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Last Updated On: September 7, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: Alverius and Company, Inc. ACI
Corporate Address:
701 5th Ave #4200
Seattle, Washington 98104 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 866-802-8520
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Sebastian Alverius - Owner
Corp Website:


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Based On: 2 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 140

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $65,200.00
Average Reported Losses: $32,600.00

Most Recent Complaint

Is Alverius and Company a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

Sebastian Alverius a CON MAN

Sebastian Alverius is a scammer. His website says he has the ability to provide wholesale pricing on consumer electronics when in fact he has no such channel to provide any product in bulk at discounted pricing. He will take your money and never deliver product.

He owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to multiple people.

There is a pending FBI case against him. The case number is 196D-WF-2539182. If you have been scammed by him feel free to contact me at Or call the FBI Washington Field Office at 202-278-2000 and reference the mentioned case number.

Official Responses from Alverius and Company

By: Sebastian Alverius On: August 21, 2015

2nd Response from Sebastian Alverius of the Alverius and Company

Recently the author of the complaint admitted to defaming on this complaint. It was also proven on several occasions. I ask you to please remove these and other complaints associated to my name, considering they were all developed and influenced by the man, Matthew Kent Baker.


By: Christina Buckley On: March 27, 2013

To whom it may concern,

I write this response not only as a supporter and defender of our Chairman Mr Sebastian Alverius and our company, but also to highlight the moral and ethical structure of our operations:

Alverius and Company, Inc (ACI) consistently seeks, everyday, to understand the needs of our clients. At the very least, we offer empathy to their needs. Therefore, a complaint regarding a service we offer or product we distribute need only to be shared directly with our company to be responded to with the highest priority. But we also understand, from time to time, when our clients may find it important to share their concerns on third party sites such as this one to either seek a quicker response or greater end result…or to simply vent. But in this case, the decision of Mr. Matt Baker to use this forum to post such misleading, defaming words only show how this type of service can be abused to the highest degree. In this case, we are strongly against the use of this forum based site.

Mr. Baker is a former associate contractor and investor to our company and immediately took said steps to institute this complaint to force a lost investment from ACI. He chose to attack Mr. Alverius on a personal level, assuming it would encourage our Chairman to make an executive decision to return the total investment made last June, including the amount lost in normal investment proceedings. As with any investment made, once you make an decision to invest in something, we also accept the risks involved. Unfortunately, Mr. Baker feels otherwise.

Further, our office has an official retraction signed by Mr. Baker in last October, confirming his actions are misleading, at best.

Along with the fact that there is not an FBI case against our chairman (FBI cases do not exist, only claims of followed-up complaints -we believe Mr. Baker made the initial reach out to the DC office, for complaint), ACI has never been directly involved with the sale of distributed products. In fact, until now, we only took the role of liaison between buyer and seller. Thus, being accused of falsely promoting the sale of something brings false accountability in the same degree.. The fact is, ACI has never promoted, on their website, the sale of ANY brand named products, in particularly, Apple. If proof can be offered, we will revise this statement and offer our sincerest apologies and cooperation to Mr. baker. Until then, we will continue to vigorously defend our company against these vicious attacks. And we will, in return, continue to work with our legal team to seek ways to handle this issue, within the confines of our justice system.

However, once Mr. Baker come to terms with logic and reasoning, and decide to approach ACI in the manner that is professional and just, we are willing to discuss a respectable severance package. This has always been expressed, even by my predecessor.

Most truly,
Christina (Chris) Buckley,
Alverius and Company, Inc.

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Sebastian Alverius is still a sicko cat raping lunatic! Probably out there plotting his next con to steal money from some other person… He can’t make is own way in life so he steals from others! It’s all documented throughout the internet and then he tries to turn all the evidence against himself and point the blame elsewhere… Everyone here knows he’s a lying piece of trash. Sebastian what you did to Alexis someone should come and beat your skull in! Raping cats, stealing people’s money and crying about it when people call you out over the internet makes you… Read more »

There will be more to come from sicko cat rapist Sebastian… He’s always lurking. Guarantee Whitekbollhifh is the sicko cat rapist!

I knew you to be the sad, crazy one. This message proves it. And its whiteknollhigh. Use your spellchecker.

Maybe he realized what a waste of time talking to u is.

Maybe he’s staying silent because he finally realized YOU and all of this bickering back and forth is bullshit

Sebastian is still a joke!

Notice Sebastian is staying silent since no one other then his sick psychotic mind believes his nonsense. Make up a name act like other people are supporting you and feel better that you think people believe it’s a supporter of yourself! You’re a joke Sebastian and eventually your aids infested body will give out and you’ll go to where you belong… HELL

Sebastian Alverius… Look his name up… Multiple people calling him a scum bag all over the internet… Weird that all these people only have discussions in threads against him and not against them Yet he tries to bash these people as liars and clearly Sebastian makes up false names here and tries to show support for himself here… He’s a joke and obviously no one falls for his cons anymore… In his sucidal mentally deranged mind he thinks his own words of encouragement in “someone” else’s name he actually thinks he’s getting supported MENTAL illness is alive and living in… Read more »
Look you moron its speculation not a conviction. Everything that is happening to me is a result of another sociopath reading your sociopathic comments and then stealing my innocent animals. Now i am fighting for my canine family members. This is all because I allowed everyone including the NYPD tell me to ignore you…but like i have said before ignoring you made you come back like a horror sequel. I am just praying my cats in your possession are alive…other than that I am not worried because it is all going to work out… the other sociopath will perjure herself… Read more »
Nothing other complaint on here but the fact that Sebastian is a straight up animal abuser really matters to me. 
The horrible situation it is that he has the two cats back that I laid my life on the line for. Two cats that I kept safe for two and a half years from his abusive treatment. Forced cold baths with no drying off whatsoever burns from scolding hot water spankings sexual fondling and other disturbed interactions. The cats were with him for under three months. Everyday they they were being tortured. They spent every single micro second of their… Read more »
No one is defending Sebastian Alverius but himself~!!! All replies rebuttals and comments in support of him are written by him. His real name is Roderick A. Scott-Padilla. He presumptuously penned himself Sebastian Christian Alverius to reflect the names of saints. He is equipped with above average writing skills…giving him the ability to falsely boost his own image and profiles He has been honing his rhetoric skills online for quite some years now. He is either turning the tables and accusing someone of the crimes he has committed or pretending to be a person that supports him. As I mentioned… Read more »

God as my witness you’re gonna get what is coming to you~!!! It is shame only a few people you screwed over chose to call you out….like i said before i feel for them but it is your animal abuse I am going to expose. you scummy lying ugly diseased useless life form~!!!

who got out of jail for animal abuse r****d? It is speculation not a conviction. She quotes you for the theft of my animals…you and your stupid made up page. All i am going to say is Pebbles and Pumpkin better be alive or….

I cannot wait to see you in court. Cause we’re gonna touch on all of it. Just got out of jail for animal abuse and STILL attacking another. Woman, youre gonna pay!

I made a righteous profound comment prior to this one this one but there is more to add on. Listen you lower than the chewed spit out gum on the bottom of my shoe, you ameba, lying sack of s**t… you spent what seemed your every wakened moment for a year or so lying defaming and harassing me on blogs and in emails!! I have all of the emails and VIVIANs fake letter from you to Steven~!! I also have two former employees of the defunct building that we bought lived in ready to post their comments against you. You… Read more »
Number one Sebastian and most important is the abuse those cats endured and are enduring .That is what matters to me. Burns on the cats, punishment baths for the cats, spankings for the cats you sicko!!! You evil abusive demon who probably willfully spread diseases to innocent gay men. You degenerate who constantly was caught with your hand sexually fondling poor Cookie. You can read online how to kill a person with Arsenic poisoning doesn’t mean its right~!! Never mind the scammed and ripped off roommates… I am going to repeat it again how about the fights we had over… Read more »
I made a righteous profound comment prior to this one but the approval wait is longer on long comments. Listen you lower than the chewed spit out gum on the bottom of my shoe, you ameba, lying sack of s**t… you spent what seemed your every wakened moment for a year or so defaming and harassing me on blogs and in email.s I have all of them and VIVIANs fake letter from you to STEn~!! You did this because you could no longer hide the abusive signs i saw and the bathing you told me about. It all came to… Read more »
Number one Sebastian and most important is the abuse those cats endured and are enduring .That is what matters to me. Burns on the cats, punishment baths for the cats, spankings for the cats you sicko!!! You evil abusive demon who probably willfully spread diseases to innocent gay men. You degenerate who constantly was caught with your hand sexually fondling poor Cookie. You can read online how to kill a person with Arsenic poisoning doesn’t mean its right~!! Never mind the scammed and ripped off roommates… I am going to repeat it again how about the fights we had over… Read more »

Im waiting, b***h. You talk a good lying game. Post all you want. But you got to prove it or loose it! Cant wait to see your ugly a*s in court.

What court? you have been saying this for years…this case with my dogs pertains nothing to you, When I am done I am coming after you. I was going to ignore your gross ugly weird pear shaped malformed head and diseased body that with your p**n addiction probably afflicted your disease and SDS on innocent boys that you chase after. Then this lowlife stole my beautiful precious cats…my cats that i paid her to board and caused two of my cats that were safe from your harm right back into the mix.

You are as stupid as you look. You claim to be taking me to court. So, if you are, I’ll c you there. Until then, you’re wasting my time. I have better things to do such as anything else besides this…and oh yea; taking care of my cats.

Ohhhh I am not taking you to court you’re the one speaking of court~!! I have a REAL rescue crew coming after you. I saw a horrible warped photo you posted of Pumpkin makes me wish I can break the legs and arms of the fake money making group of volunteer rescuers that stole my cats. Oh how that would be justice served~!! I am not going to break laws and risk my freedom because my human and pet family depend on me being free. Nevertheless I am going after them as well none of you are going to know… Read more »
Allow me to get this straight– You accuse me of ‘raping’ cats, only to have absolutely NO evidence at all except a statement I made pertaining to using qtips as a way to care for female cats in heat (which instructions are all over the Internet, I may add) and the word of disgruntled former roommates who were forcibly removed from their apartments because of the lack of a certificate of occupancy by the landlord, not to mention a fired aide who couldn’t hold up NY state HIPPA laws. Let’s not forget you, too, were evicted from the same property… Read more »
Something is seriously wrong with this site. All my comments are missing and I have to sign in with a new account. And a moment made by a Greg and a April that i replied to are just gone. Somebody is hacking my profile. I am sick of this s**t i am done commenting on you Sebastian~!!! I am taking action, Want to play this stupid game act lie you can’t spell my an,e because its not you replying…ok i said it on this page before and I will say it again. YOU FORCED cotton swaps into the innocent cats… Read more »

How does a human rape a cat, Elexis? And how does a raped cat run away from the fear of men while being in the forced care of a woman? Contridict, much?

Hi Greg. Sebastian loves to make his personalities seem illiterate. See my reply to his April persona. i have been fighting this psycho alone for three years. I cant take much more. originally for three months he had three cats (two of them were from me) in his care. Th female he raped ran away from her fear of men. All three were abused but before i had full knowledge of this he became homeless and he bequeathed them to me. He now has the two cats that were my cats( if they are alive ) back in his abusive… Read more »
Like I said… Deadbeats will pose as anyone to hurt others. April asked you legitimate questions, Elexis, Alexis, or whoever you are. Just be yourself and answer them. Stop portraying other fakes. Dayam. The evidence is below. And no, im not Sebastian. How many times do people need to tell you that?! You afraid to approach honest people willing to get to the truth? Only reason why we comment is because its entertaining to watch you fake and squirm. And Dont think all of these people youre portraying would be wasting their time commenting on this page. They have lives.… Read more »

First off my animals were stolen from me based on your online drivel. Sebastian your police complaints are just that compalints… I spoke extensively to the detectives and everyone knows your a psycho~!! My animals were stolen because of your fake lies and because you sociopaths speak the same language. I am in court fighting for the wrong done to me and justice will PREVAIL~!! Trust me your judgment day as well as the people who stole my animals is near.

To the people who just proved my point by saying they proved their point even if the person is Sebastian. This is exactly what Sebastian has been doing all along making up phony replies and names on every site that goes up against him… and there is no bigger DEADBEAT than Sebastian because he dedicated everyday of his life for months to write lies about me, colossal ones~!! I know of Nicki Campos because Sebastian showed me her photo and had the audacity to complain about her and other people he ripped off. It wasn’t until I knew what a… Read more »

This proves people who constantly posts negative comments against others are deadbeats.


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