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Last Updated On: May 8, 2017

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Steve Madden sells defective shoes and won't stand behind their product

While on vacation in Las Vegas in February, I purchased a pair of shoes at a Steve Madden store at the Venetian Hotel. These are dress shoes covered with rhinestones. They cost $151.36.

I have worn the shoes two times – indoors at my home while entertaining – and the rhinestones are falling off various parts of the shoes.

I called Steve Madden’s national “customer satisfaction” number. They offered no assistance, much lest “satisfaction.” They told me that I had to deal directly with the store in Las Vegas. (I live in Chicago.)

I called the Las Vegas store on Tuesday. I spoke with someone who told me that the shoes should have come with replacement rhinestones. They did not.

Apparently Steve Madden expects the rhinestones to fall off, so they supply replacement rhinestones and the customer is expects to repair the shoes as needed. Their apparent expectation that the shoes would self-destruct under normal conditions was, of course, never disclosed.

This is an inherently bad product if the seller expects the shoes to require the customer to undertake an art project and glue replacement rhinestones to the shoes to keep them looking decent.

When I called the Las Vegas store, I was told that the manager — India — was out for the day but would call me Wednesday.

When India failed to call on Wednesday, I called the store again. I was told that she didn’t show up on Wednesday either. However, the lady on the phone committed to calling the “district manager” and getting back to me.

I received no call on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.

When I pay over $150 for a pair of shoes, I expect them to last and look good — without maintenance on my part — for more than six hours of wear inside my home. These shoes didn’t last for six hours with falling apart and looking bad.

When I call the national “customer satisfaction” number for a known brand, I expect the company to be organized in a manner that allows the people to provide “customer satisfaction.” Steve Madden is not organized in that manner.

When I call a store and they promise to get back to me, I expect them to get back to me. The people working at Steve Madden’s Las Vegas store apparently don’t think a promise to respond needs to be honored.

If you want to buy shoes from a store that knows that they are going to fall apart, if you want to deal with a company whose “customer satisfaction” staff is not allowed to provide “customer satisfaction,” or if you want do deal with a company whose employees do not live up to the service commitments they freely make (like calling back), then you will love doing business with Steve Madden shoes.

Steve Madden Location – 3377 S Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas Nevada 89801

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