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Last Updated On: December 6, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: Jeremiahs International
Corporate Address:
289 34th Street N
St Petersburg, Florida 33713 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 727-321-5728
Company Contact: Jerimiah Hartman - Owner
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 10 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 55

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $148,060.00
Average Reported Losses: $14,806.00

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They got the Gold I got the shaft...

I ordered a gold Mercury Dime on 5-2-2016. I still have not received it; 9 weeks and counting.

AAN sent a message to USPS, that they were going sent it and that has been a week ago on 6-23-2016.

I guess several people have called AAN about this I’m not the only one too complain…

I called today, I guess their shipping thought they shipped them out. LOL LOL. And they also said that they thought they were lost in the shipping dept area.

I ask the person or persons in that department if they were fired or not? I got no answer.

So I canceled all my other orders; I’m done with this company…

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got ripped off for two items from this company 5 rolls of buffalo nickels and 1976 half dollars

Of course I feel bad for anyone who may have lost thousands of dollars in one purchase, but if you continued to make multiple purchases from them then you have to blame yourself for excessive loss. Why would you not stop buying from them?

11/21/2017 Placed and order 10/21/2017 after a couple weeks called to find out status and was told company went out of business and that my money would be refunded. Couple more weeks and I can not gotten my money back. Call their 800-269-9629 number and listed to a recording off “please stay on the line your call is very important to us, you’ll be transferred to the next available agent” After waiting for so long the line hangs up on you. There is no one to talk to and I have no way of getting my money refunded.

This auction company did the old bate and switch with me and the coins I purchased. After complaining they cancelled my ability to see the show on line and still hasn’t called me about the problem. One of their sales men, chumper or something like that for a name. Does what I call out right lying about product.

Why isn’t there a class actions The lawyers are chasing accident victims

These people are scammers. They say things were delivered and were never sent out. My parents are out Thousands of dollars. Do NOT purchase anything from these people!

This so-called “auction” is a rampant scam. I live in Florida where they are currently selling property. The lots they are selling are basically worthless. They are either in remote areas with no utilities if in established areas are too small to qualify for any building permits. Many are in areas subject to flooding, even more so as time goes by. I truly feel sorry for the buyers that are falling prey to their fraudulent sales. As bad as selling houses in Detroit. (Another favorite with such outfits)

I have purchased well over $2,500 in watches, coins and jewelry from AANTV. My account was in good standing through December 2016. One day in January 2017 I was bidding on a men’s ring and I came in second place, I even recorded the auction on TV, and they said I won. During the auction I could hear their employee’s in the background making bids against me. They got the price too high for me so I stopped bidding online, the host said sold for $425.00 and I stopped bidding at $375.00. It showed the winning bid of $425.00 0n… Read more »

Got ripped off by them as I returned a Busted item the same day I received it on a return # they gave me. they said full refund to me. I had to file a fraud claim with my credit card company after over a month, AAN, Charged me a fee to return the BUSTED Item? after 3 months of the return. BEWARE OF THEM.

Ordered a coin in Jan 17 have not received yet.said in was going to file a BBB complant. Filed today , always give excuses.

Purchased a brooch, AAN said it was worth $2900+. Selling for $2200, I paid $1500. I took it to an upstanding jeweler and he said it was worth $500 to $750. Stones are junk. Learned my lesson.

Also, some of the host are almost threating. Saying things like “I’m going to take it away and I won’t bring it back until at least an hour. Sounds like a bunch of kids.

They ripped me off over 145000 they make tbem natural gold nuggets upstairs i got proof ..dealing with attorney genetal now fili g class action suit have alot of info on the lying appraisal too contact me

Glenda, you are over-posting on this site. How could you not stop buying things from them after a few hundred dollars? You waited till after you spent 145K before you decided to get smart and stop buying? Then you complain for all these years? Do you really think a jury will see total liability of AANTV? You have a responsibility to yourself to stop spending your own money, and if you can’t, then you need help for your compulsive disorder.

Of Course, they make the FAKE gold nuggets… I always imagined they would take junk jewelry returns, melt’em down and just pour the molten metal into any easy to make ‘freeform’ casting from the ‘foundry sand’ used to make REAL cast iron tools/parts/or what have you.Then, when the low karat ‘gold nugget’ is cooled, just break the sand away and clean the ugly hunk of metal and sell it as an ‘Alaskan’ gold nugget. Now we know it’s true. They boned me on coins, charging my card right away, shipping 45 days later, took 10 days to get here and… Read more »

I ordered a set of ear rings for the wife early January,,I even asked if they would be here before Valentines. Never showed so I called Thursday to check and was told it would be at least another month before they shipped..I cancelled the order..No reason to take 2 months to ship a simple pair of ear rings

You all need to know that Jerimiah Hartman is selling the company to Russians and holding10% on April 17, 2017. Scams are all that goes on in this auction and they are running so far behind on bills that the vendors won’t deliver the products-so they run off to Vegas and try and get the chains-jewelry and supplement what you have purchased to fill your orders and they won’t be the same. They will keep your money in ANNTVBUCKS, as a way to hold on to your money and tell you “you can only purchase items on auctions”. They don’t… Read more »
I purchased a 14 it. Gold chain Dec. 31 2016 at least that was what was advertised . Received the chain March 27 2017 it was a 10 kt. Gold chain as described by customer service rep. After I called to complain . I stated that was BS . And that I was unhappy . they quickly offered a refund and the rep. Stated he would watch the tape . I later thought I wanted a 14 kt. Chain and after 3 mo. That’s what I should have . They kept my money 3 mo. So I should have what… Read more »
I’ll reserve whether they’re honorable or not but, I bought some measly pennies almost a month ago, supposed to be unchecked from a hoard from Nashville federal bank. I wonder why it would take three weeks to put them in the mail, even since they are shipping for free it doesn’t take that long unless they are checking the unchecked coins! Even heard Shawn say on the air a few days after I bought my coins that when these bags come in that he ” likes to check the bags”. Never heard that again from him… He probably realized he… Read more »
Dave your right, they do only one thing and that is LIE to everyone, that shawn had his own show for a short time, and it did not last long at all on tv, the sales were flat !! no one would buy from this guy, because of all of his lies to people, and the rest of the people who sell coins on that show are all liars, this is the only way they can sell anything !!! They always sat “Another one out the door” that is just for show, they do not sell like that at all… Read more »
I got taken by them too. Bought a diamond ring. They stated Diamond was VS. I took it for an appraisal because when I received the ring the diamond looked awefully cloudy. The jeweler told me not to waste my money on the appraisal since the diamond was the lowest you can find and the ring was only worth the weight in gold. I was taken for $1000 and already figured returning would probably not happen with their way of arguing that they did not tell me it was a VS diamond. Thank God I only lost $1000 and I… Read more »
Bought a emerald ring with free appraisal. Appraisal came back with a replacement value of 6000 dollars. I took ring to a high end jewelers that do appraisals I was told is was only worth 300 dollars gold content and that the Emerald was fake. It was a simulant I called customer service today 1/19/17 and was hung up on. I contacted my lawyer to start working on filing civil and criminal charges against owner for fraud. Also starting a blog so that when people get on the Internet and type in company name, the blog will show up first,… Read more »

I have a lot of info on this company dealing with attorney general and posdible class action suit… They are scammets from appraisals fake to coin fake grading melting supposively natutal gold nuggeyts ha..please contact me lets get these scumbags

I ordered a white topaz bracelet on November 16, 2016. I called several times about order. As of January 19th 2017 . I talked to customer service today 1/19/2017 I was told they canceled my order and blocked my account. I also bought a Emerald ring with free appraisal the appraisal came back at a replacement value of 6000. I took ring to a very high end jeweler and got it reappraised , they said it had a value of 300 for gold content and the Emerald was a simulant not a real Emerald. I tried talking to customer service… Read more »

Buyer beware. They bid on all auctions themselves against the bidders. They own most of their own items. They ship months later because they don’t pay for their items timely but charge right away. Take your money and then get to you when they can. They also make their own coins and sell them for way over silver prices and grade them themselves in snap tight holders, they don’t even employ people that know how to grade. Buy from modern coin mart, Ebay, apmex, heritage that’s where they buy most stuff from any way.

I have a lot of info on this company dealing with attorney general and posdible class action suit… They are scammets from appraisals fake to coin fake grading melting supposively natutal gold nuggeyts ha..please contact me lets get these scumbags

michelle yvette spahr
AAN my money almost 2 moths ago and i never got the product as of yet. they say they can’t return the money for 7-10 business days but they sure could take my almost 200.00 right away and send no product. they should be able to send the product the same time they take your money but no they use your money and give you no product and then say they still have not shipped yet and its going to be a little longer. they should have told me this when i ordered the product. these people have no ethics… Read more »

I have a lot of info on this company dealing with attorney general and posdible class action suit… They are scammets from appraisals fake to coin fake grading melting supposively natutal gold nuggeyts ha..please contact me lets get these scumbags

I should of did my research, not one D**N good comment to be found about AANtv. I’m at a loss of $500+, which I could use towards my “Proton Radiation Treatment”………… They could care less! Network needs to be shutdown, before they Rip more people off. No more than “Thieves & Crooks!”

Jim I have been buying from AANtv auctions for several months now but as the orders come in I’m realizing most of the items are junk jewelry is sub standard stones are low class and any gold is low grade… I thought I was getting a deal on some quality stuff but it seems I should have checked here first. Just because a company seems trust worthy doesn’t mean it is. I have been getting the run around for days now and the wait for someone to answer phone in returns is just a glaring light on the fact that… Read more »

I purchased a ladies Rolex,for $1700.00 ,but they charged my credit card over $1850.00 dollars ,when I took it to the watchmaker it was loosing
26 minutes a day I called to send it back the Woman in Charge of returns Jean D’Amico took a week of several calls to give me instructions to sent it back
after calling my credit card several times they took out their winnigs (profit) and sent only partial return.the Rolex was a piece of junk.,
the nerve of these People!

Thank you everyone for the feedback. We are constantly working to improve our programming. We are truly sorry for the negative experiences that you have experienced while shopping at our network. We work hard to make sure that we are honest and keep the best possible products in stock. It is always a challenge for an organization to be perfect. We will use your comments on this forum to change and do better for you in the future. Please have patience with us as we are also human. If there is anyway we can correct our mistakes, please let me… Read more »


AAN…What a bunch of crap
I just called about a order 4 months past due and all they can say is “it has not shipped and don’t know when it will” …… the most uncaring , unhelpful customer service …
They don’t care !!!!!
Going to the Florida consumer affairs next …


when ray taylor was with all was great. I got several pieces of real art from the dali musuem. Stamped and signed inverso by Albert Fields. But he is replaced by the runt who looks like he shines his hair and looks down his nose at you. How it works,get in a late bid, he actually thret??said on air i will kill you. I got so mad i would call and say 200 and hang up. They have since banned me. You know how to get a native american according to LONESOME DOVE,the book? Catch em when they crap.???haha/not… Read more »

Our art department behind the scenes is still the same. I’m sorry the frontman makes you feel so much hostility.

thanks aantv for all the jewelry i have bought from you randy jackson

LOL, sounds like randy works for aantv, LOL the show is a RIPOFF !! AND A BUNCH OF LOW-LIFE LIARS !!! read between the lines when they talk about coins, show you one section, that is not the same as what they are selling, or they do a C&P and put in there own words, to make it look more valuable , stay away people theylie and take advantage of all there buyers !!!

I’m sorry you feel this way. What could we do to change your mind about the company? We work hard to tell the current facts and do a lot of research. Is there a particular host that is causing you to say this?

i have bought thousands thousands of dollars with them for years and im very happy with what i purchased from them go somewhere else and pay 3 to 4 times more for it thanks aantv randy jackson

Yes you have but did you know brook hartman ownes the appraisal company and she makes the aporaisals whatever she wants just to satisfy customers…you beyter have those rolexes checked and diamonds been known to come back as moissanites

If anyone had ever seen a Moissanite stone before, they would be able to tell the difference. If they can’t, it’s time for an eye exam and glasses.


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