Take Time for Feedback and Compliments

It’s common knowledge that if you are unsatisfied with a product or something you purchase that you should let the company know. Often times this can result in a discount or a replacement of your product, no questions asked. These companies want to keep their customers happy so that you will keep buying their products. It’s pretty simple and it does work if you’re a consumer that is unhappy with a purchase you’ve made.

But on the other end of things, when you take the time to tell a company or a business how much you enjoyed their service that can mean even more than complaining. Companies expect people to complain, they enjoy when someone compliments their service or product.

A simple letter or social networking post praising a company that you like can become more than just a minor social interaction. Companies may be grateful and send you coupons or special discounts. They often go out of their way to recognize people that compliment them and at the very least it can make you feel good that your opinion matters to them.

On another level, if you compliment an employee of a business to his or her superiors for a job well done, you not only make yourself feel good, but you can make the entire week for that employee. Nothing feels better than knowing that someone appreciated your work. It’s a simple thing that we as consumers can do to help everyone out. Who knows, that employee might treat you even better the next time you need his services. This is a great way to build a stronger relationship with a business or company that ultimately benefits you in the end!

So next time you’re impressed with how a product tastes, the customer service you receive, or how a product you purchased works, take a few minutes out of your day to call that customer service line and leave a compliment. You never know what rewards or benefits you’ll get from it!

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