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Last Updated On: January 16, 2018

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Business Name: Weblabcenter Inc
Corporate Address:
17311 Dallas Pwky #100
Dallas, Texas USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 866-696-6755
Corp Email: info@microworkers.com
Company Contact: Nhatvi Nguyen - Registrant, Admin
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.25 out of 5
Based On: 6 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 6

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $96.47
Average Reported Losses: $16.08

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Microworkers Not a Total Scam, But I'm Not Happy At All

I opened an account with Microworkers several months ago and started using it pretty frequently about 2 months ago. Every day I’d complete several tasks, similar to the type of things you’d do on MTurk, but usually tasks ended up requiring you to subject yourself to spam emails and phone calls, liking posts or pages on Facebook or sharing things on Google plus, writing fake reviews for apps, videos on YouTube, etc.

So the tasks don’t have the same level of legitimacy as they do with MTurk. But, I’d earned close to $60 and I needed the money, so I was willing to put up with it. Trouble started when I made my first attempt to withdraw the money I earned; this is when I noticed that basically every payment option involved some sort of fee, something I wasn’t used to since MTurk let’s you take all your money for free. I thought well it’s just a few bucks, not that bad. So I initiated a withdrawal to my PayPal account, which cost maybe $4. In order to submit my first payment withdrawal I had to request a PIN that would be mailed to my address.

Annoying, but they claimed it was a verification of identity thing and I didn’t have a choice, since PayPal was the only account I could withdraw to. After 2 weeks I hadn’t received anything and I verified multiple times that they had my correct address in their system. I did some googling and apparently lots of people have had issues with the PIN process; waiting up to a month to receive it, if it ever came at all. According to one Reddit user, their PIN came postmarked from Slovenia. This seems a little shady, since they list their address as being located in Dallas, TX. Well, after waiting a month and emailing support multiple times, no PIN.

Their support simply told me I’d just have to wait, so, pretty useless in other words. Since their site said it should only take 21 days I sent a request for a new PIN. Was charged $2.00 for that, which irritated me even more. It wasn’t my fault I didn’t receive my PIN, and they were already charging me to take out my own money I’d worked for and earned, why should I have to pay an extra $2.00 for an oversight on their part? Whatever, I said, I just want my money. I’d already thought by this point that maybe I should be reconsidering how much effort I put in to doing tasks on their site. So after submitting the 2nd PIN request, their system then let me have a PIN sent to my phone…which didn’t seem right, since my understanding was that it HAD to be sent by mail the first time to verify my identity? I don’t know.

At any rate, I chose to withdraw my funds to PayPal and had been waiting almost a week and a half, when suddenly I went to log in to my account to find a message stating that I had “failed an admissions tasks and can no longer submit any tasks”. Ever. Like, my account was just done. What happened??? I looked over everything and realized what happened, after checking my most recently submitted tasks and wasting more time emailing their support. Apparently I had submitted a task named “Microworkers admissions task” the day before; the task details said, go to this site, follow the instructions and if you complete it successfully a VCode will auto generate in the task as proof. I could see the VCode I’d submitted, and the “employer comment” (from Microworkers themselves) stated “user success rate is below 60”.

Basically, I emailed them asking for help and asked them why in the world would they have a task that, if submitted and failed, would cause a user to lose their account entirely and not STATE THAT CLEARLY in the task so users would be aware??? My response from them was pretty condescending, they said, well it’s a very easy task and basically if you fail it, you’re not smart enough to be allowed to use Microworkers. I had submitted over 109 tasks in a few weeks. My temporary success rate was 96%, and my overall success rate was 97%. Altogether, I only lost about $10 between the fact that I was forced to submit a second PIN request and the withdrawal fees; but it’s the fact that they run their site in a shady way and are not interested in keeping customers who spend hours of their time working on tasks, just to profit off them and unfairly lock them out of their account without good reason.

I asked if I could see the answers to this “easy” task and which ones I’d failed; not surprisingly, they said they didn’t keep that information. There’s a couple of positive things about using their site, but I definitely feel cheated by them, and I’ll definitely be an exclusive Turker from now on. At the moment I am still waiting for the pending funds transfer to be complete; after that, I’ll stick with Mechanical Turk, a much more legitimate site that’s run with a higher level of integrity. There’s a reason why only about 30,000 people use Microworkers but hundreds of thousands, or more, use Mechanical Turk instead.

If you ever do use Microworkers, just beware that you can be locked out of your account for supposedly failing a simple task after submitting over a hundred, and that you’ll be charged to withdraw the money you worked for and earned fair and square, every time. I wish I would have known this before I invested so much time and effort.


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There are many online workers on Microworkers. This site is good if you want to get traffic for your new blog.

In the present most people is unknown about microworkworkers.com behaviours. Their many directors & up leveled peoples are changed now. Its really sad news for all workers here that their mind of recent persons are not hopeful to the workers. There some changes are on like for withdrawals, support, communication, costs etc. This info is from website investigation & their member’s comment. Many people complained about this site & mentioned very badly. I think microworkers is standard site but they are going down for their new appointed persons who are handling the site. This site’s users are complaining about the… Read more »

Microworkers is legit. They pay as what I got. But, you’ll never expect to get hundreds of dollars per month if you are non-USA. I made about USD $50 – $60 per month.

I have been working for MicroWorkers.com for a little over a month now. It did take about 17 days to receive my PIN. PIN entered on the 9th of March. When I check status, it says ‘correct PIN submitted’, but payment still pending. Their paydays are Wednesday and Sunday. Today is Wednesday, so maybe by end of day pay will be in PayPal. One thing I like about this site is they don’t require your SSN, maiden name, etc, only physical address to send PIN to. A lot of other micro task sites will not allow you to work until… Read more »

I stopped using Micro Workers they have bad support, time 4 weeks to payout even if they did. As you can see in some cases they didn’t even pay out.
I now use https://www.quickmicrojobs.com/

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