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Last Updated On: January 8, 2017

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JKC Trucking Trailer #1606 had no regard for human life

Was traveling east on 8/17/13 around 2:00 p.m. on Hwy 80 when a semi-truck was fast approaching from behind me. I did move over to the other lane to let him past. He was traveling between 85 – 90 mph. He never used a turn signal to let people know he was changing lanes and he kept up this pace for miles. My feeling is that he was either late delivering or picking up a load. He clearly had no regard for human life the way he was driving.

I only got his trailer #1606 on the back of the trailer. I did on Monday, 8/19 send an email to the company JKC Trucking in Summit, Il to let them know about this situation and asked that I be notified that this driver had been talked to, suspended until investigation done. I also advised them that I would be filing a complaint with the State of Illinois if I didn’t receive anything back within 2 days. I have heard nothing yet.

I also in my email told them of how my cousin almost died from a tire that came off a semi. Lucky he had been a truck driver and was used to looking all around. It took 2 1/2 years to get this settled. But again, because this company didn’t take the time to check their vehicles before they went on the road, someone could have died from their carelessness. Lucky, my cousin knew what to do because any other family clearly could have been killed.

Trucks are forever speeding on national highways to make up time. No one ever thinks about a tire coming off the trailer and rolling or jumping the medium and landing on the other side of the road. No one seems to think or realize that kids are in cars. I’m sure these men/women have children. There is no regard for human life when you see truckers drive like this.

I’m hoping that the driver as well as the company will now pay a fine for how they are allowing their drivers to be on the road. I feel sad, that money is the driver instead of human life.

Incident Date: 08/17/2013 | Incident State: Nebraska | Location Of Incident: Hwy 80 | Vehicle Type: Semi

Thank you.

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If you throw a rock from your tire and crack my windshield are you responsible? No, and neither is the truck driver if his recap comes off. It’s called road hazard. Stop tailgating and speeding and you eliminate the damages.

LIke cars aren’t in a hurry? Get real lady


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