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Close allows users to complain about Hair Salons / Barber companies, businesses, or websites. If a Hair Salons / Barber company has done something wrong to you submit a consumer complaint today and let the world know to watch our for this company.

If you go to a hotdog stand and get a hotdog that’s not very good, it’s usually not a big deal.  But, if you go to a hair salon or barber and get a bad haircut… now that’s a different story.  You can find something else for lunch, but you can’t just go get another haircut to fix things.  What’s gone is gone, and that’s especially true with hair salon services and barbers!  It’s no wonder that people are so picky about who cuts their hair.  As you go through that lifelong search of finding the perfect haircutter, be sure to share your bad experiences here on so that others will know who to avoid!

Terrible Haircut?

Did you receive a terrible haircut?  Did you look in the mirror at the end, and think, “Were they even listening to what I wanted?”  If so, you’re up a creek without a paddle.  Sure, you might get a discount if you complain enough.  You might even get the cut for free.  However, there’s no changing your appearance.  The least you can do is file on Complaints List so that others will know to stay far, far away from this hair salon service or barber!

Outrageous Prices / Surprise Fees?

Sometimes you might get the “perfect” haircut, but be surprised by the fees that show up on your bill at the end.  However, what can you do?  You can’t have them take the dye out or put the hair back on your head!  If you’ve been blindsided by a surprise fee, or if you’re just outraged about an up charge, let others know on Complaints List!

Whatever your gripe may be, share your experiences with hair salon services and barbers here on!

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