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As a long time CNN watcher and advocate, I have to inform you that the firing (re-structure) of Soledad O’Brian has been the very most insulting act against real, research driven and objective journalism. Your so call leaders of the media have destroyed the ability of us, the general population to know the truth about US and world politics.

What you want to present is the same BS that some government officials give us everyday, not acceptable. You fired her, you fired me and about 500 hundred friends and family of mine.

YOUR PRACTICES ARE DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY! Report honestly, report objectively and tell the TRUTH. Your media outlet is very guilty of denying the truth JOURNALISTS to speak the truth.

Capitalism, free market, FREEDOM OF SPEECH (As long it is align with current politics) Shame on you, your leaders and your sponsors. You have lost all credibility as a fair news outlet, why fired the very best you ever had? Because it will cost you money from your sponsors? Your job as a media outlet is to be non-bias and spell the truth. I WILL NEVER WATCH CNN and news OUTLETS ever again. Would you like to have TEA and CAKE?




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CNN is a terrible news channel all lies. Very poor taste to have Kathy Griffin on new years eve. This should not be allowed. CNN divides the nation

This so called news needs to come off the air, I don’t like paying for it the news reporter are just hateful and loud to the guest. What ever happened to the guy with the trenchcoat the Fedor the pen and paper? This acting drama news is just crazy we do not like it. Yall are told what to say!!!

My family had a car accident in Sacramento California…and the video shared by cnn shows my daughters face and yet she’s a minor that video was shared more than 2500 times. So imagine how many views it has my daughter has received many calls and messages from people that know us..infact she doesn’t want to go back to school she wants to be home school my daughter is a very shy girl….cnn I ask kindly to remove that video.. I’ve been calling and their is no response…my daughter is only 13 years old…the accident occurred July 26.2017

I need that video out of social media

You should show videos of Selma. Trump would say the peaceful marchers were at fault for the violence perpetrated on them. He became President to out due Barack Obama, he hates him, not a day goes by that he does not mention his . He will destroy himself, Karma is a B***h.

Bias against the country, pro M-13

You are abusive, biased, liars. Fake news, hatred. Breeders!

CNN used to be my favorite channel. Now, I hear nothing but Trump, Russia, and Politics. It is so OBVIOUS that CNN does’nt like Trump: FAKE news!!! It’s no longer a news broadcasting company… it’s more opinion (nothing wrong with this, BUT opinions are grossly biased to towards the liberal).

CNN, the Communist No News Network, needs to dry up and blow away..
Who watches such such garbage?
FOX is the only real news network.

Focus should take off no more th

Please stop with the Russo phobia Day in and day out it never changes can you not report any news for a change. Your anti-trump Focus should take off no more than a couple of hours a day please give us some news this is like an old ladies gossip column

I’m voicing my complaint to you guys for having any affiliation whatsoever with Kathy Griffin..she has crossed the line..I’m asking you to withdraw all support and association with her…her apology is fake..she just don’t want the backlash to affect her slowly dying career..please do what’s right for our President….her post was atrocious and disrespectful to our Commander in Chief…..

why do cnn say breaking news all day and night when it is in fact old news? it is so annoying. I was believed that breaking news is something that has just happened. its so annoying

The ads that flicker repeatedly are real triggers for migraine headaches, as well as being very annoying.

CNN claims to be ” The most trusted ” news !!! Well not anymore. Now CNN is just 24 hour Trump BASHING. They apparently have an agenda to discredit this President and the Republicans until the year 2020. They have not gotten over the fact that their Sweetheart Hillary has lost the election. You must understand that somewhere in the CNN ownership there is a frightening mentality governing the subversive policy and angry degrading commentary presented each day. CNN enjoys destroying peoples faith in both their government and our representatives. the best we can do is to change channels.
CNN is fake news, and is trying to overthrow the US Government. They presented false election predictions in favor of Hillary Clinton, provided her with questions and presented completely biased reporting in favor of Clinton before the election. Since the election, they no longer present any major news stories, instead concentrating on an all out assault against Donald Trump’s presidency. They have advocated violence by presenting false stories about police shootings, inciting groups like Black Lives Matter to riot in the streets when the truth behind the shootings involved individuals who had broken the law. They are not presenting the… Read more »

I use to watch CNN all the time, but I can’t even stomach it anymore! Your Mr. Lemon loves to bate people to say negative things all the time! He is one of the most hateful, unprofessional news reporters I’ve ever seen! CNN breads hate! That’s what it’s all about these days! CNN is responsible for all the hate crimes going on out there by the way! But, you already know that don’t you? Your brainwashing people to hate! Plain, and simple… Gee, I wonder who’s funding your station! Shame on you! Hateful, hateful people!

I use to watch CNN, but I just can’t stomach it any longer! Especially, Don Lemon! He’s bates people to say negative things, and continues to spread the hate! His dimeaner is despicable! He’s an absolute idiot!!! Let me guess who’s funding your station!!! S, & C!!! It is clear that CNN is being paid to bread hate! It’s disgusting, and extremely unprofessional! Your station is responsible for all the hate crimes going on out there! Think about it! CNN is lacklng CLASS, and FAIRNESS!!! I hope you continue to loose watchers! It appears it’s happening already! ⬇️

I used to depend on CNN for good, unbiased, intelligent news. Now I cannot listen to to anything anyone of you has to say. Did some entity pay you to say what you say? Cnn is a joke to me and shows me the degradation of intelligence and morality in news casting. Cnn is beyond poor in it’s reporting and is part of the “dumbing down of America”!

Why don’t CNN show on tv when president Obama, Clinton had a travel
ban on ?I’m really confused I think it would make a difference.if it was
Shown ,we all have to come together got our country ,no matter who you voted for thank you .

I was looking at your website and almost every story was negative about Donald Trump and the Republicans. Of course, there is no negative reporting about the Democrats. They are acting like a bunch of 5 year olds who did not get their way. I thought the news was suppose to be honest and fair, but it is not. Your organization thinks that the wrong is right and the right is wrong. About a******n, God said in his commandments, Thou should not kill. When you hear a baby’s heartbeat, that is a human being. How can you not understand that… Read more »

Hi Gerald
Thank you for your submission. Your request has been received and assigned Ticket No. 1409355.
Your complaint provides valuable information to spot trends and practices that warrant investigation and enforcement action. FCC………. no im not kidding,

Nice do we just let anyone get on stage to tell the world To FU. I am speaking of Madonna on 1/21/2017 do we have no Delay?? YOU LET THIS GO THROUGH YOU ALLOWED THIS STATEMENT Im done watching your station you are so biased, Talk about fake news. everything about your station has become fake. Your leading news casts sicken me. Remember this I may be one person Complaining here, But i am much more then just one, I am speaking for All the people in my circles. if you think that is a small amount you are sadly… Read more »

Nobody evens reads our comments here, so why bother

I am a South African, who always admired CNN and always thought you gave 2 sides of a story, I honestly am nauseated by all the negative trump media and propaganda you keep putting daily on CNN, I thought it would get more balanced with time, it has not, when someone like Mike Pence explains that Donald Trump is cautious about the Intel from the intelligence community due to the mistake regarding the ‘weapons of mass destruction’….that section, “weapons of mass destruction” is cut. I so wish there was another American network, I find myself flipping to other news stations… Read more »
WELL. I’m a Canadian viewer who always thought that CNN was my only escape from Canadian content rules in our programming. I’m surprised to see that CNN before -and now after your election has been clearly biased against Mr Trump. My relatives from the UK agree. This is like a 24 hour propaganda bashing of Mr Trump you would only see in some Country with a party or government with control of the media with their own interests in mind. We have a similar issue with the CBC here in Canada and with our liberal left controlled media. i don’t… Read more »

I can not believe that you would report that Donald Trump is going to put all Muslims in a camp. You look like idiots you look like those foolish fake news sites nobody takes you seriously anymore don’t you realize that? You need to report accurately because we’re on to you and we’re not going to take your crap and we’re not going tobuy into your stupid stories



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