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Last Updated On: November 14, 2016

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My husband was exposed to a dangerous chemical BROMINE whilst fulfilling his duties as a Contracts Manager for G4S South Africa on a clients site. No hazmat team were called, no fire department and no medical assistance was offered, in fact it was denied and he was told to get himself to the hospital with a blank Incident on Duty Form. No one bothered to visit him or call whilst he was in hospital and no one bothered to advise him how dangerous the chemical he had been exposed to would affect him. In short no one cared.

A year later the exposure to this chemical on his lungs became very apparent and he was in and out of hospital on several occasions. G4S South Africa sought to hold an Incapacity Disciplinary Hearing because he could no longer fulfill his job responsibilities (as they saw it). After a horrendous one sided incapacity hearing in which they admit that he is disabled due to this accident they dismissed him for incapacity by citing that he wants to work under conditions that are only favorable to himself and not G4S. They also cited that his health had improved tremendously. When asked about the accident that took place, Human Resources stated that they knew nothing about it. They advised that they had conducted various counseling sessions with him but were unable to produce the minutes of these minutes, expect for a quick 5 minute session they conducted before his hearing.

We went through an appeal process which was unsuccessful. We submitted documentation to them to prove his disability during the appeal process, yet they sought not to inform their insurance company of a disability claim as they were of the opinion that there was nothing wrong with him, he was in fact faking it. And so he was kicked to the curb by his employer, who maimed and disabled him, without a disability pension, and irreversible damage to his lungs. A lung transplant will be required at some stage.

I have written a book which I hope to get published to raise funds to continue with our staggering ongoing medical bills and to keep our heads above water financially. Legally we have been fighting this matter for 5 years, having sought help from Legal Aid, The Pension Funds Adjudicator, The Ombudsman for Insurance and we have been turned away.

No company will ever employ my husband again. He will never be able to take out a disability policy or a life policy. He will never be able to provide. G4S have ruined his life as they have so many others.

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march 1996. guarding sistem cript. guards without duty on tha road.

Issues going on at 1000 Coit have gotten out of control. Not only racial things going on nothing is being done about it. Sit supervisor knows of the issues and nothing is being done. The employees that are actually doing their jobs are the ones that things are happening to.

G4S ALERT I have heard numerous complaints about an officer who has been placed on college campuses, who for one is to protect the students and faculty from any harm, and to watch over the campus as a whole. This one particular security guard was removed from one college campus, to a school I attend. He has been found to be sneaking around, listening to other student’s conversations and going back to tell the faculty what these students are talking about. This leads to mistrust and asking the students what is “Priority” on the campus? I heard last, he made… Read more »
G4S, I have heard numerous complaints about an officer who has been placed on college campuses, who for one is to protect the students and faculty from any harm, and to watch over the campus as a whole. This one particular security guard was removed from one college campus, to a school I attend. He has been found to be sneaking around, listening to other student’s conversations and going back to tell the faculty what these students are talking about. This leads to mistrust and asking the students what is “Priority” on the campus? I heard last, he made accusations… Read more »
The big problem with G4S is the discrepancy between locations. Some locations have decent pay while others locations have terrible pay. The one thing in common, at least with US locations is no location has respectable benefits. A lot of the problem comes from all the individual contracts with clients. Being with one of the big clients does not guarantee better pay or benefits. At our NC location pay has been stagnant for years. We were hopeful that our recent contract negotiations would change things but were sorely disappointed. Instead of better pay or benefits G4S bargained for the addition… Read more »

good morning everyone I am chanchal Kumar my qualification BSC Math’s Hons and I liked g4s job but respected post as per example data entry cctv opreter my exp-1 years
But g4s seller is very low what is reason all agency 8 hours 12000/- but g4s 8 hours 9000/-this meter about confirmed all team.

how many breaks does the account manager get. at the labc account this guy disappears for hours and on his time sheet it said he was here. The worst account manager i’ve ever seen.stealing money!

G4S taking advantage of asylum seekers to make huge amount of money in their accounts. They don’t even care about basics needs of those vulnerable people. Home office assigned them as asylum seeker’s landlords they they should provide them at least basic kitchen utensils, microwave and vacuum cleaner specially families with little kids but they don’t bother about a thing. they just money sucking vampires.

One of the sites I’m posted @ has very poor management. The officers complain about leadership all the time and it’s very frustrating. I’m regretting that I even made shift lead. The site supervisor has the nastiest attitude ever. You can’t call her for anything without getting questioned about why you are calling her. Duh we have an issue and you are the supervisor over the site. So who exactly are we suppose to call if an issue arises? I guess we skip over her and call the account manager. The double standards here a ridiculous. You can’t call her… Read more »

Totally understand im going thru the same thing here in alabama this company is a d**n joke..for these fools to claim to be number one in security they sure lack integrity and organization…cant wait to quit

Site supervisors are the worst. They want the extra money that the position pays for supervision, but they don’t want to do the work that goes along with it. And I blame the local operations manager for not training them like they should be trained.

D.Shade G4S is a great company to work for, if you like dirt! They probably have the dirtiest accounts in the entire security industry. I have recently left G4S in Phoenix, AZ for a better paying job in a much nicer community. I feel blessed. I was so glad to leave that company and start my new job, that I actually forgot that they owed me money. At one point I was surprised to find that they deposited payment for my last 40 hours worked. On the flip side of things, the dirtiest accounts are usually the ones with job… Read more »

I really wouldn’t give G4S credit for anything.

G4s is terrible I was hired as a new HR manager and was let go in 20 days of being there for no reason nothing. Asked office manager why all she had was this dumb look on her face and said that she really couldn’t say. Take it in mind I was always on time always completed my work and always done what they asked of me . Not to mention I had left my previous company to come and work for them. Luckily I got that job back. But I definitely will be issuing a class action lawsuit against… Read more »

Lol,Yeah I got that same response from the b***h head of HR Mildred that she couldn’t tell me why I was fired.As far as class action lawsuit I think all of us nationwide and from this site should file one together against the headquaters I know I’m in if anyone does.

I would advise anyone thinking about working for G4S to think twice about it. I worked in a management position for nearly 8 years and made it known that I was contemplating retiring within the next year. Shortly after that, I was told I was being removed from my position, being given a lesser, non-management position at a much lesser salary and someone else was going to be hired to replace me at a higher wage and I was supposed to train the new person. Mind you, there were never any complaints about my work, I received the highest scores… Read more »

Worked in the cash centre in London UK. got bullied, lied to and detained by management. DO NOT WORK FOR THIS LOT !!!!

April F Crews please email me ASAP. I also would like to start a Class Action Lawsuit against G4s for the same reasons that you wrote in your reports. Ron (crof4829@yahoo.com)

Me too

My god, what an appalling Company! They are all two faced spineless, useless individuals, who do not have a quarter of a brain cell to function with. If the face fits; no matter how thick that person is they are in and you, the one who is capable of doing the job with your eyes closed are out!

West virginia is as pathedic as all the above comments. the General Manager is an a**l. Narsacistic lier. the Officer all make fun of him, He follows the office manager around with his little school boy crush. Neve goes out to try to sell jobs. just harrassess everyone. He expects you to work 70 hers a week for forty hours pay. He has lost nine thousand hours since taking over and he still blames everyone else but him and he’s the reason.I don’t think he’s read the ethics code. but he treats people like crap and i think that’s what… Read more »
G4S Code of Ethics doesn’t apply to management, and I mean UPPER management, right on up to Drew Levine. They put all their practices and policies and procedures out there to make the company look like a good company to work for, but in reality, they work their employees to death and if they don’t like someone or personalities clash, no matter of they do an excellent job, they find a way to get rid of them. I worked for them for 9 years in a management position, so I have the inside scoop on them that a lot of… Read more »

Lol,so that was my problem I wasn’t a suck up :)? Yeah I did a better job than any male officer on any post I was on and still got canned,the company needs to be shut down.Oh wait they were at one point since they were Wackenhut then hid under G4S to avoid lawsuits just like they are getting ready to deal with again.

It was okay until the client syndrome kicked in. Position in a large state facility was great with pay, health care and all the overtime you could handle. Then the cutbacks started and you and the company became a third party. You no longer "worked" for the primary client . Dissention was always making its way around the different posts in the place and seemed to fluctuate like a never ending dark cloud moving around. Guards were quitting, transferring or being let go almost every few months. The primary client contact was a power monger and took things too personally… Read more »
Everything you said is spot on! It’s unfortunate, but with this company, the client is ALWAYS right. Investigations are, or should always be done when a client files a complaint against an officer. But whether that officer was in the right or in the wrong, they are removed from that post. If they were in the right, it could mean a loss of benefits and a drastic cut in pay or hours, but they don’t care about their employee, they care about the client. The client is where G4S gets their money, not the employee. This company has no loyalty… Read more »
Not Always I was an overworked G4S employee treated like s**t for being Gay and I would get 18 hr shift schedules with 4 hours between shifts. Removed from sites for no reason. One of there Clients saw my hard work and potential hired me as a client over G4S and they don’t respect me as a client I’m Still waiting for my tracks system to be fixed after 6 months and 4 meetings. They send me troubled officers that sleep and don’t do anything I need them removed they blame me as the problem and wont remove them. They… Read more »

I’ve worked with them since 2005 off and on. They are not a bad COMPANY TO WORK FOR. JUST CERTAIN INDIVIDUALS MAKE IT A BAD NAME. DON’T TAKE CARE OF THEIR BUSINESS.

Oh really? Yeah right I am assuming you are one of those that keeps your mouth shut,kisses butt and never has any issues with anyone this is no doubt why you are the only one not complaining about them on here

G4S employee Marshal Wiliams ,working in tag and registration office in Plantation Florida is the wrst guard i ever met ,hi is wery not profesional very rutand nasty to white peoples .Guarding this office hi is almost sliping on his chair and lisenig loudy music from his i pod.Hi tray to force mi to seat screming on mi .I complain to the office supervisor,and hi repremend mr Wiliams ,after this hi come back to waiting room showing mi smaili face.Mr Wiliams not supous work in public place like this,becouse his terible atitude.Please excuse my english .I now seven lenguiges ,… Read more »
I’ve worked here for almost 3 months now and it has been terrible. I’m forced to walk outside for 3rd shift (2300-0700) without a coat (they refuse to send me one and I’m not allowed to wear a personal one), in the pouring rain, in 25 degree weather, and without any kind of rain gear. I filed a complaint and the HR lady is very sweet. I really trust her, but the Operations Managers (OM)! They will screw you over and blame you for their mistakes. Doesn’t help that my OM was the CPT at my post just 2 weeks… Read more »

Hi my name is Miles . I am a Veteran who was also recently just terminated from G4S after I made a complain about being sexually harassed because of my sexual orientation. This I the worse company that any Military Veteran could ever work for.

Miles they are famous for discrimination and allowing sexual harassment and if you complain forget about it you are toast.I went through the same thing and also was terminated.This company is pathetic and illegal in every sense of the word not to mention the Federal laws they violate.Sexual Harassment and Discrimination is a violation of Federal Law

That’s another feather that G4S likes to put in their own cap. “WE ARE PROUD TO SAY WE HIRE MILITARY VETERANS”!!!!!!! They treat military veterans like crap, just like they treat anyone else.

The only people they treat with any respect is ex cops

G4s secure solutions IN TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO IS A BIG JOKE. I am permanent employee employed for 7 years, just because the economy here is terrible. There is a tremendous amount of VICTIMISATION FOR FEMALE EMPLOYEES. Mr. Sheldon Jack. The CRA (Central Rostering Offiser) Thinks he runs the South Branch.. Numerous employees complain about him to no avail.. i will post alot more complaints about G4s Trinidad in time to come… But for now… IF FEMALE EMPLOYEE DOES NOT SLEEP WITH THE CRA OR THE SUPERVISORS , THEY SEE HELLLLLLLLLL…. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP REMOVE THESE PEOPLE FROM THESE POSITIONS…………….. Just… Read more »

Exactly G4S has a reputation for disrespecting female officers on a major scale.I complained about being sexually harassed and having a male officer disrespect me in front of a client I got taken off my post threatened before that then terminated

These are the kind of people that get to keep their jobs. The a$$holes.

G4S is a very.very bad company to work for. they practice an extreme amount of favoritism. cheat its employees out of money and overtime, and lie about health benefits. i am amazed that the news media, department of economic security, and federal legislatures arent all over this company. i have worked for different security companies through out my years in this field, and never have i found a security company as currupted as G4S secure solutions. perhaps, we all should ban together, take the time and write to the different news channels throughout the nation. send emails to other security… Read more »

All of us should contact the media

My problems started when Bank of America took over Chicago’s beloved Lasalle Bank in 2008. Armed Securitas security officers sat at podiums inside the bank and protected employees and customers with courtesy and pride, thrilled to work for a bank that treated it’s people with kindness and respect. Bank of America and G4S Wackenhut came in and tossed us outside to stand year round all day on unforgiving concrete in the heat of summer and sub degree temps in the winter. Now in 2013 I can hardly walk because of feet, knee, and ankle pain including a torn meniscus. They… Read more »


G4S will NEVER admit what their real turnover rate is. Every year, each office that has a high turnover rate has to go through all of their terminations for the year and on the advice of the VP of Corp. Human Resources, has to change certain termination codes so it will reflect more positively on their annual turnover rate. Talk about ethics.

Lol,yeah G4S has no ethics or respect for it’s employees whatsoever that’s for sure

G4S Milwaukee is the worst company I have ever worked for. They treat Military Veterans horribly.

You Veterans should find a way to report them to some form of Veteran’s Affairs to launch an investigation

I agree, I am a Site Supervisor at G4S and they have an employee here that is buddies with the client. She gets anything she wants and if she doesn’t then I get lies reported about me to the client. they are trying now to secretivly remove me from this site as I had an investigation conducted by the GM due to the tardiness of this employee. He said he should write her up but then it turned to lets secretly remove the supervisor fromt he site. the GM and her now are close and she reports everything to him… Read more »

G4S always comes up with something, whether true or false, to err in their favor.

Horrible compnay …. allows harrassment of its employees by other employees

Exactly and God forbid if you file a complaint I did and well I am a former employee because I reported 2 officers that never got disciplined but I got threatened,removed from my post then terminated


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