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Last Updated On: September 5, 2017

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Business Name: The Dwyer Group Inc
Corporate Address:
1010 N. University Parks Dr
Waco, Texas 76707 USA

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Phone Number: 800-583-9100
Company Contact: Rob White - President
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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 4 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 5

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $183,000.00
Average Reported Losses: $45,750.00

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Lied in so many ways

We had Rainbow International do a Mold remediation and structural repairs in order to purchase my home in 2012/2013. We hired -Doug and Nick Hamilton with Rainbow International in Newark OH. The estimate reads on front page, “This estimate is for a full mold remediation including post remediation verification testing (air samples). Also includes structural repairs on the interior, gutter, flashing and brick mold repairs on the exterior and a completely new roof”. The itemized estimate is approx 10 plus pages.

Their crew put on a new roof, however we called them several times for unfinished work ( Front porch unleveled Roof, No gutter-front porch, missing flashing –front porch, both sides and ridge vent on E W home -they did not cut out ventilation in ridge vent and Drip edge was quoted, but never done). We also found multiple roofing nails in yard for some time after they were long gone. Doug had them come back and said that all work was completed.

They also pulled off the old paneling out of our family room and found mold behind the drywall. New dry wall was hung and we were told they got rid of the mold. We noticed the floor in the utility room was weak.  Doug Hamilton said that he had supplies left over from the family room and would replace the floor with new plywood and dry wall the wall where the old furnace was stationed.

They also drilled a hole in the floor of the utility room for our dryer hose to vent down into the crawl space. We asked if that was wise, they assured us it was normal. Although we had to call the men back multiple times, we were told that their work was completed Rainbow International were paid in 3 installments.

We never called them back although we felt things were not handled properly. My wife complained of an ongoing odor throughout the home (musty, old mildew smell) for approx 2 years. Even when we were away from the home, we could smell an old musty smell on our clothes. My wife has severe allergies and Asthma and noticed that she was wheezing more frequently, mostly before bed. She also woke up often with swollen puffy eyes.

We decided to have the house examined – We had three reputable Environmental companies come out to inspect the home for mold. (Columbus Environmental, PurroClean and Paul Davis) All three reports revealed that there is mold in the Attic, the crawl space and throughout the house (windows, on ceiling around heat duct vents, in coat closet).

We also had a Air sample testing done, which identified the amount of and types of mold in each area. My wife had to leave the home Jan 5th 2016 because she was only getting worse and to date has not been able to return.

We called our Home owners Insurance however they could not cover the damages to the attic and crawl space as it was not an “accident or act of God that caused the damage”. We were advised to have a Roofer come in to confirm the badly installed ridge vent.

We had a Roofing company come out and did support the findings from the Restoration companies. -Estimate reads; Replace 80 Ft ridge vent including shingles. Notes: New ridge vent needs to be put on due to improper ventilation. Old ridge vent improperly installed. Our Home owner’s Insurance policy will not cover the mold damage in the attic or crawl space as it was not an act of God; storm, wind, lightening damage or other accidental causes. We had to pay out of pocket to replace the ridge vent.

New developments have been uncovered as we began packing and clearing the house for Columbus Environmental to start the process mold remediation. I had the washer and dryer moved out of the utility room because of the mold in the crawl space. We noticed that the floor was still weak in the utility room, so I pulled up the flooring to find that the old floor with the same tile from 2013 was still in tact. Rainbow international put a ¼ inch plywood on top of the old damaged floor. The floor and joist were wet, molded and rotted. While my wife was taking pictures, her right leg fell through the floor. I had to pull up all of the flooring except a small area where the water heater in sitting. This left a big hole in the house down to the foundation. The smell was so bad, we had to leave the house to air out.

Columbus Environmental started the Mold remediation Monday April 18th, 2016. Although the utility room was not on the work orders, we asked them to treat the entire area with the mold killing chemicals they use. I also pulled the bed away from the wall in the master bedroom to find mold along the wall from the baseboard, moving up approx..6 inches. And yesterday we moved a corner cabinet from the family room to find mold and chipping paint –This is from the room that Rainbow International had pulled off old paneling and drywall and replaced with new drywall in 2013.

We have sent numerous emails to Rainbow International. We also placed multiple calls with NO response. We have also filed a complaint with the BBB of Ohio. In light of the new findings, we have no choice but to hire an attorney as the issues continue to grow and our funds are depleted.

It is very concerning that Rainbow International in Newark Ohio is still going into residential and commercial areas, knowing that they are fraudulently doing work that is not up to code.

Rainbow International – 39 Anthony Dr Newark OH 43055 | 740-366-5862


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The Managers/cashiers at Rainbow South DeKalb mall 2801 Candler Rd Decatur, GA are a poor excuse to even be in your business or even Employed by your store. Especially workers who are not trained.. On 4/1/17 I went to exchange a blouse . I spoke to employee assisting me. she told me to go look into store for exchange of item. When I came back I requested her again . there was a line you only had one person cashiering the line. I walked over to her employee ( I already been there. to give her the new exchanged item… Read more »

Had someone remove when it didnt need to be removed now i have no floor been like this for months now the holidays are in and no one can come visit because of this situation

David Curnutt, Owner of Rainbow Int’l, Ft Worth was hired by Great Value Storage to clean my belongings in my unit close to a unit that caught on fire. This was in jan 2015. I have asthma and have had 3 asthma attacks trying to retrieve things from my storage. Mgr and Regional mgr say the work was done. Yet last time I was there to retrieve summer clothes, the clothes I took from my unit smelled like smoke and ended up with another asthma attack. Another visit to ER!!! Their solution to this problem is for him to do… Read more »

Im sorry but If he has been paid for this job you unfortunately probably won’t see him again. He is half owner of this franchise, barely works, when he does its out of his house. I would just keep pushing it.

Rainbow int’l of NEPA in springville, pa. All i can say for the franchise owner is he is a horrible bullshit artist. This man told me EVERYTHING i wanted to hear but when it came down to brass tax that all went out the window. So if u ever have the choice dont go with Gary Johnson and Rainbow. Go with Servpro or Service Master instead. Mr. Johnson also has a construction company called Unique Building Systems and it is just as bad and even worse.


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