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Last Updated On: December 21, 2017

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Business Name: Synth-tec Inc
Corporate Address:
189 Avenue A
New York, New York 10009 USA

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Phone Number: 917-587-4500
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Jethro Berelson - Owner
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.50 out of 5
Based On: 8 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 10

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $40.00
Average Reported Losses: $5.00

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Corrupted website

First of all I do want to say this..If i was able to rate this website a zero i would, but zero is not a choice. I don’t use this website, I don’t have a profile on this website, I’ve never purchased anything from this website and I in anyway have never personally known the owner or admins of this website personally or socially. My complaint is of no personal vendetta or in anyway to “intentionally” trash a business for no reason, unless i have a VALID reason.

I DO want to say this, this “business” went out of their way to completely stalk and bully me online, hack into all my personal electronic devices..this includes my home personal computer, my phone, tablet, etc. They even did this to my family members. They got involved into my personal daily life, my personal photos, etc and completely took it among themselves to bully me consistently, stalk, and spy on me on a daily basis.

Again i’m going to say this..I have NEVER done business with this website, nor do i use their “social profiles”. Once i found out this company was doing this to me and confronted them they repeatedly tried to humiliate me on a daily basis through my personal relationships with others and even having their “friends” and “admins” contribute in their illegal activities and started to repeatedly and daily send me sexist and violent emails as to what they would do to me if i were to escalate this to authorities. The owner of this website is a coward, when i found out his website was responsible for doing this I immediately contacted them I was just met with more bullying.

This is my review as well as my TRUTH… the website, the owner, the admins are completely corrupted and mentally disturbed individuals. The fact that they would go through all this trouble to get involved in a complete strangers life to commit these type of crimes and behavior is just completely beyond my understanding.

It’s your choice if you choose to do business with them and join their site, but all i ask is that you at least take the time to see the reviews on the web to this website. I would hate to see any other person go through this type of treatment from a website, especially since their website is aimed towards a younger crowd. Since then the matters have been dealt by the authorities and through legal action.

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i signed up for the website i had my account for a few days…i was nioce, diddent do anything wrong. i go to log in and i cant, so i try to reset password. it said my email doesent belong. so go to make a new account while in tears over loosing friends. then it sais im band…..for no reason

I just got ripped off for buying a premium membership with no reason given ;or real legal motive.

I agree that VF is completely corrupt. I was on the site when i was 14, which looking back, considering i was able to talk to people of all ages, isnt right. Back then, it was ok. Not great, but at least there was SOME vague hint at an alternative culture. Now it seems to be geared towards people meeting up for a quickie, so the perverts seem to be more so now. Yet look on the complaints board, and the issue quickly gets swept under the rug. I know someone who messaged Jet directed about perverts and he suspended… Read more »
VF is full of Pedophiles, underage naked teens, rapists, perverts, murderers the list is endless and not a single f**k is give because of jets ego. I have seen the way people treat others and the way admin treat users it’s sickening. The rating system is also flawed and i have seen a few people be littled because they chose to have there ratings off. I can only thing the people who need to grow up got pissy because they couldnt rate them a one. Don’t get me started on the so called gothic/industrial music side of the site not… Read more »
VF more than deserves the bad rep it gets. From the rampant cyber bullying to the chat rooms filled with PC gamer elite kids who group troll users at their own expense, to the admins of the site that purposely ignore support tickets opened up, its no wonder why these crimes continue to be committed. The users of the site will always make comparisons to Facebook crimes when asked about this or just plain and simply berate you and call you names. "This happened on Facebook, so why can’t it happen around here?" Essentially, this group of intellectually intense, elite,… Read more »
there actually is many people on the site are old school goths like that, some of whom happen to be my friends! the site cant put up band profiles on their own and the such of them though due to copyright problems and is more of a choice wether or not the band wants to advertise themselves on the site. the store mostly specializes in the culture you speak of, but u can find some really nice stuff that speaks the more elderly forms of goth. however some of those prices are jacked a bit more than normal for retail.
Vampirefreaks is a total corrupt site. I had an administrator tell me that I am banned for thirty days and if and when I return he will monitor all of my communications and outbox material and if he doesn’t like what he sees then not only will I be banned, he will share information with the authorities all because I went off on some punk kid. Why should I go back to a site where they will constantly be looking at my outbox and if they don’t like what they see, then they ban me? I was a Premium member… Read more »
VF is a joke site. They let the members an staff harass, stalk and make death threats and do nothing. They give out your IP and your into and you will get spammed and virus and even hacked like I did. It is nothing but a site for bully’s, idiots and kids. Any person on there who thinks its ok to do this and do nothing about it is not worth your time and safety. They had up a Anti-Bully flag for maybe 5 days at least. I submitted to a group for fun and had a ADMIN send me… Read more »

Vampirefreaks and the staff need to start getting their stuff straight, my brother and i both had an account on there for awhile,my brother posted a not so good picture and was banned,then when i logged into my account,i was banned too! They banned the whole IP address! i emailed "Jet" or whatever his name is,and he basicly told me tough ****! how are you supposed to run a website,and ban people for no reason,like seriously!

Hey Gary, I know what you mean. These people are total Nazis. They single certain people out. There are a lot of people on there who do really disgusting things yet VF will look the other way but if a certain administrator doesn’t like your attitude he puts a 30 day ban on you despite the fact you might be a Premium member and they don’t give you a refund. Then makes threats on you at the same time.


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