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Last Updated On: January 3, 2018

Contact Information

Business Name: Vivint Inc
Corporate Address:
4931 North 300 W
Provo, Utah 84604 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 800-216-5232
Company Contact: Alex Dunn - Owner
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.22 out of 5
Based On: 32 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 28

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $31,922.73
Average Reported Losses: $997.59

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Beware of Consumer Care

In 2008, I acquired a home alarm system from Viivint.

In 2013, our home was destroyed by flood; and I called, faxed, e-mailed and sent a registered letter to Vivint to cancel our services.

We’ve had poor results, they refuse to stop billing me.

I finally demanded that my bank stop their deductions, but as late as 11/09/16, Vivint is still threatening to “accelerate their collection for immediate collections”.

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More About Vivint SmartHome

Additional Contact Info: Principal: Mr. Alex Dunn (President), Customer Contact: Mr. Nathan Wilcox (General Counsel), Mr. Josh Houser (VP Inside Sales), Mr. JT Hwang (CTO), Ms. Kristi Knight (VP Communications)


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Horrible customer service

very unhappy with this company

I armed my home before I left. When I arrived home about 1 1/2 hours later, the alarm was not working. The screen was different on the panel. When I called, I was told it was updating the system. I was angry to learn that when they update, the alarm is disarmed!. I spoke to a supervisor and I expressed my concern that my house was not secure. I told him if something would have happened I would hold them responsible. He told me that didn’t happen and if it had he they would deal with it. I’m sure they… Read more »

I sold my home AND transferred the service to the new buyer, they are now coming at me with threats of sending to a collection company for $1358. It’s been 8 months since I moved. I have NO idea where to go from here. I’ve filed a complaint with the Utah BBB and contacted an attorney. They are even emailing my work now!

I signed up for Vivint 3 yrs ago and NOTHING works! the camera doesn’t work it’s been offline for almost a year, the door locks don’t work, the lamp module was discontinued and I’m stuck paying $75 a month for NOTHING!!! They want to charge you to come out and fix their crappy equipment and they refuse to let you out of your contract! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!!

We signed up for Vivint after a salesman came to our home. We signed a 5 year agreement. Most of the time after almost 3 years it worked fine, however, there have been times when the service didn’t work and calls to customer service had to be made. At the time we signed up we were promised the company would install solar panels and additional insulation in our attic within a year. That never happened and calls to the company didn’t produce any solution. Now we have called to explain we had to sell our house in Texas to move… Read more »
Be aware your nightmare with Vivint does not end even AFTER you finish paying contract and cancel the service.We moved and rented the house. The tenant is complaining they cannot stop the fire alarm from beeping for a new battery even though they replaced the battery. The system is shut off, the tenant did not request alarm system service. Vivint won’t do anything about the fire alarm because “we no longer have service with them”. It’s their equipment! We now have to pay to have an electrician disconnect the wires. While we had the service they turned off our tornado… Read more »

vivint is the worst my wife signed with out me and it turned out to be a 48 month contract so now they want the rest of the 2 1/2 years worth up front to cancel service. They are idiots stay away

This is a unbelievable
Company lied to get me to sign contract door to door cold call told them I was in a rental home said no problem bought a home got out of rental. Sold home lost income due to the turndown in the oil field moved into rental an they have no mercy sales lied on neighbor hood breakends I cant believe I fell for it

1 pissed off customer
I had the WORST service in my life! not only was the salesman a LIAR but was also promised me that I was not going to get charged for the1st TRAIL month but that was not the case these people from the Salesman to the on the phone service agents, they were quick to get my money but when I wanted to cancel they gave me a hard time saying I couldn’t cancel reason being that I went over the 30 days BS!!! I had 2 days to cancel !!! STAY AWAY FROM them. Sean was the Sales Rep no… Read more »

We cancelled our services in February and they keep taking out the money from our account even though we have asked them 10 times to cancel it. What can we do?

I had to close my account! Now they are coming after me with a collection threat.

Call your bank and have them do a stop payment it will probably cost you like it did me 31.00 but it’s worth it
Or.. you may have to totally close your account with your bank and open a new one
Thank you Vivant
What a horrible company!!!

I was putting my house up for sale and moving to another. I was concerned about leaving the house empty so I told the Vivint salesman that I was looking at 6 months to a year. He told me they offered “2 years, 3 years, sissa months” ( he had a heavy accent) I told him 6 months was perfect, and I could renew if needed. He entered 6.0 on the written contract. When I sold the house and called to cancel, I was told it was for 60 months and there is no way I can cancel!!!!! I have… Read more »
David Baines Valley Sr.

Very dishonest company and their employees, they will tell you any lie to get your business.

Pushy salesmen came to my door “not selling anything”.

Please, please heed the warnings on Vivint. Vivint Inc. is an unethical company. Their salespeople are trained to be deceitful and specialize in preying on the elderly. My parents live on Maui, are in their eighties and had a perfectly good, operational burglar alarm. The clean cut, fast talking Vivint salesman seemed nice and reputable, but he turned out to be a classic scam artist. After softening them up by scaring them with talk of “nearby” burglaries, the sleazy peddler went into high gear explaining all the bells and whistles of the “absolutely free” Vivint burglar alarm. Vivint was very… Read more »

Great company my whole family has Vivint and has it for around 8 years. Love this company. Always helpful and NO complaints what so ever. Their employees are always nice and helpful if I ever have a question which is very rarely. Total 5 star company. Wouldn’t go with any other security company.

I had a system installed on 3/28. That was almost three weeks ago. It never worked properly from the start. I put in multiple requests for service. They stated the first available was in December. My last call was elevated to a manager. I did get the service appointment moved up to June 6th. Wow, that’s much better. I only have to wait two months to get a service appointment for my system that is supposed to be providing security for the life and safety of my family. I do not recommend this company to anyone. In fact I recommend… Read more »
Beware indeed! In 2015-March, the company Vivint (a sales manager and approx. 5 sales trainees) were canvassing our Tampa, FL neighborhood this past week. Their goal being to sell wireless home security systems, by admittedly and openly stealing customers from ADT. They specifically stated that they approach homes with visible ADT signage on the lawn such as I display. Long story short, the sales manager was telling me and other prospective customers that specific neighbors has already signed a contract with him … obviously hoping to provide confidence and gain a actual sale. His mistake was assuming that said neighbors… Read more »

I’m taking them to court. this stinks

I was told I had a 2 year contract, now they are saying I have a 4 year contract and there is no way to get out of it. I told the salesmen I would not sign a 4 year contract. Now, bam. I never agreed to this and have a witness. This is just wrong. they want me to pay over 1000 to get out of something I never agreed to.

For all those who are having issues with Vivint, who are billing improperly billed, who need a NOC (notice of cancelation) and ACH revoke authorization letter (to stop Vivint pulling money from your accounts) you need to read this article "how to cancel Vivint and file a complaint"

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I have been overcharged for Vivint services. I keep being called about a January bill that Vivint says they did not get. I pay Vivint directly through my banks bill pay. The bill was paid. My wife called Vivint and was told to send the electronic confirmation of the payment made from the bank and to send it to I in turn sent the last 7 months proof of payment (Sep 2013 – Mar 2014) to the support address. To no evail I keep getting calls from Vivint asking me where the January payment is. These people are either… Read more »
Vint account number 810857, we signed a 5 year contract on june 4th 2008 the 5 years are up all paid, I requested a discontinue of service by phone, they said I hav e to sell the security system to anoth er person, since they they are in violation of contract we will sue on TV judge. Elijah Buxton said we are now on a monh to month contract completed June3rd 2013 last payment should be MARCH 2013 , Some one not a fraud stopped payment , but Elijh restarted payment.. we live on a busy corner so we will… Read more »

Change your account/credit card so they cannot bill you. Resend the signed written cancellation notice (which includes the AR#) you emailed/faxed/mailed 30 days prior to the renewal date.

Security is essential fact of our daily life. It makes our life safety and risk free. I think making our assets safety everybody should receive service from security experts like as Vivint Security. Thanks!

So now we have heard from the non english speaking vivint employee.


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