Saving Money at the Supermarket

Americans are increasingly relying on farmers markets and other local sellers of produce to get their food throughout the week. But we still rely on the supermarket for a lot of things we cannot get locally. There’s nothing wrong with this of course, as supermarkets and local stores should be able to exist happily together. But, it’s still important to save money at the supermarket. You can’t bargain or haggle like you might be able to at a farmers market if you really wanted to save money, but there are a few tips out there to help you at the supermarket.

The following list has information from a great Consumer Reports magazine article from May of 2009:

Look Around – When you’re shopping for some basic staples, don’t just look at eye level. Check the tops and bottoms of shelves for identical products from cheaper brands. You’d be surprised what supermarkets hide down there or up top.

Compare Costs with a Calculator – A common trick sellers use when trying to convince consumers to buy their product is to make the illusion of something being cheaper. They sell you less quantity at a cheaper price than what another brand sells of more quantity. If you aren’t paying attention you get robbed. Simply divide the cost of something by how many ounces or liters it comes in. Then you get how much something costs per unit of measurement – an easy way to compare.

Buy for shelf life – Supermarkets actively try to keep less fresh produce up front. That way they are able to sell everything they can before it goes bad. Unless you plan on eating something the same day, take the time to dig in the back to find a fresher product. You get more for your money that way.

Those are just three pieces of great advice in the article. But they are three of the most important ones you can use right away when grocery shopping.

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