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When the economy is hard and jobs are scarce, many people rely on job placement services or headhunters to help them find a job to help them stay on their feet. For some people, everything falls on them being aided in their search especially if they do not have a lot of other skill sets to fall back on.

Have you been to a job placement service and received no help? Have they given you reason to hope and lead you with false promises to not really keep their promises of getting you a job when you desperately needed one? Was the job placement service even helpful to begin with? Did you go expecting someone to help you out and work with you on a personal basis but all they did was give you a paper filled with job search engines to try and tell you where you can go to improve your resume?

Did you pay for someone to assist you in your job search but they never helped you come up with any promising leads? Were you the one to track down all the promising lead on your own and found that going to the job placement service was a waste of your time and money? Perhaps you feel it is your civic duty to other job seekers to warn them of a particular job placement service that is of little to no help at all.

Or do you own a business and are constantly being called by a job placement service or headhunters and have told them repeatedly that you do not have any job openings or take graduate students in for work experience. Do the same services call you repeatedly even though you may have told them that you don’t want them calling your business back?

If you have any complaints about a job placement service then share your experience here at Complaint List. We want to know which services actually help people and which should be avoided. And if your business is being harassed by a service, then you can share which service harasses you here as well at

Below is a list of current consumer complaints for Staffing / Job Headhunter companies. On this page you can browse through these current user reviews and complaints.

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