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Business Name: HotelsOne |, L.P.
Corporate Address:
827 Union Pacific
Laredo, Texas 78045 USA Customer Service Phone Number: 866-413-9810
Company Contact: Andrew Fletcher - Principal
Corp Website: Ratings

Average Rating: 1.07 out of 5
Based On: 30 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 44 Reports

Reported Losses: $4,938.71
Average Reported Losses: $164.62

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I booked a room for my wife and I on what appears to be the website for the Red Roof Inn in Miami. Because we were flying out the next day, I called to see if they had Long Term Parking.

I spoke with someone who told me that long term parking at the hotel is 7.00/night and will cost an extra 70.00r the ten days we were going to be gone. I agreed to the charges and booked for the room and parking as a package.

I received the reservation confirmation and receipt by email, which I printed and filed with our flight reservations.

Upon our arrival at the hotel around 11:45pm; we were told that Long Term Parking was not paid for, I showed the clerk my receipt, only to find out that the booking was done through a third party, and they could not do anything about it. I called and they could not give me an explanation.

When I realize that I was getting two different stories from both sides, I asked for a cancellation, the clerk stated that he had to get the cancellation from HotelsOne, he then came back to me and said that it was denied.

I called the third party myself and was told that it has to be done by Red Roof Inn; we went back and forth for about two hours with no resolution, by that time we were exhausted, having driven for four hours from the Tampa area; we decided to take the room anyway and pay again for the parking.

The actual cost for the room at Red Roof Inn was lower than what I was charged by, despite what I am now seeing on their website ‘No reservation fees’ no one could give me an explanation for that as well.

Having read the reviews now, I’m amazed at how they can rip people off like this and still be allowed to operate. I can only hope that the hotels they book for are not part of this scam.

I’m out the $32. 53 booking fee, plus the $70.00 for parking. WHAT A SCAM!

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Just another complaint about the SCAM ARTISTS at Same as MIKE, make it look like you are dealing with the hotel. Called they were rude. Wanted to cancel one night out of three nights that we reserved three months in Advance (August, 2017) They Said call the hotel. Hotel said sorry, ” we just use them as a reservation service, I will cancel your room, but they have your money and you will not get it refunded.” NO HOTEL should use this service !!!! Customer beware, check out who you are making your reservations with !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I… Read more »

I would NEVER EVER use again. The going price for the Best Western Sycamore Inn was $107 to $119 a weekend night. They charged me $151 per night. What a ripoff¬°

We thought when we were booking a hotel in Lancaster, Pa we were speaking with the hotel direct. We asked to confirm that and she said we do the booking. So we made the reservations. We asked for a back room and as it is noisy in the front. We didn’t add up the price while on the phone but after hanging up realized we were charged an extra $70.00. We called back immediately and asked to speak to someone regarding the reservations. We were cut off twice. We called again and this time asked for reservations so we could… Read more »
I thought I was making a reservation on Santa Barbara House’s website (a Hyatt company) for Dec 10, 2016 when I got redirected to My credit card was charged $249.49 immediately and the website indicated that the reservation can be canceled by Dec 7, 2016. I canceled the reservation on Dec 7, 2016 before noon and received an email confirmation several hours later indicating the following: “Your cancelation is confirmed. You will receive a cancelation email within 2 hours. Please refer to your itinerary number if you contact customer service for any reason. We will process your refund within… Read more »

I inadvertently made a booking for 5-8 September,2017 and realised that I had made a mistake. I emailed them on 4 April saying that I wished to cancel my booking and to have my money refunded. I received an acknowledgement of my request but nothing further. I am a pensioner and simply can’t afford to be out of pocket in this way. I feel that I have been deceived.

Maybe the worst business I have ever dealt with.
Add NO VALUE to the hotel booking experience
Has NO Value for the customer

Agent lied about Ramada Plaza in Calgary’s cancellation policy. I was charged for the full amount of my stay when I cancelled instead of one night as promised. Followup agents refused to assist or escalate my complaint.

I see no way to edit my review, so I post this as a reply. I complained about Hotelsone through trustpilot and they responded, issuing the proper refund.

I booked a room in Nashville for 3/15/17 for one night. I got to my hotel and they told me my reservation was for 3/16/17… I had to pay Radisson for one night and took my money for the night I was not there.

I booked a room thinking I was booking directly with Hampton Inn but turns out it was hotelsone. I cancelled approx 12 hours later as I made other reservations at a different hotel in the next state over. I talked to a Kotele from hotelsone and she said there would be no charge and she cancelled my reservation. After returning home they DID charge my card the 153.00 for the night. I called them and they said they showed no cancellation so there was nothing they could do. This company is a scam. I do have my phone records showing… Read more »
BEWARE TAX RECOVERY FEE…they charge an exorbitant ‘tax recovery fee.” This fee is twice as much as the fee you’d pay for state and local taxes etc. (I’m basing this for a stay at at a Charleston hotel I know well — my sad story is my husband called their website, thinking they were the Hampton Inn ). They will NOT give you a breakdown of this fee (i.e. what part is taxes) They apparently estimate what they will be held liable for and pocket the rest! What a rip-off. How can this be legal in the US? My fee… Read more »

Just got ripped off!

I will NEVER use this garbage site again. I booked a hotel room for my boss. He went on his trip, but had to leave unexpectedly the day before he was to check into the hotel due to a tornado hitting his home. I tried calling Hotelsone to cancel the room and kept getting a “we’re sorry – we are having a system upgrade and we are not able to pull up any reservations at this time. Please call back in two hours.” After several attempts to call and getting the same schpeel I asked for a supervisor. Person hung… Read more »

Check total cost, not just stated room rate, if booking a U.S. hotel through Hotelsone. Across the U.S., at every hotel in every instance its charges for “Taxes and fees” will be higher than those of its competitors such as,, Expedia, Priceline, etc.or by the hotel directly notwithstanding its statement on its website that it does not impose reservation or hidden fees. In many cases the additional charges are very substantial.

Booked through hotelone and needed to make itinerary changes. Their website didn’t work, the phone number on the website repeatedly dropped my calls. I had to call my credit card company to get correct contact information. By the time I got through my no penalty cancellation period expired. They’re claiming they’ll call me back, but I’m just going to have to contest the charges through my credit card company.

WARNING!!. Be very careful when booking 3rd party websites. Like Expedia,, etc. Make sure when booking for a specific hotel they have agreements with hotels. Most of the time they do not have agreements and when you make a reservation they state the hotel does not have any rooms to guide you to a hotel that they have an agreement with to make a commission. The worst one is Hotelsone.

OMG…I too was scammed!! Thought I was on the Marriott website and come to find out after booking and wanting to cancel It, it was through HotelsOne. I am now waiting for a refund of 289.00 and they said it could take up to two weeks. So now I have to wait and see if I actually GET MY refund. What a pain in the neck. Rates were extremely cheaper through the hotel itself. They practically doubled the cost. Unbelievable.

thought I was on the Best Western totally ripped me off, no cancellations, took the cash immediately, NEVER again will I deal with this operation.

Your credit card is charged before before you see the final conformation with a non refundable notation . My reservation was over 2 months out. If I can help it they will not get my$

Booked through because they falsely lead you to believe you are on the hotels website. Got to the hotel, they had never gotten any booking from hotelsone, and they had since sold out. Canceled the reservation and realized they refused to refund.
These fools are going to get hurt.

did anyone ever receive a refund from these crooks???? they are holding $162. of my money

I have had the absolute worst experience ever!! is one of the biggest scam artists ever, I booked one room put in all my cc info hit submit charged my card for 2 rooms and almost 400 dollars in fees. It was cheaper to book directly with the hotel ( what i thought i was doing).. So i had to call in to get the charges reversed, nedless to say made me cancel the reservation instead of admitting there website error. Called in Customer servi ce reops were the rudest ever!! I am still waitng on refund and when… Read more »

Worst experience ever! I too thought I was booking directly with the hotel! I was overcharged and told that it was my fault because I booked the reservation in Euros! I live in Tx and booked in Arizona! I am still waiting to hear back from them! Huge scam!!!!!!!

I as well, good life lesson to pay CLOSE attention to scams like this.

HotelOne is indeed a scam. They quoted me a rate, which I accepted. I gave them my credit card information, and then once that went through, I briefly saw that they were charging 50.00 more for a third person. I had no chance to then cancel the reservation. Long story short: The hotel does not charge for a third person in a two queen bed room…this was verified many times. I called HotelOne to get that charge taken off, and they called…spoke to people, of which they wouldn’t tell me their names, and said they do charge for an extra… Read more »

wow ! I booked a reservation at the Omni royal crescent in new Orleans for a total amount of 328.16 for two nights and checked my card on line after 20 minutes of booking was charged 450.52 .Do not book with hotelsone they are crooks .

DON NOT USE!! I too was led to believe I was on the hotels web page. I needed to cancel my reservation 15 minutes after making it and called the hotel. The hotel informed me that hotelsone had made the reservation and I needed to cancel it with them and she would gladly book me a room at a lower rate. Called hotelsone back and got put on hold while they attempted to call the hotel to get the cancellation fee waived. Informed me the hotel would not waive the fee despite the fact that I was on the phone… Read more »

We got careless, got tricked into booking through this website, and ended up paying about twice the advertised rate. The place was a cheap dump so the loss was not lethal. However, this website appears to be running a scam, the first of its kind we’ve encountered anywhere on the planet., and so we’re depressed that that yet another facet of life has been penetrated by scammers. We join the voices calling for a visit of plagues and suffering to the operaters of hotelsone.


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