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Last Updated On: January 3, 2018

Contact Information

Business Name: Jail Call Solutions LLC
Corporate Address:
3824 Cedar Springs Rd #558
Dallas, Texas 75219 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 214-843-0004
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Marc A Grisham - President
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.18 out of 5
Based On: 22 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 28

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $1,192.63
Average Reported Losses: $54.21

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Inmate Call Solutions Global Telling SCAM!

I was under enough stress with having my loved one in jail. I went online to set up an account with Inmate Call Solutions to receive phone calls from the jail so I would save money instead of paying each time he would call it’s cheaper to set up an account.

The company you need to use is Global tel link not Global telling(SCAMMERS) so when I went to google the website it was one of the first in the list it said which leads you to a site called so I assumed it was the right one. They said how you can save money and purchase monthly packages with unlimited minutes so I went and bought one month worth for $29.99 plus a surprise $14.99 one time set up fee and taxes totaling $51.25.

I then was given a bullshit “phone number” that I was supposed to give my loved one (Inmate Call Solutions) and he would supposedly be able to call it and it would forward to my call phone! He tried and tried with no success. I then received a blocked number call on my cell so I answered and it was the company confirming my info and he said he would send me an email after we hung up that would be the activation last step. I would have to electronically sign the form and email it back.

I went ahead and followed the instructions and still my loved one could not get in touch with me so I emailed it once again. I waited a day and still nothing so I went on the website to find out contact info and it turned out there was no phone number was listed-GREAT! The only option was to email these scamming jerks so I did three times over the day and still no response.

I then realized Inmate Call Solutions was a scam and called my debit card company and reported it. They are currently in the middle of an investigation and thankfully will be refunding my money but I am so angry. How messed up to do to poor people already under tremendous stress dealing with a loved one being in jail. I hope others are smart enough to do there research first and not fall for it.

The real website to use is WWW.CONNECTNETWORK.COM and the phone number is 800-483-8314. I hope you found this helpful and good luck!

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I am actually going through that right now I just filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau and the FTC I think it’s called for a refund I actually got a phone number that worked but when I called today conveniently their billing department is closed and he can’t answer any questions I keep getting an email stating that they do not give refunds

Looks like the same exact thing happened to me, on Dec 22 they deducted 38$ from my account 7 times and now are not returning my calls or allowing me to talk to a supervisor. I want my d**n money.

I don’t mind paying 51.00 for calling. My problem is this company billed my credit card the following month for more than 150.00 I have tried to cancel my account, I am not sure I have succeeded in doing so. I haven’t received a follow up call from the company.

This “company” preys on families in vulnerable situations. We have a family member in jail, and I thought the Unlimited calls for 35.00 looked pretty good. Silly me! When I called the bogus customer service # , I got a strange VM with foreign accent. So, apparently this is an international scam. To the lowlife behind this scammery, I hope you rot in hell.

They billed me thru April 2018 in October 2017. My bank caught it and cancelled my card immediately. Not before I’m out over $200.
Wish I would have checked first as I had a funny feeling about it. Such a confusing time and the link was on connect network so I thought it was the right path.

I guess I should also have read up on this, I clicked on it for the prison my kids father is in and signed up. Obviously no email or anything from them. So I am out $51.25 and still have no clue or how to do it so at least my children can talk to their father.

On December 28th 2016 i tried to open an account i was told i couldnt in a email i get my bank statement an inmate call Solutions been taking money off my card every month I cancelled sent them an email they sent me one back letting me know my account was close they continue to take money from me all way up until now leading up to a hundred and something dollars and now they don’t want a refund or give me my money back I’m a disabled Council patient didn’t me all of my friends and they telling… Read more »

I lost 125.50 these people are so mean I am so hurt right now that was my last. I needed my brother to keep in touch with our family while our grandfather was on his death bed. I hate this company and wish I could get my money back.

They will not refund my money

I used MY Credit Card to put money on an Inmates account so he could make calls.
He left. There was about $50 on his account (I used my credit card) and Securus WILL NOT REFUND ME! They said they will refund the Inmate….. But it’s my Credit Card…… The Inmate was transferred to another facility and Securus is not used where he is.

The same thing happened to me on January 24, 2017. It is a scam. My loss was $74.08. I called and closed the card I used so that they couldn’t get anymore money.

Please don’t fall for this thieves. This is a total Scam. I am reading some of this reviews and the same exact thing happened to me. I end up paying $51.25 and my love one never got a chance to connect with me using the phone number they provide me with. The next day I tried to get in contact with inmate call solution customer service and the phone number was disconnected. I hope I’m helping someone out there NOT TO USE THIS WEBSIDE.

Betsy Rounds Thurston

72.08 same scam!!!

Call 214-392-6083 it is the owners direct line. He claims the companies running the jail phone systems are lieing to us

Inmate Call Solutions are the worst kind of thieves; they take advantage of the desperate and poor. Recently a friend gave me $51.25 to fund calls from her boyfriend in the County Jail. He was re;leased the next day. Because of their inefficiency or whatever they could not process my request for cancellation. A month later I find out Inmate Call Solutions, without any authorization from me, charged me an additional $34.18. Charging for absolutely no services rendered is theft. You are a fool and will be taken if you use this company for inmate calls. They should be run… Read more »
Same thing happened to me a few days ago. I clicked a link and thought I was signing up for and ended up on the website. I thought it was part of their company as it had plastered all over their site. After I figured out that they weren’t affiliated with securustech and the number wouldn’t work for me I requested a cancellation of my account and a refund. No refund and no confirmation of cancelation from them. I plan on letting securustech know they are using their name to pull customers to their website. Also planning… Read more »

I’m interested

Ill join that lawsuit . They totally scammed me , no number to call. I camt even delete my info from the website .

How do I actually file a complaint. I am freaking out. I can’t believe I fell for this stupid thing. Now I am going to have to call my bank and make sure that they can’t get anymore money from me. I’m so sorry for all of us. I can’t believe there are so many bad people out there that prey on people such as ourselves.

I had almost to the “T” experience with them as you did, except I couldn’t find a phone # , only the email support. They kept calling me saying that I also needed to finish setting up the account and give authorization to bill my card. Now they did get a local # for my loved one to call, but the Virginia Dept. of Corrections noticed the # that I submitted and told me that if I continue with the plans to use that local number, that had no physical address tied to me, that I would loose all rights… Read more »

Billed for something I did not use. This is the biggest scam. How do you get your money back?

I really think someone needs to file a class action lawsuit against this company . I’m sure there would be enough people who would like to join in who have been ripped off by them. Not only have we been ripped off, but the frustration and stress this company has caused many people is just too much !

I feel I have been scammed as well . I paid them $60 and found their service to be a ripoff when my son still could not call without me having to purchase minutes. They said they would refund my money, but it’s been nine days and no refund. I called their customer service number several times only to be placed on hold for a half an hour after being told I’m first in line. Later, they tell me to leave a message . Oh, but wait, their mailbox is full ! Click and the line goes dead ! I… Read more »

I’ve been scammed. They have repeatedly taken money out of my account and I can’t get anyone to cancel it. I guess I’m going to have to change my card number.

They are a scam i paid money and a lady called from india to setup account i emailed all day cause it disnt work they did not return calls or emails im so stressed over this i work hard i want my money i basically through it out the window……THEY ARE SCAMMERS

Did anyone think of canceling ur credit card info? I subscribed to their service even paid the 19 bux to get the number within the hour. I’m stopping payment in the morning.

I have had no luck whatsoever with Inmate Call Solutions. They do not return phone calls. I paid $49.28 to initiate but never got a number! The email address comes back non deliverable. I have left multiple messages to no avail. What’s worrying me is I signed on for a recurring payment plan. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!


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