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Last Updated On: July 27, 2017

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Business Name: Regis Corporation
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7201 Metro Blvd
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55439 USA

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Phone Number: 800-737-3535
Company Contact: Dan Hanrahan - Chairman CEO
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Average Rating: 1.52 out of 5
Based On: 30 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 21

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $625.35
Average Reported Losses: $20.85

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Deceit in charging

I have been a longtime customer of the Woodward Smart style and for the most part have always been very satisfied with it. The problem I am encountering is the manager, Jackie. She is constantly talking down to her hairdressers and I am not the only one that has witnessed this. My husband now refuses to come in there and is usually the one that brings our children.

On more than one occasion I have and my husband have seen her talking down to the ladies. She will call out across the salon what they have done wrong or chastise them in front of the whole salon, also on the occasions that I have got her as my stylist, she feels the need to whisper this ones business and that ones unsavory behaviors in the past.

I also feel that she pressures us to buy unwanted product. if we say not this time she will insist we have to buy the particular hair gel or shampoo or place it on the counter when we are checking out and once again I am in a very awkward position to say no.

My mother in law has experienced the same problem with her trying to force the products on her. I for one will not be coming in there again if I witness anymore of this bullying. As I stated before, my husband will not come back. He says she is abusive and refuses to even step foot back in there.

Woodward Smart style – 3211 Williams Ave OK 73801 | 580-254-5814

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My complaint is had highlights done about 4weeks ago which was a complete botch. No strands of lighter shades, only clumps of hair hardly any on right side two clumps in back Left side clumps hear and there Then last Thursday July 20 went back to same salon to get a perm. Well that didn’t take at all. Went into salon today salon #2181 and spoke to Tricia, she gave me information to email you, either on a full refund or fix what has been done wrong. My name is Eithne Cook your salon is in Oro Valley Az #… Read more »

I was told I would receive an gift card. Bevause of waiting 45 minutes for an haircut. I never have. Nicole answered my first complaint. She’s is over the smartstyle salons. Thank you.

Bloomington,UT Walmart-liars, do not care about customers. will never go back.

I went to the Smart Style Salon in Moberly Mo Wal-Mart on 12/22/2016. I previously sent in a good review, for Taylor, but am recalling that review. I went in for a cut & style which is $18.95 I believe. It should have been $16.95 with the Senior Discount. I did not realize it when I paid, BUT I was charged for a Perfect Package $21.50 – $2.15 Senior Discount with a total cost of $19.35…I have tried to find the mysalon, but it is not loading. Also, while I was their the girl placed 2 $5 bills on… Read more »
I went to Smart Style in Rockport Texas last week. I needed Highlights, and a toner which ran $59.90. The stylist was great (Lynnea) and did a great job. My issue is that my hair was wet after all was done. I had planned on going places for the remainder of the day. I asked her if she was going to dry it so that I could look decent for errands. She told me that the company is “cracking down” and will charge $5.00 to blow dry my hair. Of course this was ridiculous sounding to me and I about… Read more »

I had my hair done at the SmartStyle salon at Princeton and John Young Pkwy in Orlando Fl, a young lady by the name of Victoria did my hair, she did an excellent job on a color and a hair cut, I have long hair and am always worried they will take too much off, but she didn’t, she was excellent. Great service. I will definitely go back.

The worst Hair Cut I have ever had I will never go back to smartstyle EVER
in Yucca Valley Mallory is the worst she shouldn’t be cutting hair at ALL

BRIAN ALLEN (DAD) JENNIFER ALLEN i went too the smartstyle in walmart in marrero la. i took my daughter there told them she wanted it cut shoulder length ok she said 15 dollars ok so she wet it too cut it when she finshed cutting it thought she was going too dry it she didn t tell us that it cost 3r4 dollars more too dry it what a rip off wets it so she can get more money too dry it so she went home and dryed it
Savannahissusie Rottler
I went to smartstyles in Topeka ‘Ks, I went in for haircut. My hair was to the middle of my back, I asked for it to be layered and cut to about three inches below my shoulders, my hair was cut up to my chin on one side and right above my shoulder on the other side, the hair cut was so uneven, so I went back to have them fix it. well it is still uneven and up above my chin. I’m so unhappy, I want my hair fixed to look nice, but I’m afraid to have anyone else… Read more »

I went the smart style in stephen city va. walmart. stylist was audrey. she did a good job on my haircut. the price was good. she was very nice i would go back to her.

I, too have a complaint to lodge. I was told that I would be contacted in 72 hours when I submitted my first complaint about the SmartStyle in Walmart on Creighton Road, Pensacola, Fl. I never received aforementioned contact. I received THE WORST haircut, and the stylist completely ignored my request. My long hair got short, lopsided, and layered. I went in for a simple trim for my long, painstakingly grown hair. it looks like she had a personal grudge against me, the “cut” was so bad. Save time and trouble! if you want to experience personal embarrassment for the… Read more »

I went to the Smart Style salon and got the worst hair cut I have ever gotten when I got home and washed my hair which I should of gotten at the salon but didn’t I had to cut the spots she missed. I will never go to any Smart Style Salon the name of the hairdresser is Joanne it should be called a chop shop. It was a waste of my time and money.

This very rude,mean hairdresser at the Smart style in Chardon Walmart messed my hair up she cut three inches off one side and its all jagged and really bad the other half of my hair is three inches longer.I was desparate I just needed a a little trim.I even told her Im sorry to bother her that I just needed a little trim.I was the first cosumer of the day but she rudely expressed when I asked her how she was doing,she said I want to die.I should of left but I was desparate.I pointed out the very obvious mistake… Read more »

sounds like the one I got

Went to the one on Walmart in Altoona they charged me 30.00 for eyebrow waxing and I only paid 21.50 for hair cut rip off never go there again and they never told me the price before the did it

5350 W Ridge Rd, Inside Wal-Mart I will never come back to this hair salon again. I had my hair done for my brother’s wedding , along with the rest of the wedding party, and wound up having a terrible experience. The girl who was doing my hair carried on a conversation with her coworkers about “passing her test” to become a stylist and kept showing off her new tattoo she got in celebration of this feat (A pair of scissors on forearm). She kept talking about how “obsessed” she was with my red hair, all the while facing me… Read more »
I had to LITERATERLY tell her my hair does not need thinning because it’s then enough. You just need to straighten it and once it’s straighten you will see what I’m talking about. I had to make her out of a believer. Second trip about 3 or 4 years later same salon. I asked for a wash and set. Why did it take this child 5 hours to do my hair, and I had to tell her just leave it partially damp. I got so tired. I was sitting there thinking I could have done my hair quicker in my… Read more »
I live in Grayson, GA and have to drive to Chamblee to get a good Smartstyle hairstylist. Every single time that I have gone into my local Smart Styles which is in Snellville, GA, I have always had a bad experience. I don’t have have bad hair and many stylist have told me that I have a grade of hair that stylist love. My first experience was when I moved here 5 years ago. I went in for a haircut. The manager washed my hair and blow dried it. When my hair is dry it is thick, but once it’s… Read more »

I have been going to the SmartStyle Salon in Stockbridge, Georgia for some time now. The young lady that I went to on my first visit name was Tracie and she did such good job I have been requesting her every since. I notice that all of the young ladies and gentleman act very professional when I am in the shop. I hope they continue to do a good job.

never in my lifetime did I have such a bad experience with an hairstylist. Her name is Parma at Smartstyle in Bolton, Ontario. She did one side of my head shorter than the other not only that she also tryed to layer it and it remains in big chunks cut out. Never will I let her cut my hair again and I think that Smartstyle should make sure they have someone working for them that knows how to cut hair. It’s apparent that she cannot hold the sissors properly.

Through this blog I have some good information of SmartStyle Family Hair Salon which I was looking forward to know. After long since I have got this information in this website at all. I hope that it would come to help us more in the future. Take it up…


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