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President Obama

Not sure if I’m sending this email to the right place but here goes. I’m sitting here looking at the Democratic convention.  I find it very disrespectful for your station to address the president of the United States as Barack Obama.

But Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are addressed as ‘secretary’ Clinton and ‘Senator’ Sanders.

That you voted for President Obama or didn’t vote for president Obama I believe he is still due the respect of the title President when he is spoken of.

I don’t understand how not only your station but other stations are getting away with such disrespect. This type of disrespect has gone on for almost 8 years. I feel like it should have been address long ago.

The last few months of President Obama’s term I would like to see him get the respect he deserves. I hope this will not fall on deaf ear. Thank you Jennifer from Dallas Texas

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Why are so many of your commentators trying to destroy Donal Trump.I’m talking specifically of Megan Kelly,Bret Baier, Tom Shillue and others. They have spent more time in the last week criticizing Mr. Trump for his remarks on the Judge handling his Trump University case and the lack of support of a few Republican Conservatives that what is going on with the sever protest at Trump rallies (ALL waving Mexican flags and burning US Flags), the Clinton Machine and problems with the Clinton Foundation. I’m to the point where I tune in to CNN, which is at least reporting the… Read more »

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