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Last Updated On: August 1, 2017

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Business Name: Harbor Freight Tools Usa Inc
Corporate Address:
26541 Agoura Rd
Calabasas, California 91302 USA

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Phone Number: 800-444-3353
Company Contact: Eric Smidt - CEO
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
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Nice way to treat a long time customer

I have shopped at harbor freight for years – Knoxville TN on Broadway. I never had to show a card to get advertised sale items. But I was charged the regular price, I showed the clerk the mistake and he rudely said, you didn’t show your card – look it says on the sale ticket.

I said, why didn’t you ask for a card I didn’t know that?

So I said, refund the items and I will purchase with the card. He said he could not.

The manager came up and said the computer was not working I have to come back.

The computer worked to ring it up. Why do I have to come back?

She got really rude in front of a lot of people and I did not react well. I told her I was a customer for years and I would not be back.

She said, good don’t come back.

Nice thing to say to a customer with many friends and family that will not be back. Her name was Kim, she would not give me her last name, I asked her to write it down, she showed me her name tag and said remember it.

Well, Kim I will remember and let everyone who will listen to remember.

Harbor Freight Tools – North Broadway Knoxville Tennessee

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