Tips to Keep Your Credit Card Information Safe and Secure

If you’re like almost every consumer in the country, you probably have a credit card or a debit card. It’s likely you have both and possibly many credit cards. Cards like this have become a great luxury for consumers. We don’t have to worry about carrying around lots of money if we plan on making a big purchase. But, there are plenty of dangers to credit or debit cards.

PNC Bank, a large national bank that operates in over 15 states, has a great set of tips to help you keep your credit and debit cards safe from fraud. We’ll make sure to bring you the most significant tips, but if you want to read more head on over to their site here.

An important tip you should know to be a smart consumer is to “pick PIN numbers you can easily remember.” That doesn’t mean pick your birthday or something obvious that someone with bad intentions can find out and steal your money with! If you have to write it down, keep it somewhere safe at home, never on your person.

A second tip that many online shoppers might not know about concerns online stores. “Be sure the website you’re visiting is secure.” This means that the site address has a https:// which means it’s using a secure connection. If you don’t see this – stop your transaction immediately and call the company! It could mean that your data is not being transmitted safely.

Another tip concerns bank statements and receipts. “Never throw [statements and receipts] out in the trash, or if you do, shred them.” This is a pretty basic tip to understand, but not many people do it. Better safe than sorry though. Identity theft is horrible to deal with!

If you want more info about preventing credit and debit card fraud, be sure to click the above link. You can also read more articles on the page to get tips on everything related to being a smart consumer!

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