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Have you ever paid someone to perform a service only to later find yourself wishing you had just done it yourself?  If it’s a service that you are incapable of performing, this can be an especially frustrating experience.  You’re left feeling helpless.  No one likes being taken advantage of.  While there’s no reversing the past, you can file a complaint on to safeguard against the future.

When you file on Complaints List, others will come across your words as they research a particular service.  When they read about your awful experience, how likely do you think they will be to consider the company you dealt with as a potential service provider?  That’s right.  Not very likely at all!  So, while you may not be able to change what happened to you, you can at least insure that the service you used isn’t able to harm more people than they already have.  Here are just a few samples of the various services that you might have a complaint about.

Auction Services

Auction services are great places for finding bargains – until that “bargain” ends up being nothing like what you thought you were getting into.  It can be hard to find informative reviews and useful information about auction services.  If you’ve been frustrated by the lack of information out there on auction services, you can do something about it by filing your own complaint about an auction service.

Demolition Services

This category isn’t just for the contractors.  You could be a neighbor to a current demolition site, or a property owner that’s been affected by a demolition service.  Share your story with the community through

Factories / Assemblers

You’re probably well aware of the fact that many factory standards have fallen in terms of product quality.  If you’ve seen this first hand or have special knowledge that needs to get into the public arena of discussion, don’t hesitate to file with Complaints List so that others can be made aware of the truth.

Ink Printer Services

Printing services aren’t cheap.  And, when you decide to use the services of a printer – whether it’s for family logos or your company’s t-shirts – you have a right to expect the best.  If you’ve been let down by ink printer services, file a complaint today so others know which services they should steer clear of.

Photo Services

The truth is, you could probably print out photos on your own.  However, you chose to use a photo service for a number of reasons: convenience, quality, low price, etc.  Now, you’re kicking yourself for having ever trusted the job to a supposed “professional.”  Hopefully you were able to get your money back.  Regardless of that fact, however, you should file with Complaints List so that others know the truth about the photo service you dealt with.

Storage Facilities Services

This category can have some pretty serious complaints.  After all, many people put away their treasures in storage facilities.  When these facilities aren’t protected from the elements and/or thieves, you can wind up with a big problem on your hand.  From minor grievances to game-changing issues, don’t hesitate to file with Complaints List today!

Remember, these are just some of the problems you might have with different services.  If you can’t find the appropriate place to file a complaint, just let us know, and we’ll make sure your message has a home on!

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