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Last Updated On: November 30, 2017

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Business Name: CenturyLink, Inc
Corporate Address:
100 CenturyLink Dr
Monroe, Louisiana 71201 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 800-201-4099
Company Contact: Glen F. Post III - CEO
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.17 out of 5
Based On: 66 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 28

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $46,858.85
Average Reported Losses: $709.98

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What the hell is wrong with your company CenturyLink?

I have been trying, really trying hard! to give you my business on 2 separate occasions now. I don’t even know where to begin to describe my horrible experience. I currently have Comcast and on 2 occasions I have tried to leave them and give my business to you and both times you have done everything possible to make me quit no matter how much I wanted to be your customer.

I will not go into much details about my first attempt as it is in the past. I have terminated the service after two weeks as my speed could not get above 6-8mbps and i have gotten no help whatsoever from your untrained, unprofessional care agents whose knowledge caps at the mark where they tell you to reboot the modem.

My Comcast bill had gone up and with their data caps I decided to try Century Link once again. D**n, I regret that decision! I picked up a modem at a local store on Friday 21st. Was assured of great customer service and support and was advised that my tap activation will occur sometime today, Sept 25th.

Waited the whole day, nothing had happened. The line is dead, same line that did work few month ago. DSL light is off on the modem.

Tried calling CenturyLink support, spoke to several people from other countries who did not know a d**n thing about anything and kept telling me that I need to pay for a technician visit to get the internet working. One person stated the line had already been activated another agent told me that not yet. Finally after my hands started to shake from frustration I demanded a supervisor. Supervisor by the name Jennifer came on the line after a long wait on hold and could not offer any information or assistance.

The CenturyLink supervisor did not know what lie to feed me to get off the phone. Clearly, she did not know ANYTHING, NOT A D**N THING about service or even system she was using.

First she told me that my order is still pending and at 8pm it will complete and my internet service will work. I refused to get off the phone. Jennifer was promising me and assuring that she knows exactly what the problem is and that at 8pm sharp my service will turn on. I did not buy that and told her I will stay on the line with her till 8 PM until the service starts working. After being on the line for a few minutes, the supervisor placed me on hold and when returned advised me that it was determined that I have an incomparable modem. It was the same make and model as my last modem that I had few months ago that did work fine. The supervisor that is suppose to know the system and be able to assist customers kept making up silly lies the whole time on the phone with me, anything from Incomparable modem to service update at a later time tonight that will miraculously turn on my internet.

I asked the supervisor to get me her boss and someone in the United States, I was transferred to a regular rep who stated he is in the US. I asked to talk to his Supervisor. The agent who’s name was Nick was very slow to respond and his answers were greatly delayed giving the impression that the agent was either drunk or high, although I cannot speak of that with certainty.

The agent refused to provide his supervisor, kept asking same question which I already had answered to every other agent and had input in the automated system numerous time. I kept repeating over and over that I must talk to a supervisor, finally when the agent called me rude, my husband took over the phone and started to shout to get a supervisor, hence asking normally for 10 times or more did not yield any results. The agent by the name Nick just hung up the line.

I demand that the call with Nick is listened and reviewed by the leadership to determine if Nick had broke any policies and/or procedures by hanging up on the customer. I called again, was transferred between 4 or 5 agents and then ended up with business class who told me they cant do anything and I have to call back…..

I called back, yet again, was told by the automated system that I have called after hours and need to call back in the morning. And thatch how I spent my Tuesday evening after an excruciating day at work. Still no internet. I am so done with your pathetic excuse of a company.

Comcast ranks on the last place for customer care in the United States but their service is superb and fantastic compared to what I have received today from CenturyLink.

I will be returning your modem to your office as soon as possible, terminating the service while still under 30 days money back, writing a horrible review on every possible review site, filing a complaint with FCC and telling anyone that I know to NEVER try to have service with your company.

In my 31 years on this earth I have not had worse experience with any other company, EVER!

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I have yet to get a correct bill going on one year. They have serial over-billers. The initial deal I got was because I signed up for auto pay (never do that!). That just gave them free access to overbill me by hundreds of dollars, which is theft!!! I have spent hours and hours on this and talked to so many different customer service reps and their supervisors. I haven’t received the same info twice. When I reference the person who told me they had corrected the problem, they say there is no way they can identify that person that… Read more »
I’ve had nothing but trouble from Century Link. They finally came yesterday and did repairs and it went out again 6 hours later. I called them again after being transferred many times they told me they can’t come back until Monday… I have renters that depend on their computers for their work…I can never get a straight answer, always foreigners that know absolutely nothing about the business. I tried to explain that they had previously found a cable cut but had repaired it . He asked me if the cable was the size of a pencil… duh I didn’t do… Read more »
I switched from TWC to Century Link on 7/18/2016 and it was the worst thing I could have done. Was promised the FIXED monthly bill of about $112 per month, a $100 gift card and great service. NOPE pretty much none of them however I will say I did get a $50 gift card and a few months later they acknowledged the other $50 and put that towards my bill that was anywhere from $142 to almost $500 the first month. I have had to call every month and have them review their bill inaccuracies. Next is their contactors that… Read more »

Ever since AT&T took over, the DSL service has been crashing. Looking for a new hook-up. And Direct TV. And phone. And….

I accidently sent centurylink a payment of $566.50 by mistake through my bill pay through my bank. I haven’t had an account with centurylink for at least 4 years just never took them off my bill pay. This occurred in December of 2016 and they are refusing to give my money back to me

I never ever applied to be their member, but they could go to my Bank a/c and me 3times in 3montha $70,$70 and last January $220 , by what I did not know before I wrote to them call them and told them ,but they are still taking my money all the time, yes how even lagal to do busdiness like they do?

I received the offer with promotional rate from CenturyLink in the mail. I never used them before, signed up for 14.95 a month for 6 months and guess what I never got this promotional rate in my bills. They keep charging me regular rate of 44.00 plus fees and when I call they keep telling me it’s fixed, but it’s not. It’s been 4 months with this BS, I had enough and sending their box back to them today. The internet is very slow as well. My experience with CenturyLink was the worst customer service experience in my life. I… Read more »
I asked to customer center for an new connection without any contact for testing the century link service. After the internet connection i noticed that internet speed is so down in my place. So I called to customer service to disconnect my connection within 3 business dat and I paid $115.07 for new connection. And It has included a 30 days cancellation fee with refund. But somebody called me for the early disconnect fee $200. Then I denied to pay because it wasn’t in my contract and don’t have any agreement. And somebody called me for charge me for early… Read more »
I asked to customer center for an new connection without any contact for testing the century link service. After the internet connection i noticed that internet speed is so down in my place. So I called to customer service to disconnect my connection within 3 business dat and I paid $115.07 for new connection. And It has included a 30 days cancellation fee with refund. But somebody called me for the early disconnect fee $200. Then I denied to pay because it wasn’t in my contract and don’t have any agreement. And somebody called me for charge me for early… Read more »
Horrendous customer service.. CenturyLink is the only internet provider in my area….I have no choice but to use them. Their service has always been spotty, having to reset the router at least once a day if not more. But since they are our only option, we decided to upgrade to 25 mbps from 10 mbps. (25 is the highest we can get). We bought our own modem / router so that we could discontinue paying the $9.99 per month fee for their equipment. It worked fine when we got it home (still at the 10 mbps), it actually increased out… Read more »

Century Linkadded an unauthorized $81.90 monthly package in January 2016. No one consentedto the package to be added.

The past history transactions on the assigned phone number clearly reflect that suchpackage has never been needed. Local telephone service has been the only basic optional that has been required for the residents.

Theunauthorized transactions totaled to an amount of $403.09 dollars. Due to the
Century Link actions the telephone service has been disconnected although the
household member has serious and critical medical conditions, not employed and
over the age of 65 years old.

We have been with Century Link’s customer for many years that’s about all we can get in the mountains it is the slowest Internet service we have ever had, hard to see any movies on Netflix it keeps buffing you just get so irritated you just turn it off, any one that is thinking of moving to the Virginia Mountains check tour Internet services that are available in the area we are in the 24330 are in Virginia

My response to CenturyLink’s request for feedback. Of course I never heard anything more from them. Problem was resolved by 11/29. Had no dial tone–called 11/23, was promised technician on 11/24 between 10:30-7:00. Of course no one showed after I waited ALL DAY. Called again, was told sorry, will come by the 29th. I asked when the hell you were going to let me know it was changed? (apparently never). I said I couldn’t wait around all those days. Was told it didn’t matter, I didn’t have to be there (the direct opposite of what I was told earlier when… Read more »
I had to file a complaint about CenturyLink with the FCC. I told them that I was being overcharged and promised credits that never came, they just continued raising my monthly charges. FCC sent a message to CenturyLink to resolve this situation with me and report back to them in 30 days. Two weeks later I received a letter from CenturyLink stating they were refunding us $136.40 and our account was closed. We received the check the next day. I would suggest you folks work with the FCC as they certainly got the attention of CenturyLink in a hurry.

if you want to sue- class action, message me

How can I sue them? Please help me.

Peolpe, people, people. Centurylink can’t even pay their employees. They owe them back wages and were ordered by an Arbitrator to pay them, but still can’t. This is not a business that has the money to fix problems. Find a more stable provider.

Would absolutely love to have another provider but they are the only phone and internet company in our rural area

I’ve had three horrible experiences with centurylink. First of all let me say that before I retired I worked with the broadband development with qwest/kpmg venture and I am a master electrician with MCSE, CCNA, CNA Certs in computers so I have an expert’s opinion as well. First horrible experience was with my mother’s house with a mother in her 70s. I ordered the service and CenturyLink technicians came out before I could get there and destroyed all of my beautiful wiring I had done for her phone system and then could not get anything to work claiming problems in… Read more »

Pathetic when you change from a more expensive phone package to a cheaper one that includes long distance only to get long distance cancelled all together. Almost 2 months and haven’t been able to get the correct service I ordered. This happens to be residential service in which a bedridden invalid person resides. Emails, phone calls, and online chat has not provided resolution to correct the problem.

Get Centurylink if you want to get scammed, hung up on and lied to every time you need help! #WorstCompanyEver

Centurylink: STAY AWAY. Do yourself a favor, don’t get mired in Centurylink’s miserable excuse for internet “services.” Poor speeds, intermittent (but consistent) downtime, p**s-poor customer service. Drop the service (even after the “promotional period”) and they penalize you with exhorbitant “rates.” Months after thinking I’d closed down the account, and NEVER HEARING A PEEP FROM CENTURYLINK ABOUT A BILLING PROBLEM, I get a notice from a collection agency for an “unpaid balance” that was 3X the “promotional rate” I received for CRAPPY INTERNET SERVICE. Stay away, you’ve been warned!!!!

Centurylink has been a big disappointment to me have been with them for a few years with just internet made a big mistake and got prism too they gave me a price so then I call too make sure my bill was going be what they told me and guess what nope it wasn’t so I have called them about 15 times in the last 30 days and everyone of there customer service rep keep giving me different price and then go in there systems and fix it so then I call back on my 30 day too back out… Read more »
Same experiences @centurylink.com – They claim to offer you the same programming as Xfinity at reduced prices. We were forced to upgrade to get compatible channels. Funny no cost savings now. Complete scam as the channel lineups aren’t compatible. The bill is never right, however, don’t short pay it as they will cut your service off. Prism freezes often, Guide is awful, programs don’t record and good luck with the customer service because it doesn’t exist at CenturyLink. I stopped calling after 50 or so calls. These people should be in JAIL. Where is the consumer protection agency. Yet another… Read more »
Centurylink needs to shut their business down, because they don’t know what they are doing. I am ready to have a nervous breakdown over their billing and customer service. I am trying to take care of my mother who has alzheimers and I am handicapped myself this is the hardest time of my life and I have to keep calling centurylink every month or more because they have screwed up the billing and my service so badly. We are just living on my mothers social security check and why we are paying way more for the phone and internet where… Read more »
I sent this note to CenturyLink via their website today. Disgusting bait and switch tactic…I doubt their will be a return email or call….I need you to listen to the sales call that was made a few days ago to upgrade my phone to phone and internet. I was sold: 30.00 credit on my bill. 50.00 credit/debit card mailed to my home. Free install of tech running line from curb to my house. fed ex the modem to my house so I can save the 59.00 install. 50 Mbps internet. total bill with phone and internet including taxes per month/70-75… Read more »

Superb post however I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this topic? I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit more. Appreciate it!

Hello April. My name is Joey and I’m with CenturyLink. I’m sorry to hear about the recent trouble you’ve had with your account with us. Our team would be happy to look into this for you. We just ask that you contact us at TalkToUs@CenturyLink.com with your account information and details on the issue. Once received, we’ll do all we can to help out. Thanks.

Joey H

@CenturyLinkHelp Team


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