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Last Updated On: September 25, 2017

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Business Name: Telmate LLC
Corporate Address:
PO Box 1137
Fruitland, Idaho 83619 USA

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Corp Phone Number: 866-516-0115
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Company Contact: Richard Torgersrud - CEO
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Telmate Ratings and Reports

Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $239.20
Average Reported Losses: $47.84

Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 2.00 out of 5
Based On: 5 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 7 comments

Latest Telmate Complaint

Need Training Big Time!!!

Telmate needs to train their staff!

They put a flag on my sons account because someone else used a card that wasn’t approved.

I understand that it needed to be taken care of, but why also BLOCK everyone else’s debit or credit card that wants to add money?

After talking to the supervisor I was more confused, never gave me an accurate explanation, sounded like he was reading it from a book!

Doesn’t make sense – because of one debit card, no one else can put money in their accounts.

I have an option- to use their kiosk machine and it’s always broken!

Other option is money gram, but it will also go to telmate.

But they have a flag on the account!

Telmate is the only company in this area!

They need to change “policies” and more training! Supervisor sounded confused himself!

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Telmate is a complete rip off and I am going to talk to the media and anyone who will listen they charge $8.50 to add $25.00 ….. I am disconnected 75% of the time when talking with customer service. Half of my visits start late or not at all due to their system etc!!!!

It’s bullshit people sit down there and visit 3 or 4 people in a row and we have scheduled visits witch does not matter we try to take our son to see his grandpa on his birthday and he only gets to see him for 30 sec cuz the tablet disconnected and could find server every time we have went down there we havnt been able to have a visit they need to get rid of telmate it’s a Rip off and pointless we get it canyon county jail is broke but don’t rip off the broke to make you… Read more »

I couldn’t agree more!!!! What a sham!! Let’s get together and report to media. Start a telmate revolution

Horrible company ripping off hard working ppl. Rude and unreasonable. Fees are ridiculous. Customer service horrible. Ripoff company. Y we cant have calling. cards . we don’t need all that extra bs. Its just a ripoff. For now on I’ll just make a money order !!

Telmate is a total rip-off, part of a racket that is paying law enforcement up to 80% of the gross. No where else can a company charge 40% commissions to add money to an account. The equipment sucks, cannot understand most of the recordings on their bs “help line”. Total scam. I don’t know what we can do about it but it has to be stopped. This is garbage to have only one option and the cops have a vested interest in charging crazy fees while not caring a bit about the quality of the service that they are providing.
Mark- Seriously? For those of us with people on the inside there can be time sensitive issues that need to be discussed. In addition- hearing their voice- reassuring them that things “will be ok” can only be accomplished by speaking to them- especially when the mail service takes a minimum of 4+ days…… oh and before you get on your high horse and say “well they shouldn’t have gone to jail- trust me- in some cases- up to 5% of cases- the people on the inside are wrongly convicted. That’s our case- and finally we are winning and the conviction… Read more »

The phone system sucks!! Telmate is the biggest rip off and they continue to take our money. Half the time my fiance can’t hear me or I can’t hear him. We waste all our time saying huh, what did you say, say that again only to run out of time and say call me back, and there ya go. More money put on the phones just to hear what we were saying on the previous phone call. Ridiculous! They need to be reported and held accountable


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