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Last Updated On: March 16, 2017

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Business Name: Prince George Towing and Recovery
Corporate Address:
11504 East Maple Ave
Beltsville, Maryland 20705 USA

Prince George’s Towing Customer Service

Prince George’s Towing Phone Number: 301-220-1170
Company Contact: Rick Chambers - Owner

Prince George’s Towing Ratings

Average Rating: 5.00 out of 5
Based On: 1 Review
Number Of Comments: 0

Prince George’s Towing Reports

Reported Losses: $5,000.00
Average Reported Losses: $5,000.00

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Tow truck stole my vehicle!

On February 6, 2017, I came outside at 6:20am for work and my car was gone out of the reserve parking spot that I pay for monthly. The only thing left behind was broken glass and window tint from my car and drag marks on the ground from my car being dragged.

I called the towing company (PRINCE GEORGE TOWING AND RECOVERY IN BELTSVILLE MD) who tows in my apartment complex, the clerk said that they dont have my vehicle.

I called my car note company to see if my car was mistakenly repossessed, which is was not, so I called the local police department and they check with all towing companies in the county and no one had it. It was from that very moment I knew my car was stolen and I had to report it stolen.

I knew my car was stolen by a tow truck due to the drag marks from my tires that were left behind on the ground. I didn’t hear or see my vehicle being towed because my apartment faces the backside of the building, not the parking lot. I was pissed off to the max!!

I own a 2015 dodge challenger and its hard to steal that car without the key fob so I knew it had to be towed. I eventually had to get a rental until my insurance company handle my claim or until my vehicle was recovered. the usual tow guy who would normally tow from my neighborhood haven’t been seen for two weeks after my car went missing which even concerned the property manager as well.

Then he finally shows up on the 22nd of February and he tows my rental car out of my spot, the same exact spot he stole my car from. the only thing different this time is that he took the rental car to the tow yard. I recovered the rental but i also asked the clerk at the towing yard have she seen a 2015 dodge challenger come on her lot and she said yes but its gone now. THAT WAS HINT #2.

I made it back home, and saw some of my neighbors who lived on the front side of my building which they face my parking spot. 3 different neighbors confirmed that they saw the same tow man take my car and bust out my windows. I contacted the local police to let them know and local surveillance cameras got footage of the tow truck taking my car. I called the tow truck company back and cursed them out!!

Not even 3 hours later, I receive a phone call that my car was found over 15 miles away from where I live in a shopping center. So much damage was done to my car. I will be suing this company and after I get done with them, I might even own their company too!

I HATE TOW TRUCKS…I’m not done with them, they caused me so much stress, time off of work and money.

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