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Fire Chris Matthews

I am not one to file a complaint lightly. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I ever have. What Chris Matthews said after President Trump gave his speech during his eggnog ration, is disgusting, ugly, and uncalled for.

That is not journalism. That is injecting your personal opinion. And frankly I am would be shocked if you didn’t just insult every Jew in this country and every Jew that lived through one of the worst times in the world’s history.

I have seen many broadcasters lose their jobs for less.

I hope you take this complaint seriously. If I feel you have ignored it, I will take to every method of social media I can, and blast not only Chris Matthews but MSNBC for letting it go unchecked.

I guess option B would be to change the mantra of your Company to “All opinions all the time.” At least then I wouldn’t expect anything else.


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Attn: NBC & MSNBC- You continue to make poor choices and bad decision-making. You obviously don’t care or you would make changes. Across your network, you have employed disrespectful adult children and fools, as well as sexual predators and the people in place to cover up for their disgusting deeds. Your daily one-sided unhinged liberal rants are NOT journalism. WAKE UP! You’re alienating over half of the country. Morning Joe and other NBC crazies always on task of disrespecting our president and those AMERICAN CITIZENS who voted for HIM. Your current copy cat story line about President Trump’s doctor, WHO… Read more »

MSNBC please remove Katy Tur from her so-called news show. Just because Trump mentioned her name on the campaign trail does not mean we the viewers have to undergo her bad reporting. Put someone more informative and qualified in that time spot. She seems to favor Trump’s bad behavior, although she tries to disguise it.

You know something I am really getting sick and tired about all the negativity, drama, gossip, and the incessant repeating of your nerws. it’s seriously driving me nuts. you guys can’t wait for something to happen to Trump and you won’t leave it ALONE!!!!!. Come on it’s a big world there’s more. i’m not a trump fan i didn’t vote for him, i think he’s wierd and creepy, so what!! i don’t bla, bla, talk about all the time driving my self crazy!! the diffinition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. thats what… Read more »

And to follow the comment I just made why is MSNBC letting someone who works for them talk like that about our president no matter whom it might be

well he is a clown. but come on those news cats shouldn’t be discussing his mental health. WT*!!! It’s propably going be his kick out the door that or Russia

My complaint is what in the world is Rachel medowes on ? What drug can make you so distraught and act so fullish about one person? (Donald Trump ) Your President like it or not ! Even the people who hate Trump caint stand to hear her show she’s running it in the ground enough is enough d**n give it up already we get it she don’t like trump.get her off the drugs that she’s on before she does something crazy! She’s about to flip out over it!

why are you always making a bad remarks on our President who was elected. All you anchorpeople are so hateful. why haven’t you mentioned about Hillary and Uramium money she got in her clinton foundation and arnold schwanbeger fathering a son after affairs with cleaning lady. How would you react if that illegal immigrant shot your DAUGHTER in S.F. Santicuary city. You are so bitter Rachel you should brag about being GAY. You have a hateful station. Get positive and we will listen to you.

I notice that you Liberal Phonies don’t want a survey about Kate Stein’s Verdict today. Truth hurts doesn’t it. Wake -up people!

I’m disgusted with your lies and attacks on Trump. There are no white supremacist in any issues. You are attacking whites for no reason. The blacks in this country act like spoiled teenagers that won’t move out of mom and dad’s house. All attacks with guns have been made by people like you. You leave are boarders open ,you lie against the people who cat the most for are country. We the people will start to shut you down . Msnbc I look to sue you a class action law suit for inciting riots and terrorism tactic against the United… Read more »
It is so disappointing when a republican congressman is being interviewed and uses the line “…we have to do what we promised the American people we would do”. Noone ever reminds such a person that millions of people voted against their platform and they are NOT doing what the majority of Americans want. I would love to have just one person respond to a comment like that by saying “you mean what you promised the trump base you would do” and make that correction. The Republican Partymanages to get away with representing “all” Americans because they are never called out.

Re: Nicolle Wallace — She is LAUGHING during very critical and serious dialogues,, especially today (9/25) while discussing North Korea’s interpretation of US DECLARING WAR! Not the first time, hopefully she gets reprimanded. Better yet, give someone else an opportunity.

It appears the the so-called “journalists” at msnbc have risen to the level of “hate mongers”..every tiny little thing becomes a story to attack our President. No support for America or our gov’t…what is wrong with you people? Can’t get over losing an election…..incredible!!!!

Trump IS filth. That much I think we can all agree on. But why won’t Matthews shut up and Hayes move over to FOX? I know everybody thinks Maddow is championing something but between the 3 of them, they’ve already extended Mr. Nobody Filth’s rotting cadaver of a presidency for 8 months more than any of us needed to suffer. Is Hayes really so stupid that he thought sticking that pig Christie’s face in front of a camera again was a good idea. You people are so gross.

Why is Mr. Lack turning MSNBC into a new version of Fox News? First he tried to get rid of Lawrence O’Donnell and now he brought on Hugh Hewett. I will not watch his show, nor Greta’s show. I will boycott any of their advertisers.

I and many of my r friends will not watch MSNBC any more if they fire Lawrence O Donnell.

He is the one that I never miss and you do know that is exactly what President Trump will take credit for. One more thing he can lie about.

I am very upset that Rachel Maddow was taken off the 4am rerun!!! Also, I am really mad that you took off 4pm Steve Kornaki & replaced with Niclole Wallace!!!

I think MSNBC is a filthy, disgusting network with people like Matthews and Maddow injecting their negative and derogatory comments about our president constantly. They never show the real news like other networks and spend their entire hour ridiculing and demeaning our President. You should be removed from the air. Many people have turned away from you to Fox Network, a fair and balanced Network.

How could you put that Too Faced b**** on your Prime Time show and expect us to believe what she says is beyond me.??

MSNBC is a filthy disgusting Network as are all of their Pseudo Journalists. This lying fake news organization should be removed from the Air Ways!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so sick and tired of all the lying and drama every day on what is supposed to be news but is actually nothing but gossip and hate mongering. The reason our children are becoming bullies at school is they get lessons from this non-news bunch of lies. If you can’t get news you send people out to spy and try to catch someone in some bad thing or another and if you can’t catch them or they are not doing anything then you make up a bunch of crap and try to feed it to the world. Everyone… Read more »

Would it be possible for someone in production to prevent the dramatic volume differences between regular air and commercials? I have to turn the volume up to hear news casters and guests speak. I then fear for the integrity of my speakers when a commercial comes on. It is ridiculous experiencing the contrast in audio levels between the 2. Fix this please. Before you loose me as a viewer. Audio equality between signals has been easily remedied since smart volume was invented in the 90’s.

Will someone tell chris matthews stop interruping his guests! He needs to shut up. He loves the sound of his own voice

Ditto to Linda Nissen!!! The best personalities are gone.Whats’s up with these new folks. Sick of Chris sucking up to Kellyann.

I enjoy MSNBC evening line up. I began watching Ed Schulze. Why is Greta van sustern on when you got rid of Ed. I’ve tried to watch her show twice. Both times she had on republicans, Rand Paul and Allen west. Why? If I want to watch those people I would watch Fox. Can we get Ed back and or Keith oberman?

Why do you use republican spokesmen at rate greater than 3:1 over independent or democratic spokesmen who’s views,unlike the republicans,are supportive of the American middle class and working poor? These republicans president elect and congress are out to destroy all but the so called elite

STOP GIVING TRUMP FREE AIR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I remember when so many of you leftists were SO glad when Trump ran and won the nomination. Makes me grin just thinking of all the “WTF?” faces you were making on Tuesday night as the results got called. So delightful.


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