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Last Updated On: May 31, 2016

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Business Name: Timeshares Direct Inc.
Corporate Address:
8578 Palm Pkwy
Orlando, Florida 32819 USA

Timeshares By Owner Customer Service

Timeshares By Owner Phone Number: 888-707-8463
Corp Email: info@timesharesbyowner.com
Company Contact: Michael Klimek - General Manager
Corp Website:

Timeshares By Owner Ratings

Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 1 Review
Number Of Comments: 0

Timeshares By Owner Reports

Reported Losses: $999.00
Average Reported Losses: $999.00

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Fooled by an expert saleslady??

I was called by Diane Ball of Timeshares by owner Nov.29,2012 and offered a sample ad to run for 4. days, I called Brandi at 321-329-3120 to leave a message for customer service. This has been an on going problem for over 2 months with only now answering machines.

I called 888-311-7653 and was told by George Coffrin to call Kevin White at 888-707-8463 ext.321 as he is head of Customer service but I continue to get only answering machines. They offerred in Dec. to give only half of the money back=$500.00 back but I refused. They used Docusing to take my money but have not returned it as requested and also won’t call to talk to me. Help!

Official Responses from Timeshares By Owner

By: Kevin White On: February 11, 2013

Based on the complaint, I determined that it was Michele Gilliam that purchased advertising on November 29 to list her Point at Poipu timeshare for sale on our website and in our walk-in offices. On December 3, Ms. Gilliam called the Corporate Office Customer Service and canceled her services for a full refund (within the ten-day cancellation timeframe) entitling her to a $999 refund of her advertising fee. On December 3, a representative of the office that sold Ms. Gilliam our services had convinced her to stay on board with our services for a $500 partial credit. We sent the partial credit form to her via email and upon receipt, she called our Customer Service Dept and informed us that she was refusing to sign the form. Based on that conversation, Ms. Gilliam was again entitled to a full refund of $999. I believe that there was as glitch in our accounting system because it appears that Ms. Gilliam did not receive the refund as she should have. I have now informed our Accounting Dept of the error and a full refund is being issued today.

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