Save Money with Online Memberships

The normal American household has a lot of expenses. Many of us love having TV and cable to go along with it. We complain about the price, but we still pay it. Often times we barely watch what we pay for anyway!

So maybe, as a savvy consumer, you should consider whether you actually need to spend money on certain luxuries like cable anymore. But you might reply, “I don’t want to give up cable because I like it when I use it!” Well, there are other ways to be able to see the TVs and movies you want.

For example, a membership based streaming service like Hulu or Netflix can save you tons of money. They have extensive libraries of shows and movies that you can watch on-demand, on any computer and on many new TVs now. At the worst you might need to connect up a computer to your TV. Any IT person or computer store worker could help you with that. Netflix only costs about $8 a month and you get access to thousands of TV shows and movies! Hulu is very similar as well.

Another way you can save money on goods or purchases is to sign up for special memberships to online stores. A great example is Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime costs $79 a year. It gives you access to streaming content, e-book sharing, and free 2-day shipping. If you shop online anyway, you may want to consider how much you spend in shipping. Compare that with the ease of two-day shipping and the cost of a prime membership to see if it makes sense for you.

Lastly, you can sign up for local store club cards, like a Wal-Mart Card or Value cards at local grocery chains. These can give you extra discounts or rewards that help you save money elsewhere. If you’re going to shop there anyway, might as well get a card! Even online newsletters can provide discounts to goods you might not find discounted elsewhere.

If you already use a service or store frequently, or you are looking for alternatives to some of your current expenses, make sure you check out the memberships that are available to you. The benefits are often worth it.

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