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Last Updated On: July 3, 2017

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Business Name: Telmate LLC
Corporate Address:
655 Montgomery St 18th Fl
San Francisco, California 94107 USA

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GettingOut Phone Number: 866-516-0115
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Richard Torgersrud - CEO
Corp Website:

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Reported Losses: $45.00
Average Reported Losses: $45.00

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Money out the Window

I had been meeting regularly with my friend for months. I moved within my city from one location to another, and ever since, every attempt at a video visit has gone awry.

I have used Telmate’s testing screen to ensure video, sound, and sufficient speed of connection, and visits terminate without any sort of warning.

When I call Telmate, they say I am not entitled to any credit or refund because it is “an internet issue”.

Testing connections to other locations around the country and around the world, I have stable streaming connectivity – just not with Telmate, yet this is somehow not their fault.

And even if it is “an internet issue”, my ISP is not going to refund or credit my account – so why should Telmate get to keep my money for a service they are not providing?

In addition to publicizing this fraudulent business practice, I am contacting the prisoner advocacy group for my friend’s prison to see if the service can be replaced by a more reputable and ethical vendor.

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