Tired of Expensive Home Repairs? Try These Quick Fixes

As any homeowner knows, home repairs and maintenance costs can add up really quickly. If you’re sick and tired of throwing money down the drain (in the case of bathroom repairs, we mean this literally), then you might want to try some of these quick and easy DIY fixes. We can think of a number of people who wish they had known about these alternatives to expensive – and sometimes scammy – contractors.

1. Squeaky floor about to drive you up the wall? No need to hire a contractor to pull up floor boards and adjust the sub-flooring. Instead, a little talcum powder will do the trick. Sprinkle talcum powder over the area and then brush it into the cracks of the floor.

2. For cleaning dusty items with lots of crevices (like a chandelier), there are few tools more equipped to get the job done than your hands. Pull on a pair of old cotton gloves – preferably white so that you can see your progress! Spray one hand with a cleaner like Pledge and leave the other dry. Take your “clean” hand all over the surface of the object and then follow with your “dry” hand. No need to hire a ritzy cleaning service!

3. After a while, even the best-pasted wallpaper will start to lift at the corners. Traditional glues can leave your wallpaper repair job looking junky, while applying wallpaper paste can be challenging. Here’s all you need to do: spread wallpaper paste onto a slip of paper. Rub the paper on the underside of the wallpaper, and tack it back down onto the drywall!

4. Stained bathtubs can really make your whole bathroom look gross. Mix up a 1:1 admixture of tartar and baking soda, and add just enough lemon juice so that it’s a pasty concoction. Apply this to the stain; allow it to sit for thirty minutes; rinse off!

Painting is a much bigger project that you should know how to do yourself. Learn how to sand down surfaces, apply painter’s tape, and use primer appropriately. You’ll save tons of money by painting rooms yourself. Plus, you’ll enjoy a greater sense of satisfaction every time!

Why pay someone else for expensive home repairs and home cleanings when you can do it yourself? Be a smart consumer. Check back next week for more consumer tips!

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