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Last Updated On: April 15, 2017

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Business Name: HRB Digital LLC.
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One H&R Block Way
Kansas City, Missouri 64105 USA

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H&R Block Phone Number: 800-472-5625

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Average Rating: 1.09 out of 5
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Reported Losses: $9,726.94
Average Reported Losses: $748.23

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I feel as though I've been ripped off

I was going to H&R Block office just for instant cash back cuz needed my cash and didn’t want to wait long weeks. This year I went there for same reason, 6 times we told the old man in the office we want cash back CASH BACK CASH BACK, he said ok, he said ok, they charged $275 and I have to pay that with my debit card.

Then I asked that old guy wheres my checks? He said ohh I am so sorry I made mistake and sent it normal way and cant reverse it too late? he said I should get the money within 10 days via direct deposit. Now its been 5 weeks still no money and I am in my overdrafts minus $400. I called h&r block head office and put a complaint about it through the phone, they said the district manager will contact me for refund of most charges. waiting 13 days now still nothing.



H&R Block Р80 Regent st Fredericton, Canada 

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I do my taxes for years , It’s simple tax , Couple years ago my friend and I started to do the taxes with H&R block , like $ 55 , $ 80 , but This time for 2016 , I maid less money than the previous years , AND THEY CHARGED ME $258 ,

H&R BLOCK SUCKS.We went to them in Salina TN and got lied to and ripped off at the same time.They charged 450$ to file with no worry GUARANTEE! They messed up our state tax we was supposed to get back 350$. We had to go pick them up fill out some things and mail them ourself and now owe 145$.They say they will not pay for there mess up because they caught it within 30 days.SO THERE IS NO GUARANTEE ! That’s there way of RIPPIN OFF THE WORKING PEOPLE! ALL H&R BLOCK ADS ARE NOTHING BUT LIES! WILL NEVER… Read more »
I used them last year on a special. cost me about $140 to file a standard itemized return plus the $40. additional for them to back their work. This year, same kind of itemized return. only exception I closed up a Roth account before 59 1/2. So i had to pay tax on that money plus penalty. That was expected. When i called to ask about costs. they told me over the phone depending complexity. $120 to $200. for an itemized return. So I was expecting about a $250. charge. They charge me $356.00 for the filling. I think this… Read more »
we had our taxes done last year by H&R block, then we get a notice from the IRS saying that our taxes were done wrong and we now owe them $2700. My husband went back there this year ( giving them a second chance) not only did they do our taxes wrong again, but tried to charge us $580 to have them done. My husband said never mind and went to a tax accounting firm ( that is were we find out that what H&R block had done for this year was wrong again) a difference of $2800. but it… Read more »
I worked at Walmart for several years and just had my taxes done by the people they hired to have in their stores, which was H&R Block. Since I was there most the time, this seemed convenient. However, several years into the process, after MUCH MUCH time and trouble, I found out that the associate who did my taxes, used my Social Security # to open up several accounts of her own. It took me months to figure out who STOLE my identity and racked up several bad credit issues for me. When I contacted H&R Block, they told me… Read more »
i have filed my taxes at home on my own computer for the last 4 years an then this year HR Block with held over 600.00 out of our check saying that we had an emerald advance back in 2011 , well we didnt do an advance through them an if thats the case we should have a emerald card which we dont an if we every did WHICH WE DONTif it was that far back then why didnt they take it out before now 2016 taxes they either took it themselfs or let someone use our names an ss… Read more »

You will pay three (3) times the amount for H&R software if you buy it directly from H&R Block versus buying it through a third-party store on the internet. I ended-up paying $27.51 for the Federal S/W and another $42.35 for the State S/W. Could have had both for $22.95. My mistake (which I won’t repeat next year). Had I wanted to e-file my State tax return, that would have cost an additional $20.00!

I wish you would remove the advertisement from TV that has the Zombie on it. I think it is very distasteful and surprised that you feel it is acceptable. I do not find any humor in it whatsoever. I know you can do better than that. A faithful H & R customer.

The zombies is not the problem its the dam lies they are telling the public about a guarantee that they don’t have and charging a lot of money for it

I have used H&R Block since I starting working as a teenager. You pay so much to get your taxes done so I thought you get what you pay for. Well I was wrong. This year I paid over $400 dollars with the additional cost of the peace of mind. This year and for the first time I was audited because the representative place a part of my information on the wrong part of the form. I always purchase the peace of mind when I file my taxes hoping if I ever get audited they would help me. I went… Read more »
I have used H&R Block software for years and have been very pleased. This year for the first time I get a sales pitch for purchasing “ecards” adding 10% to my return amount, with a large green, always green. box that says check here to process return…and itty bitty bitty type under the box that lets you process your return to your bank account. I may be an old grandma but WTF! What admin idiot let some scam artist talk them into this BS. This is right with hidden banking fees, the cable company that charged me for NFL football,… Read more »

What we’ve seen concerning tax preparer chain store client fees is they
are at least double or more compared to our CPA fees for tax preparation
and efiling. We have yet to find one client that was charged a fair and
reasonable rate, and most have had errors on their returns. This is
across the board whether it be individual or business. Also, many at
these tax kiosks are date entry employees who don’t have proper
knowledge for due diligence and the standards a CPA is required by law
to adhere to. In our opinion, stay as far away from these chain stores
as possible.

My son went to H&R Block and had a short form done for his taxes. They didn’t give him a price up front and when it came time to pay they charged him $250.00 which I think is very high. Just a warning if you go to H&R Block.

same thing with me. I had a simple return 1040, IT-40 west Virginia and schedule M that was it and they charged me $ 255.46 before I could even think they had my debit card and had charged me. Following this I had a major heart angina attack in my vehicle in the parking lot almost called 911. I called them upon returning home and they more or less said "Tough Luck" ! So I guess my heart meds will have to wait till next month to get filled and I get back less money than I did last year… Read more »

cannot edit certain entries in the soft ware,namely property tax number

I went to H&R block to have my taxes filled out as I have done for over 20 years..I went on JAn 30th together them filled out to find out that they could not file them till feb 14th.. And that i should have my return in 21 days…I called my local office in Calhoun ask to speak to a manager after calling several times I was able to speak to one who was not very nice and said that there was a problem with some of the forms that were filed with the IRS and I just have to… Read more »

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