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Last Updated On: January 3, 2018

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Business Name: Home Advisor Inc
Corporate Address:
14023 Denver W Pkwy Bldg 64
Golden, Colorado 80401 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 303-963-7200
Corp Email: emailus@homeadvisor.com
Company Contact: Chris Terrill - CEO
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.12 out of 5
Based On: 222 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 612

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $434,246.20
Average Reported Losses: $1,956.06

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Is HomeAdvisor a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

Home Advisor is a ripoff - Ruined ceiling

Being a widow I thought I could contact Home Advisor for a handyman referral.

I was contacted by Derek Dixon. He came out and looked at the job I needed most, which was repair of my ceiling drywall. He assured me that he could fix it.

After spending all day in my home he left my home with $1,200, and my ceiling is worst than before he came.

To repair his mess It is going to cost an additional $1000-1500 because his mess will have to be fixed.

He promised for 5 months to return and never has.

I tried to call home advisor and was blown off. So I’m sure he is still out there!

Home Advisor is a rip off! He also said that his price was high because of the amount he was being by Home Advisor.

Please be warned Home Advisor is a ripoff!

Official Responses from HomeAdvisor

By: Dan Kerley On: September 12, 2014

2nd Response From Dan Kerley – Public Relations Representative at HomeAdvisor

HomeAdvisor strives to offer the best customer service, customer satisfaction and advertising in the industry. We take all feedback very seriously and want to address any questions, comments or concerns. If you would like to speak with someone at HomeAdvisor, please send your contact information to emailus@homeadvisor.com and we will have someone reach out to you.

Thank you.

Dan Kerley

By: Mandy Black On: October 24, 2012

Hi Sales Lead Scam Victim, I am sorry to hear your concerns with your account. We do match you up with leads based off of the zip codes, spend targets and categories in which you choose to receive and our billing typically does automatically pull on a weekly basis. I would like to look into your account with you and see if I can clear up any questions and concerns you may have as to what happened here. You may reach me directly at 303-963-8066 or mblack@homeadvisor.com.

Thank you for your time.

Mandy Black

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Parent Company: IAC/InterActiveCorp - 555 West 18th Street, New York, New York
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how do you stop these d**n e-mails

Do you have any reviews, complaints or info on Envision Design, Inc San Diego Ca.92117.

Here’s one for y’all. HA has purchased Angie’s List. If you advertise on both sites you will now get ripped off by HA. Angie’s list, when owned by…Angie’s list, would allow consumers to look you up and get matched so those consumers could contact you. Now if you are matched thru Angie’s list it goes to home advisor and THEY send the lead which you now have to pay for as a HA Pro. So they’ve hijacked a part of Angie’s list that allows them to be the lead generator when it comes to matching a consumer with a pro.… Read more »
As can be seen with the other negative reviews of this company, they are a scam! do not use this company! They are shady and unwilling to have a grey area. We have been sent lead after lead after lead that are bogus. I will give them the benefit of the doubt on some of them where we are unable to reach the client. we cant be sure if the customer did or didn’t need the service. However its the leads I am about to list below that as a small business owner, you should be aware that you will… Read more »

I made the mistake of just asking Home Advisor a simple question on budgeting for a future project. Instead I got calls for months from dozens of contractors thinking I was a “hot leas”.
I’m a handyman on the side and would never use Home Advisor that makes their fee on every single lead dozens & dozens of times from their unfortunate contractors who then must pass these costs onto their customers. Home Advisor is anything but free. Don’t use this garbage scam service!

I will pay if I get jobs and pay per job but not for texts I never even read or jobs that fell through like the guy who said I’m just trying to see how much I save by doing t myself , I would have to sign a contract then pay for the lead if t lead me to work Justin Case ignored me when asked how this works so I found out through the plumbers I talked to I am now a paint contractor out of work and suspended leads and out 349 bucks
ok paid 349 , I got leads , but when I said I wasn’t ready they came any way , I have come to find they wanted to charge me for leads weather I read them or not, I don’t mind paying a fee if I get a job, but not for texts , way to many texts the sales mans so called name was Justin case ha ha ha very funny scam dude , Now My account s suspended!if I don’t get either leads that lead to jobs i can then pay for?, then I want my money back!… Read more »

no show 3 times I took off to meet them about a job and they never showed up or called.

affordable landscaping was referred to me by homeadvisor in Oct 2017. Gary, the owner, came out to my home to discuss re landscaping my property and he gave me layout and estimate. I submitted to the HOA community for approval and the project. Gary kept harassing me to sign his contract after the hoa approved the project. We told Gary we decided to was not approved. We decided to wait until next year but when we told Gary he kept calling, texting and threatening to file breach of contract which i refused to sign. He did not stop the harassment… Read more »

I have never used a service that so consistently points to some of the worst trades in the business.

This is a money racket. Only a mediocre trade or a window w***e can be found this way.

If you are truly serious about getting good people, this is NOT where you go.

Josh Margulies
Mariner Homes
Hoc negotium elegi.
(240) 674-1709The

Hi Josh, We’re sorry to hear you feel this way about our pros and service, especially after spending time on our network with your own business. We’re happy to address any concerns you have about a pro, please call Customer Care at 877-699-4736 or send further details to emailus@homeadvisor.com. -HASupport

I have never used a service that so consistently points to some of the worst trades in the business.

This is a money racket. Only a mediocre trade or a window w***e can be found this way.

If you are truly serious about getting good people, this is NOT where you go.

Josh Margulies
Mariner Homes
Hoc negotium elegi.
(240) 674-1709

Once we caught on to the scam, our credit card company agreed with the scam and cancelled the transactions. HA had the nerve to turn me into a collection agency which we plan on suing as it made my score drop some 80 points. We’ve also joined in the class action lawsuit.

Customer By Service Email (Ph.D. Stephen R. Barnhart) (09/22/2017 07:54 AM) No Thanks! HOME ADVISOR = MAJOR PROBLEMS and borderline SCAM! We signed up two months ago for their lead program… found out today, as they ran our credit card over its limit. they told Bob and I that we only paid for the leads that we followed up on. To our surprise, they charged us for EVERY lead they sent, good, bad or indifferent. We had also told them due to many circumstances that we did not even want to start it till after summer. Now, they have charged… Read more »

thieves, robbers , Liars and cheaters just want money.
they tell less money and charged more money.
fake leads fake leads they provide only fake leads

Hi Magen, We’re sorry to hear you feel this way about our business. All lead fees are viewable on your pro page and you can submit credit requests for leads you have concerns about. We’re happy to address the concerns you have, please call Customer Care at 877-947-3639 to speak with a rep. -HASupport

credit requests that they are so quick to deny. They make one phone call on the request and if no one answers they deny the request… end of story..

Capital Business Innovations

I signed up with Home Advisor as a contractor and was told the yearly fee would be $287.00. I paid the fees and was given leads that seems bogus. No responses. I called Home Advisor to cancel a month into the contract, yet they keep sending leads which I ignored. I am now on the hook for over $1500 including additional sign up charges of over $900. Now I’m being sent to collections. Total scam.

Hi Anthony, We’re sorry to hear this. There aren’t any other startup fees other than the charge for membership and leads will not continue to be sent if your account is canceled. We’re happy to look into this matter for you, please call Customer Care at 877-947-3639 or send info to emailus@homeadvisor.com to speak with a rep. -HASupport

Why I canceled

I hired Absolute Painting in Eugene, Oregon, based on the reviews I saw on Home Advisor, all of which were favorable. I had the owner and his employee paint the exterior of my house and also clean and reseal my deck. I was reasonably pleased with this work, and asked that skirting be added below my deck; this was back in September. Kerry Johnson, the business owner, told me at that time he could get to this project in 2-3 weeks. Several weeks later, I contacted him via a text message asking when he would be able to do this… Read more »

Hi Joanne, We’re sorry to hear you had this experience, this isn’t the type of interaction we expect you to have with our pros or representatives. We have forwarded your concerns to the proper channels and a rep will reach out to assist you shortly. If there is any further assistance we can offer, please reach out to emailus@homeadvisor.com. -HASupport

We used Home Advisors for a new roof. We used Provision Contracting which had been sold when I tried to contact them because the new room (cost over 10,000) leaked. The company that purchased Provision Contracting did agree to “fix it” a little less than a year ago. Roof leaking again. When I contacted Home Advisor, both Kirstin and Luis disconnected from me when I told them about my issue.

Hi Charlotte, We’re sorry to hear this. There is a chance the call dropped as our reps are not permitted to disconnect from calls. We’re happy to have a rep follow up to assist you if you send your contact info to emailus@homeadvisor.com. -HASupport

Hello Ruthie, 1st I’m sorry of your loss. Being a widow isn’t easy and taking advantage of one is one of the lowest things a service professional can do (although this person doesn’t sound like a professional). Unfortunately, if a person is inexperienced they can forget things or leave them out, although it sounds as though you got a bad egg here. I wouldn’t give up completely on Home Advisor as there are many of us out there who are very good. I’d always completely check them by using other websites such as Google, Yelp, etc… I’ve seen reviews that… Read more »
In November of 2016, I hired Luis Saenz and Rosalba Bejarana of L&R Paint & Stain in Midland, TX, through Home Advisor, to paint my house. After three days of incompetent and lousy work and reneging on our agreement….they happily absconded with $1,000 for work they did not earn….they refused to take my calls and went into hiding. I had to hire and pay someone else to redo and finish the mess they made. I have been looking for these people for a year now to serve them with papers in hopes of recovering some or all of my money….although… Read more »

Hi Pat, We’re sorry to hear about your experience with this pro, we take our screening process very seriously. Please feel free to find more information about that process here: https://www.homeadvisor.com/screening/. As we are not a legal entity, there are some limitations in the power we have over pros but we do everything we can to attempt to reach a resolution. It sounds like you have already spoken with a rep in regards to your experience, if you would like to further discuss this matter please send info to emailus@homeadvisor.com and a rep will reach out. -HASupport

Unless you can reimburse me the money I paid these criminals or you can help me locate these people so I can finalize my legal claim against them, apparently there is nothing you can do to help. These people may have been professional criminals but they definitely were not “professional painters”!!! I had to pay someone else more money to redo everything they did and finish the job. As a retiree on a limited budget, It was my mistake to pay them anything and I will most likely never see a penny of that money, but I have a court… Read more »
I tried Home Advisors /Scammers. like a year ago, please stay away from this fake “LEADS ” you will make more money by not singing up… Honestly They just taking advantage of contractors… Now i getting calls from a Home Advisor “SCAMMERS”, rep and i told to the REP , i will sing up only if i get 90 days free trial, + no contract and no billing info will be provide it + i told to the rep I have my own company Contract that will VOID Home Adviser/scammers contract …. and guess what ….. i haven’t hear from… Read more »

Hi C. Alvarado, We’re sorry to hear you feel this way about our business, we are not a scam. We’re happy to place you on our Do Not Call list if you send your contact info to emailus@homeadvisor.com. If you would like to speak with a rep about the concerns you have, please call Customer Care at 877-947-3639. -HASupport

I used Home Advisor to get a bathroom remodeled. The company that came out gave me a $10K quote and took $5K up front as a deposit. They destroyed the bathroom. I checked out the people running this Home Advisor approved company. The co-owner had 2 Construction Fraud Convictions and the lead man for the job, had a Felony Rap Sheet 13 pages long. Needless to say, I wouldn’t use Home Advisor for any job I needed done.

Hi Ben, We’re sorry to hear you had this experience with a pro. Please send further info to emailus@homeadvisor.com and a rep will reach out to assist you. -HASupport

Home Advisors is another American scam (and there are so many of them nowadays.) These people are in the business of deceiving consumers. I relied on their fake advertising for so-called professionals to hire contractors for my condo remodeling project and the result was a waste of tons of money and terrible work. Their so-called “PROS” are nothing but “TOTAL AMATEURS.” Don’t believe the reviews you read about these contractors. They are just fake reviews. I’m sure that soon Home Advisors will disappear and reappear under a different name. I will report Home Advisors to the Better Business Bureau.

Sorry you got a bad one. We truly are not all bad. HA as all of these sights depend on a bit of integrity from the company they are dealing with. A bad apple is bad no matter where he goes, and if they can take advantage of a site like Home Advisor they will. Don’t be afraid to check references…. You can call any of my customers and they would be glad to offer you their honest opinion.
Aguaman Water

Hi Phil, We’re sorry to hear this, we are not a scam and we take the integrity of our reviews very seriously. Please feel free to submit a review of your own here: https://www.homeadvisor.com/write-a-review/. We’re happy to address any concerns you have about your experience and our business if you send info to emailus@homeadvisor.com. -HASupport

I’ve been on Home Advisor and absolutely hate their business model. It’s total bs. They send you terrible leads. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on voicemails. There should be somebody auditing how bad their leads actually are, yet they charge obscene ($15-$30 per lead) amounts for these incredibly awful leads. I specifically told them that I did not want to renew my subscription. And, that I wanted to be told in advance before they would hit my account for the $300 dollar subscription. They never called, though I continued to stop my leads because they were completely bogus. And they… Read more »
My flooring store is a small family owned business. I became a member a couple years ago with HomeAdvisor. They promised you moon to get me to join with a yearly fee of $250, plus $54 every time they send you a lead. While you do have the option of turning off their service to prevent receiving leads, I have done so many times. Recently, the week of August 22, 2017, I turned back on their leads. Leads which they say are strictly screened before sending to the contractor to contact the customer. The first lead on August 22, 2017,… Read more »

Hi Adam, We’re sorry to hear this. We are unable to control the decisions of the homeowners but we do our best to provide you with the tools and opportunities to help you sell your business. A request also has to be submitted with the consumer’s information in order for you to receive it as a lead. We don’t see that you have terminated your account, if this is something you would like to do please reach out to emailus@homeadvisor.com or call Customer Care at 877-947-3639. -HASupport


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