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Last Updated On: July 12, 2017

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Business Name: First Select Travel
Corporate Address:
23219 Stringtown Rd
Clarksburg, Maryland 20871 USA

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Phone Number: 800-698-4130
Corp Email: customerservice@a1travelconsultants.com


Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 5 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 2

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $2,362.00
Average Reported Losses: $472.40

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After receiving a fax offering “Deal of the Day” 8 day 7 night Caribbean Cruise, I called Move Vacation Now at 1-844-332-4272. Spoke to Curtis at ext 205. He explained in much detail the E.Carib cruise on Carnival or the W.Carib cruise on Royal Caribbean. He stated the cruise itself is $209.98 w/ RT airfare. When asked how he could sell cruises so cheaply, he stated, “They are corporation packages that have cancelled for one reason or another. Must be 21or older and there would be additional taxes added”.

So…booking agent taxes & the taxes on the vacation would be $69.00. Taxes on the airline, port fees, state taxes and service taxes would be $120-$180. The total package w/ airfare would be…$209.98+$69.00 +$180 = $459.00/person. In order to secure the package, I must pay $140/person by March 25. That amount would be deducted from the total amt as the last payment was made. Once payment was received, I would get an e-mail in 7-10 days from a travel broker to tell me how to activate my trip.

AFTER 15 business days of not hearing anything, I called Curtis who gave me a # 1-855-255 7473 at A1 Travel Consultant. Explained to Joy that I had paid $840.00 and received no e-mail.She asked, “Have you checked SPAM? (which should have been my first clue) Sure enough it’s in SPAM. There is a form to be filled out and an activation fee of $69.00 per person to send in before I got the itinerary. The form said it would take 7-10 business days. It was sent April 20,2016.

AFTER 30 days, of which NUMEROUS phone calls to Joy and Diana, I waited to receive an e-mail from the Booking Center. I spoke to Joy and Diana again on May 31. They simply said, “Oh I’ll send you the e-mail.” Now the Booking Center needs 5 days to process the info.

10 DAYS later, 3 wks from leaving for our cruise, I receive not just a confirmation of travel details, but a CHANGE IN PRICE!!! From $460 package to $1613.99 PER PERSON and have 24 hours to Accept or Decline this change. The info from A1 Travel says to contact the seller of the package to settle a dispute.

I have spent hours on the phone today to fix these scammer details. I called Curtis at Move Now Vacations. He is on vacation, so I spoke to Ben. He is busy with phone calls so he will call me back or I may call back after 1PM. I call back after 1pm and am on hold or disconnected.

Calling back, I speak to Melissa, who tells me she will connect me to a General Manager. I ask her NOT to send me to Joy, because she has only ever been sarcastic and rude telling me she has no time to argue with me. Who do I get connected to? Ms Joyful herself. Joy states that I was only purchasing a ‘certificate’ with the salesman and that is not the booking agent. After explaining I only got to her because I agreed to the $459.00 package and put down security money. She said the price of the cruise is given by the booking agent only. I asked her if she would purchase a vacation package without knowing the exact cost. Her answer, ” I can’t say that I would do that and I can’t say that I wouldn’t.” LIAR!! That is like signing a blank check and saying “You fill in the amount.”! Of course subsequent phone calls to Move Now Vacations were not even answered after that. When they heard my name, they simply hung up the phone.

Oh, I was told by Joy at A1 Travel that I could resubmit a request 90 days out for October & much cheaper rates. She stated she had access to see rates that few people could see, but of course she can’t tell me. I must resubmit it to yourbookingcenter.com in order to get the price- that’s their process. When asked if I could SPEAK to the booking agent. “Nope..must be submitted on line.”

WHAT KIND OF TRAVEL AGENTS DON’T GIVE QUOTES BEFORE YOU PAY AND DON’T LET YOU SPEAK TO THE BOOKING AGENT? The ones that have Move Now Vacations with Curtis, Ben and Melissa and A1 Travel Consultants who employ JOY……that’s who.

(During the month of May, I had numerous conversations with Joy and Diana from A1Travel because the booking agent was long past their own 7-10 day deadline . I kept a diary of conversations, as I always do, for plans such as this.) See below for what happened as I was waiting for an e-mail from yourbookingcenter.com that I was supposed to have heard from in 7-10 days:

4/20/16 – Me: Just calling to see if I sent the activation fee in today if it would be in the 90 days before the trip so no charges would be added.

Diana- If it’s sent today, it should be no problem for the dates you want.

5/10/16-Me- ‘Joy, I’m still waiting on the booking center to email me with a quote.”

Joy- you will get an email in the next couple of days. It’s in the next batches.

Me-But you’ve been telling me that. I just want to make sure I’m not going to get charged for not being in the 90 days. On April 20, Diana told me it should not be a problem, but I haven’t gotten an email yet.

Joy- Nobody in this office would say something like that. You’re not listening to me. You’ll get an email in the next couple of days. You may register for your trip then.

Me-May I just speak to someone else? Is Diana there?

Joy- SURE!!! You may speak to someone UNDER me. She’ll have to clear it with me, so sure you may talk to her.

Me- Who is your supervisor?

Joy-The only person in this office that is higher than me is JESUS CHRIST himself!!!!

Me- No ma’am…..Jesus Christ is not in that office. He would never treat anyone like this.



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A-1 Travel Consultants is a SCAM!! I received a fax at work for the memorial day super sale. I was planning to travel to Las Vegas and thought for this price you can’t beat it…3 days/2 nights for $149.98. I called the number 1-888-376-4029. I spoke to Jim Sanders, who told me that the booking fee was $69 per person..$48 for taxes..$150 up front and the would e-mail me the information..total $270 per person. To me that was still cheap which includes hotel and air fare. I paid for $207 for the booking fee and $450 for the up front… Read more »

I am going through the same thing with emails un answered and phone calls with no help or numbers being disconnected. I just don’t see how this can be so easy to get away with. I had Summer, Diana,Karen, Natalie and Claire.


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