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Last Updated On: May 6, 2017

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Corporate Address:
702 W Idaho St #1100
Boise, Idaho 83702 USA

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Major Golf Pro Phone Number: 855-203-1676
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Average Rating: 1.10 out of 5
Based On: 21 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 11

Major Golf Pro Reports

Reported Losses: $1,375.30
Average Reported Losses: $65.49

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Scam, Rip Off

An e-mail popped up some golf balls for a dollar shipping cost. I am a grandmother and since my grandson plays golf I thought this would be a good deal. Never was there any type of disclosure saying that I was joining something.

I am elderly and on a fixed income so every $1 counts. Then there it was on my checking account, there i was $47.83 taken out of my account. That would pay one of my bills.

Now, I will have to leave that bill unpaid due to Major Golf Pro SCAM.

Seems as though this is some type of illegal scam. If Major Golf Pro can’t get any customers any other way they don’t need to be a business! I am reporting them to BBB cause this isn’t right to prey on people and not knowing their financial status.

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Had much the same experience as other victims report. Called their number to have them issue credit to my account which they refused to do. Hung up on me. I’ll challenge charge but am not optimistic of a happy outcome.

Same complaint as other people who were scammed. Used the TRIAL offer for 3 golf balls for one dollar for shipping. Today I found $47.XX charge on my account. I called the “customer care” line and was given the “fast talker” sales pitch, which I had to interrupt to even tell “Adam” what my complaint was about. I was told that the order was for a seven day trial period and then you are charged for golf videos, and other goodies. I told them I didn’t want anything else, I hadn’t even had time to try the balls yet. I… Read more »

I told them I was reporting their scam to attorney general and I got 100% of my money back

Yes, I fell for it. $48 per month for nothing. Nothing came with the balls to describe the alleged “service”.

I also have a charge on my card for $47.83. I called and informed them and again they refused to give a credit. I am disputing it with my card company. Maybe, it hasn’t been paid yet. Total Scam!!!

Tell them you are calling attorney general , get $$ back

This truljy should be made awre to the prople who put this on facebook! They are totally fraudulent, with thei promition! I called 4 times, about my cancellation and the one charge all ready drafted out if my bank account would not be credited! I’m not stopping if I have to call every day!!

What a scam! Pay $1 to ship an order for a “free” sleeve of golf balls, and then get a charge for $47? And what a rude customer service experience….

My wife does the bills but it’s my fault. Payed $1 to handle shipping for a free sleeve of balls. Unknowingly they’ve been charging me $47 for the last 6 months. Wonder how many saps these thieves ripped off. anyone wants to send them a F*U message here’s their support #

Bunch of thieves in the night

I also ordered the 3 golf balls as did many others. I just got my credit card bill and was billed an additional $47.83. It appears this is a scam and the complaints add up, but I do not see if anybody got creditted back or what is our next step.


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