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Last Updated On: March 16, 2017

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Business Name: Koko Travel
Corporate Address:
3840 NE 64th Ave
Portland, Oregon 97213 USA

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Mayan Palace Timeshares Phone Number: 503-816-6587
Company Contact: Colin and Donna-Lee Stout - Owners
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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 3 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 1

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Reported Losses: $38,003.00
Average Reported Losses: $12,667.67

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On 10/03/2016, my wife and I were called by Riley Crawford who’s a broker agent with CMC Brokerage LLC He ask if we were interested in selling our Mayan Palace Time share which at the time we had not thought about selling it. Riley told us that because the peso was falling and we didn’t want to let the value of our time share get caught in the down market, so we should think about getting rid of it.

It sounded like a good time to get rid of it, nobody wants to lose money especially since we were not using it. So we agreed to sell it, he sent us an Acquisition Letter of Intent to sign, in which we received a few days later after being sent to my wife’s e-mail and we didn’t realize it, until he called to see if we got the letter signed. We got the e-mail corrected and we got the Acquisition Letter signed and faxed it to Mr. Crawford 10/7/2016.

At the time Mr. Crawford’s Phone number was 1-513-609-4009, Oct. 10,2016 he called to tell us about the new Buyer for our timeshare and thought it was quick, but still wasn’t that excited because we didn’t have money in hand. We had a talk about the process that would take place next , in which we had to wait until the title company call us.

On 10/11/2016 Mr. Sebastian White, “name given my Wife and I”, called and we got his (Company Name, Address, his Title & Phone Number). He told us that we were being recorded and we said OK. He started going over some figures with us pertaining to the contract that he had with the buyer, who had put up $43,957.00 toward the purchase of the Mayan Palace Regency and $4395.00 for Transfer Fee, and he ask us if we knew what that figure $4,395.70 was for and we told him that we didn’t know and he got real rude and over talked us, he told us that we needed to get back with our broker and get a understanding of what we were getting into. He also told us that we need to get Mr. Crawford to send the Int’l Acquisistion Contract. So we got off the phone and tried to call Mr. Riley Crawford and we had to leave a message.

10/12/2016 Mr. Crawford called and we delivered the message from Mr. Sebastian. Mr. Crawford sent an e-mail with an attachment to down load the “ International Acquisition Contract “and we read the contract and faxed it back to Mr. Crawford.

10/13/2016 Mr. Crawford’s manager explain and went over the CMC Broker contract.

10/20/2016 Mr. Sebastian called to let us know who he was and that we were being recorded and preceded to go over the closing date which was set for Tuesday 10/25/2016. He went over and discussed the Transfer Of Ownership Agreement. We read the agreement and signed and initialed where needed.

When we got to the last page which was the WIRE TRANSFER INFORMATION / BENEFICIARY’S INFORMATION, that’s when he broke it to us that we need to Wire $4,395.70 to this bank in Mexico.

BANK: BANORTE – ADDRESS: San Rafael 903 Col. Jardines de la – Paz, Guadalajara, Jalisco. CP 44860 BENEFICIARY: PROMOTORA DE VACACIONES – BAHIA S.A DE CV – ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0449225219 SWIFT CODE: MENOMXMT – CLABE-072320004492252196

We had a conversation about the money being sent and he continued to threatened us that we had an obligation to get the money somewhere and get it wire to the above address by 10/25/2016. I, Earl Ruffner did the Wire Transfer 10/21/2016.

I tried to contact the broker Mr. Crawford and could not get him on the phone and I tried the number that I had been getting him on before and the number stayed busy from 10/22/2016 and is still busy.

When we spoke with Sebastian again on 10/25/2016 to do the closing, he said that we should have sent the brokerage fee of $3,516.56 and did we talk to our broker, in which we were unable to because the line stayed busy. Mr. Sebastian said he would try to help us by moving the date to 10/30/2016 but we had to get the funds to him by 10/28/2016. We sent the Wire Transfer of $3,516.56 on 10/26/2016.

10/26/2016 thru 10/31/2016 we called Mr. Sebastian every business day and had to leave a message, because he was in a meeting or was out of the office. I ended up sending an e-mail to Mr. Sebastian and CC’d Mr. Crawford on 10/29/2016, asking why is it, that we can’t get return calls from neither one of them. Also I sent Mr. Crawford a personal e-mail to his office asking, if there was anyone else that could help me.

We searched the site of CMC BROKAGE LLC over the weekend and we stumbled upon another phone number, which was 513-268-0063 and I left a message and sent an E-mail to Riley Crawford and he called me some times later.

11/01/2016 When we spoke to Mr. Riley Crawford, we let him know that we were not able to call him on the number that we had been calling him on before. He was very apologetic which didn’t help much all though he was very excited. We told him about the problem with sending the broker fee to Mexico, and why did he tell us that we didn’t have to send any money until we receive our money, he was also apologetic for the phone interruption and he told us that they were real busy over the weekend with customer from around the world. We were told if we ever need him, call him on this new number, which was the one pulled off the website by Earl , Riley didn’t know about the number on the site. Try calling this Phone #: 513-268-0063.

11/01/2016 We had a conversation with Sebastian and was told that the IRS and the Mexican Government had seized my account and I would have to come up with 38% or $18,374.28 to pay the Mexican Taxes, before I can receive any monies and I was confronted with threats of being labeled as a income tax evader and he didn’t want to see the Mexican Government taking our money and his. And again was told to talk to my broker.

11/03/2016 We spoke with Riley and he sounded very nervous about losing his commission and he didn’t want us to feel like we were losing anything.

11/12/2016 my daughter sent me information on SCAMs and this sound just like one.

11/14/2016 The company is no longer called “CMC Brokerage LLC” it is now “CMC Brokerage Contact and the old address 3500 Red Bank Road Cincinnati OH 45227 and the new address is 435 Vine St Cincinnati OH 45202. New PHONE #: 513-212-6800.


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Wow! What an awful thing that sub-humans do to other people who work hard for their money, it’s beyond disgusting! As soon as the person became rude to you, I would’ve hung up! No one wanting to do business will act in such a manner and then have the audacity to threaten you! The moment calls and emails aren’t being returned I most certainly advise to never send MORE money! That right there tells you something is not right! I know it’s too late now and am so sorry you were scammed! Just please remember from now on ALWAYS do… Read more »

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