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Close allows users to complain about Telephone Service Providers companies, businesses, or websites. If a Telephone Service Providers company has done something wrong to you submit a consumer complaint today and let the world know to watch our for this company.

Telephone service providers are notorious for having some of the worst customer service you can find these days. Their egregious practices are perpetrated against innocent victims on a daily basis, yet they’re far too powerful to be shut down by the Better Business Bureau. Because of the extraordinary revenue they generate and the taxes they pay, these companies get to carry on with their often damaging business practices.

If a small business ever committed some of the awful affronts that telephone service providers get away with on a daily basis, it would be shut down in no time. In fact, a small business would be slammed with charges of fraud for committing the same transgressions. However, these powerful companies are allowed to continue on doing business because of their status as powerful corporations.

What makes matters even worse for consumers is the lack of choice. There are so few telephone service providers that the competition between them has lightened. If you want a landline or a cell phone you only have a few options available to you. For customers who live in rural areas, there might only be one provider available!

Unfortunately, these companies realize their privileged status. Knowing that there is no competition in some of their markets, they have no problem with taking advantage of consumers. If you haven’t been a victim, you at least know of a friend or family member who’s gotten screwed over by an outrageous bill.

These companies will commonly charge extra fees for services you may or may not have used. Also, with the increasingly complicated features that many service providers offer, it’s easy to accidentally incur fees you didn’t even know existed!

But, do you think the telephone service providers have sympathy for someone in your shoes? Absolutely not! These companies hardly ever feel the need to effectively resolve an issue or dispute with a customer. Oftentimes, you’ll be forced to spend hours of your time over the course of several weeks trying to get in touch with someone from the company who can actually help you.

For customers who are truly desperate, you’ll notice that most of these companies don’t even have an actual address or direct hotline available. They know that if they let information like that out, they’d really be in for it! Customers are furious with the telephone service providers, and the providers’ insolence heightens the customers’ fury!

You probably have a horror story of some kind that involves a telephone service provider. While the BBB may not be willing to take your side, and even though the telephone company isn’t likely to care, you can at least vent about it here!

File a complaint with Complaints List, and let the global online community know just how bad the company you were forced to deal with actually is. With the power lent by our site, you have a voice!

It’s time to be passionate, and to be direct. doesn’t believe in holding back any part of your voice when it comes to speaking the truth and standing up for justice. You deserve to fight back against the company that has wronged you. Feel empowered again when you file a complaint with us. Your voice will be heard by the company’s current customers and their potential customers. When you act now, you might even be able to prevent that company from getting more customers that they can take advantage of.

While choice is limited with telephone service providers, there usually is some amount of choice. Hopefully, you’ll be able to make that choice easier for someone else by filing a complaint! Don’t let your case drag on any longer!

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