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If you go to Yahoo or go to Google you are using a search engine. That is probably no surprise and not new information to you. For those that have grown up with the internet it is probably not a hard concept to understand. You go to the search bar and type in what it is you want to look for, press enter, and wait for the results to come in.

Hopefully, the results that come in are the ones that you were looking for. If your topic is too specific you can try to expand it and make it more generalized. Or if you are bombarded with tons of sites you may want to make your inquiry a little more specific so you can narrow down the sites and search for the material you are really looking for.

Search engines aren’t perfect and some information is clustered together. You may go to search for something and wonder how different sites completely unrelated to what you were looking for popped up with your search results. This can be extremely frustrating especially if you are writing a research paper and the information you need is hard to find.

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