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The retail industry is an entirely different ball game from every other business.  From sales tactics to clearance rates that put the price tag below cost, the retail industry is known for utilizing a few tactics that you just don’t see anywhere else.  For a consumer, it can be good and bad.  However, if you’re reading this page, it’s probably because you had a very bad experience with retail.  If that’s the case, you should file a complaint with  Doing so might encourage others who have had similar experiences to also come forward.  And, at the very least, filing a complaint will help insure that others don’t get into the same issues you found yourself in!

There are so many different types of retail stores that it’s almost impossible to list them all.  However, we have pages for many retail industries, from clothing stores to home improvement stores.  We even have listings for some retail industries that might surprise you: shoe stores, guns and firearms.

No matter what your particular complaint is, there’s probably a home for it on  And, if you don’t see the particular retail industry you’re looking for, you can still file a complaint under the general Retail category!

The most common complaints that are filed have to do with sales personnel, unfair pricing, and rude customer service.  However, if you spend anytime at all reading through the various retail complaints, you’ll quickly find that those complaints are just the beginning.  Unfortunately, there are hundreds of complaints people have about retail.  It can be overwhelming to try and cover them all!

If you have a complaint about a retail store or company, don’t hesitate in filing it today!  If it’s an online business, your complaint will have an especially loud voice!  After all, people are highly likely to research an online retail company before making a purchasing decision.  Filing a complaint could prevent a big headache for someone else!

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