called again and a driver awnser the phone with the worst attitude I ever heard. For a company that… Read more »

YRC is the worst freight/shipping company I have ever had to deal with. They hold shipments until the very last possible moment. they do not try to aspire to higher standards or customer satisfaction. My shipment was held for 4 days in Maybrook NY when it was only just over an hour from its final destination. They would not move the truck because it wasn’t full. My Daughter missed her Birthday gift because of them. Walmart should stop using them as well as every other company that currently uses them.

As we discussed, please document that the driver of YRC Freight refused to wait for proper inventory and inspection of the Suburban Surgical delivery to Morristown Animal Hospital. He delivered two pallets, and simply wanted us to sign off that there were two pallets there. He did not expect that we would inventory or inspect for product damage, and became hostile when we starting do so. The first pallet was primarily boxes, but the second was a 2,100 pound pallet of dog run doors, shrink wrapped together. We could not tell how many there were or if there was any… Read more »

I just received a delivery from YRC, the driver said ” We only deliver your shipment to the curb” & left my package at the curb. I called customer service to complain & was again told we only deliver to the curb. I work in a manufacturing business and have done business with Roadway/YRC for many years. I will NEVER use them again!!

Don’t expect any service from their customer service. I was told my freight was out for delivery and I have to pay guys to be here to unload it. After being given a window of 2 – 4pm, I called at 4:05 and was told the driver was 5 – 10 minutes out. At 4:45 I called again, and we told the driver wasn’t coming today. After raising hell with dispatch I was told the driver was old and would need us to pull freight from the nose of the truck (past all of the other freight he just picked… Read more »
I ordered a 13.4 feet kayak it was supposed to be in on the 24th of July, then I found out it was going to come in on the 27th of July it did not make it in on the 27th I was then told it was going to come in on the 29th of July which it did not make it on the 29th. On the 30th I was told that they had lost it how do you lose a 13.4 kayak you don’t lose that somebody has to take something that big YRC tells me it’s not their… Read more »
I ordered a 2 section PVC gate (4′ X 6′) that was shipped from the Wholesale Fence Co. in NY to Orlando, FL. When they delivered it, I noticed it had use “extended forks” stickers all over the shrink wrap in orange labels. When they delivered it off the truck they used a hand fork lift, but not with extended forks. The lift gate on the truck had a downward angle and as soon as they put the weight (250 pounds) on it, it slid off the lift gate and hit the ground hard on a corner of the packaging.… Read more »

Quoted me $342 for a pick up of two pallets of plastic trays. Then they billed my customer $1397.56 for the same pick up. Even after giving them their quote number, and confirmation number several times, they are still hassling us for more money. Billed us $742.16 (including a charge of $27.50 to change the billing :)) This company is a nightmare, stay away from them at all costs. I just sent a note to the CEO, James Welch, telling him a stint on undercover boss might be helpful.

If the other customer was the payer, the rate quoted to you wouldn’t apply because your quote would be rated with your pricing. If the other customer was payer, they would have needed to obtain a quote with their own pricing so they would know what it would cost.

YRC charged me 220.00 to ship a bumper from TN to NE. ABF quoted me 77.52 for the same weight same dimensions.same shipping class c175 Called YRC they said pay up sucka. Next time I will tell the shipper to use ABF Another lesson learned the hard way.

I ordered an item from Fingerhut and received a confirmation call from YRC on the date it was to be delivered. I specified the time that I had to have it delivered – between 8 – 2. By 2:45 my item still had not been delivered so I called YRC only to be told that my item was not on the truck and could not be located. The rep from YRC informed me that it could take between 5 -10 days to locate it and they would call me and deliver it and leave it at my house. I ordered… Read more »

YRC isn’t a residential delivery company, so home deliveries aren’t the norm for them. Next time you buy furniture, ask for a carrier that specializes in home deliveries.

Terrible company and terrible service!!! We shipped an instrument from California to Maryland. It seems they got our instrument lost. They even do not help us check if where they put the instrument. The customer service is just a joke!

I am still waiting for a TV I ordered almost a month ago, ordered on 12-3-13 and YRC got it on 12-8-13, It’s coming from Dallas, TX to Colorado Springs, CO. Was a Christmas gift but here we are 2 days after Christmas and now I can’t get a straight tracking date or time of delivery and it says delievery date is 12-17-13 or 12-19-13 well no that’s not true! I would never ship with them or recommend them for a thing!

This company is the worst…. i have tried to have equipment shipped and the set for confirmed date of Friday. Here it is Monday and they said they were not able to make the pick-up because they had a roll-up trailer bed and not a hinge door end loader…. ARE YOU SERIOUS… these guys are a joke !


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