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Last Updated On: December 10, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: Frontier Communications Corporation
Corporate Address:
3 High Ridge Park
Stamford, Connecticut 06905 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 866-836-6791
Company Contact: Maggie Wilderotter - CEO
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 21 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 3

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $4,107.66
Average Reported Losses: $195.60

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Is Frontier Communications a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

Fraudulent Service Promises

My level of dissatisfaction with Frontier Communications has steadily grown over the last year. Specifically, with their internet. Over 20 calls to their local, state, and corporate offices over a 15-month period have not produced any change. In fact, while in a conversation with a lady who supposedly worked in the president’s office, we were disconnected-permanently (August 17, 2016). She claimed a problem with her phone. In the president’s office of a phone company! There simply is nowhere to go to resolve an issue of fraud.

I was told, repeatedly, that since I live in rural southern Ohio my speed would be very slow. Time after time technicians worked to “tweak” the service; however, it remained slow. Now, it is just not slow-it disappears. Every day, on the average, my internet disappears 15-20 times. That has risen to a new level of fraud.

I pay for service, even though it is slow, and I do not receive the service. I am tired of the chase, the lies, and the poor customer service. I would encourage everyone to file complaints with the Better Business Bureau and the Public Utilities Commission. Since I do not have a choice of providers in my area, I am bound to this horrible company. While I could get internet from a satellite provider, the cost is much more pronounced. In fact, one of the ladies I talked with in the “president’s office” apologized for the problems and stated, “You could use satellite service: however, it is more expensive. I am not able to solve your problem.”

I have retired; however, I now offer a small consulting service. I work internationally and use the internet almost constantly. Frontier should be embarrassed by the “thousands” of complaints they have on file with the BBB and in other posts. This company must be held responsible for their commitment to the “public interest.”

Frontier Communications – 3 High Ridge Park Stanford CT 06905 | 203-614-5600

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I am very disappointed with Frontiers customer service, I have spoke to them over 30 times in the past 10 years about fraudulent charges placed on my elderly Mother’s phone line. 10 years ago they began charging her for dial up Internet service she has never had a computer at that time I had the internet removed from her account and customer service told me they would remove the charges, they did not they continued to place late charges on top of the internet charges every few months I would call then it turned to years still these charges pile… Read more »
I have been with Frontier for sixteen years. Had a Lifeline discount. Only LOCAL home phone service; bundled with high-speed DSL Internet — in a so-called ‘Package Deal’. It was great up-until about 5 years-ago. All the sudden…if I missed a payment, and it rolled-into month #2. They would just SUSPEND my Internet service. They also REFUSE to allow me to opt-out of their ‘Paperless Billing’ crap. How can I check my monthly statement — after I have told them COUNTLESS times that my email account had been HACKED 5 years-ago & I can’t SEE MY MONTHLY BILLING STATEMENTS! So,… Read more »
We had service from October of 2010 through March of 2013. During that time we had numerous problems with our service. Because Frontier was the only internet service and phone service we could use, we were forced to use it. We were so unhappy with Frontier that when we moved we went with Comcast for our internet service and decided not to have a home phone because Frontier was the only company available to us. When we moved they tacked on a $200 digital service charge and another charge of $39.99 for a DP nationwide unlimited essentials 2010 charge. I… Read more »

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